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New Treats Week-26-2022

Written by on 07/07/2022


VA – Visions (Kamai Music)

Release Date: Friday 5 August 2022
Format: Digital

Jacob Groening’s record label Kamai Music drops a 9-track deep and melodic compilation orientated around organic house with soothing melodies and dance floor grooves.

Featured are original tracks by Budajevo & Luca Zagaia, SAVAGE & SHē, Drahm, K-os Theory, Kon Faber, Stephen Herschel, Amentia, Bakean, Farry and Namito.

The release includes label debuts by esteemed artists such as Namito, SAVAGE & SHē and Amentia, while also welcoming back Kamai Music favourites such as Kon Faber plus a fine selection of fresh talent.

Its concept embraces world diversity and welcomes artists from different countries including United States, India, Germany, Mexico, Turkey and France. United by a passion for music, this release has melodies, instruments and samples traditional to different ethnicities and cultures.

Individually the artists who feature on this release have worked with other respected record labels such as Sol Selectas, Earthly Delights, Crosstown Rebels, Katermukke and Pipe & Pochet.

Each track is an exquisite solo piece of music, but the compilation has also been curated to play as an epic playlist that flows with the peaks and troughs of emotion.

All of these tracks have been tried and tested in Jacob Groening’s own DJ sets and this majestic selection also takes influence from melodic house / techno, Afro house and indie dance.



Conté – Tendo (TOR Music)

Release Date: Friday 8 July 2022
Format: Digital

When We Dip’s record label TOR welcomes a new EP from Daniele Di Martino who presents his new alias Conté. There is also a soothing deep house remix from HOVR who is known for his music on Kindisch and Dantze.

Daniele Di Martino is a melodic house/techno artist from Berlin who is well-known for his many releases on labels such as Stil Vor Talent, Get Physical, Bar 25 and Harabe.

Conté is an alias that explores downtempo and atmospheric grooves with cinematic chords and live percussion loops that give the music an organic sound.

Fellow Berliner HOVR is also a well-established and popular DJ and producer on the German club scene.

“Tendo” is the solo original on this release, and its downtempo groove blends poignant piano chords with dramatic percussion and ethereal textures. HOVR’s remix lifts the tempo and strips back the percussion to deliver a more refined version with clean-cut sound design.



BiGz & ELO feat Farafi – Beautiful Africa (Ready Mix Records)

Release Date:
July 8th 2022 (Beatport Exclusive)
July 22nd 2022 (Worldwide)

Ready Mix Records founder BiGz joins forces with newcomer ELO for label release number 253, ‘Beautiful Africa’, featuring show-stopping vocals by Farafi, and remixes by Alex Doering and Khaaron.

Linking up with BiGz for the first time, Berlin-based multi-instrumentalist and producer Ole Leesker, aka ELO turns in a stunningly deep debut, with more than a little help from talented Afro-inspired vocal duo Farafi.

The original club version of ‘Beautiful Africa’ builds from acapella voices into a melodic, bouncy house vibe, with tonnes of emotion.

BiGz and ELO slow the tempo for their Downtempo version, but turn up the intensity with dramatic minor key stabs and cave-like atmospherics.

DJ, producer and Kung-Fu teacher Alex Doering turns in a tribal and techy version of ‘Beautiful Africa’, letting the vocals ride over a rock-solid rhythm section.

Closing out the package, Khaaron delivers an elegant, smooth and slightly melancholic take on ‘Beautiful Africa’, perfect for those reflective moments.



VA – Vol. 2 Compilation (Radi Mira I Lubvi)

Release Date: Friday 08 July 2022
Format: Digital

RADI MIRA I LUBVI is a record label and festival that focuses on organic house with earthy percussion, enchanting melodies and mystical atmosphere.

The record label’s new release is a 10 track compilation featuring imprint regulars such as Nikola Melnikov and Max Sorokin, but it’s mainly comprised of fresh talent making their RADI MIRA I LUBVI debut.

Individually, the artists who feature on this release have contributed to other respected record labels such as Earthly Delights, Leveldva, Bar 25, Akbal Music and Souksonic.

Exploring different tempos and moods, this release ranges from downtempo electronica to uplifting melodic house with everything in between.

It’s a magical journey through sound that captures the imagination while inspiring the body to dance with its infectious rhythms.

Arsankhan debuts on RADI MIRA I LUBVI after releases on other imprints including Human Resources and Arcane Circle. His track “Nameless” has soothing ethereal vocals and an acid-tinged bassline as its defining elements.

AZAMAT has previously released on Gazgolderclub and his downtempo track “Thoughts” has psychedelic guitar chords and mystic vocals layered with stripped back percussion and pulsating rhythms.

Betelgeize and Yassen collaborate on their track “Agumava”. They have individually worked with imprints such as Leveldva and It’s Good To Be A Tree, but the bleeping melodies of this low slung cut is their first time working together.

Deek That are a duo known for their tracks on Bar 25 and The Magic Movement and “Kulturkreis” is a soothing deep house cut with cinematic strings and ceremonial vocals.

Krasa Rosa is a trio that has previously worked with the Melody of the Soul record label, and their track “Ya & Ty” is epic melodic house with uplifting energy and spine-tingling melodies.

Nikola Melnikov and Max Sorokin drop their track “South” that features the vocal talents of Yana Blinder. They are making their return to RADI MIRA I LUBVI with this stunning piano track after also featuring on Anjunadeep.

Samir Kuliev and Taleman feature their emotive deep house track “Call My Name” that has haunting vocals by Svetlove. The pair have previously collaborated on a release for the Chuvstvo Ritma Rec imprint.

Stan Tone and Dasha Zarya join RADI MIRA I LUBVI after previously working with the Souksonic record label. Their track “Unesi” is a majestic cut with twinkling melodies and chunky percussion sequenced into a chilled-out groove.

Valer den Bit is known for his music on the likes of Bar 25, Timeless Moment, Exotic Refreshment and Souksonic. His deep house track “You” is a blend of heart-warming vocals, string flutters and poignant melody.

Along with his collaborative track, Yassen also features a solo cut titled “Aprora”, a downtempo track with enchanting melodies, sun drenched desert vibes and captivating vocals.



Karol XVII & MB Valence feat Keely Timlin – Bang Bang (Remixes) (Get Physical Music)

Get Physical revisits Karol XVII & MB Valence’s ‘Bang Bang’ hit with a pair of fresh new remixes from Nick Curly and Jori Hulkkonen.

The original ‘Bang Bang’ Back to 2013 Mix dropped early in the year and was another of the Polish pair’s well designed, highly functional but also brilliantly charming grooves. First up to remix is Nick Curly, one of the most constant tech house players of the last 15 years. The 8Bit boss fomented his own famous Mannheim sound from his home in Germany and now shows he is still right at the sharp end. His mix sits the drums perfectly in the bass for a nice dubbed-out groove. Warm chords are smeared across the track next to tumbling toms and alluring female vocal sounds. They bring a sense of soul to this most cool of grooves.

Jori Hulkkonen is a hugely prolific Finnish artist who has served up plenty of adventurous and synth-heavy techno and dub albums on labels like My Favourite Robot. He brings his fine studio know-how to this remix which is infinitely deep and widescreen. The angelic vocals float in the air above pillowy synths and a slick house beat which together lock you into a mindful state.

The still-fresh original ‘Bang Bang’ (Back to 2013 Mix) is also included once more and is sure, along with the new remixes, to be heard on the world’s finest dance floors this summer.



JG Outsider – Santorium EP (Zona De Frontera)

Zona De Fronterais a container, a place, a program, timeless and without genre, ranging from classical music to electronics and that moves between past and present, looking to the future.

Creature of the Neapolitan DJ of great musical culture, intellectual curiosity, intense passion and long career Vincenzo Cipolletta, active since the late 70s between radio and collaborations, reaching the most important Italian metropolises up to the Balearic coasts. An authentic explorer, over the years he has built a musical universe that goes beyond the boundaries of genres, space and time, all to be shared, not only through DJ sets in clubs, but with a new adventure: Zona De Frontera – his very personal and fascinating story of a journey in music.

And here today Zona De Frontera debuts as a record label, and for its first release launches SantoriumEP by the DJ and producer JG Outsider, active as a DJ since 1984 and as a music producer since the 90s. He has gone through the years developing a powerful and distinctive sound and scoring a great success, and as a refined musician and a creative he has focused on set-live of great charm and energy able to combine digital and analog.

Santorium EP consists of four tracks, all characterised by a carefully curated sound environment: “Mirandome a la cara”, “Santorium”, “The Turkish” and “So Far”.The first three conquer and make you dream between ethnic and Spanish atmospheres enriched by instruments such as guitars proof of the mastery of JG Outsider, while the last one, deeper and more elegant, is characterised by fresh and dreamy vocal parts, able to accompany in a relaxing sunset to enjoy the last lights of the day.Fragments of music from the universe of Enzo Cipolletta that become exploration and recording of an emotional flow of sound vibrations.

And this is how music takes shape in a beginning, with a development and an end, and becomes the story of a journey, beyond the Zona De Frontera.



VA – Select (RO) Minimal Vol 2 (Selectro Records)

It has been a fulfilling journey so far, filled with exceptional moments, amazing people and most importantly, a collection of music that will hopefully outlast us all.

Enjoy another musical bundle releasing the Minimal Deep Tech vibe and featuring fearless producers such as Cody (RO), Leon The Lover, Paul Gavronsky, Thule, Danescu & Sakdat.












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