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New Treats Week-26-2023

Written by on 18/07/2023


Death on the Balcony – Free To Fly (Be Adult Music)

Death on The Balcony are back, bringing their signature personal and relaxing sound.

Their latest EP features two captivating tracks. The main track, ‘Almeida Social Club,’ takes listeners on an authentic cosmic journey, while the second track, ‘Lucidity,’ is another musical gem. Get ready to immerse yourself in their enchanting melodies and let the music transport you to new dimensions.”

Ladies & gentlemen welcome to BAM319.



VA – Amis I (When We Dip TOR)

When We Dip’s record label TOR presents a special organic house compilation curated by Wassu, who is known for his music on other imprints such as All Day I Dream and Anjunadeep.

Based in America, Wassu is a respected DJ and skilled producer who has been a regular feature of TOR. The guys at When We Dip have invited him to launch their Amis series where artists close to the label get to hand craft a compilation in his own image.

This stunning 17 track compilation is opened by one of Wassu’s own tracks alongside music by other artists such as Serious Dancers, George X, Lio Q, Dublew, Molac, Weird Sounding Dude, Pambouk, Houce, Elliot Moriarty, Return To Saturn, Lisandro (AR), Yahra, Minnado, Birch (UK) and Ricardo Angeles. There is also a collaboration between Juan Deminicis and Matias Fittipaldi.

Wassu has brought together artists from all corners, including some of his longtime collaborators, new faces, inspirational acts, studio partners, and burgeoning partnerships.

The release features melodic tracks with deep atmosphere and enchanting melodies that are perfect for the dance floor.



Sven Wegner – My Habit EP (Agua Salada Records)

Sven Wegner brings a unique blend of musical influences, infusing jazz, soul, and funk into his captivating compositions. His ability to seamlessly combine these genres with delicate precision is truly remarkable.

Sven has prepared an exceptional collection of four tracks that will undoubtedly leave you in awe. Each piece is an exquisite masterpiece, showcasing his musical prowess and his deep understanding of the nuances within jazz, soul, and funk.



Rosario Galati & Yves Murasca – Be Sure To Let Go (Déepalma Records)

Release Date(s): 11th August 2023

Following the release and massive success of Déepalma’s latest Ibiza compilation, which attained countless #1 chart positions across Amazon, iTunes and Beatport, two of the label’s most prominent contributors, Rosario Galati & label boss Yves Murasca, are back with another immersive single. With their ‘Inner World’ seeing the pair featured on several of Spotify’s editorial playlists earlier in the year, ‘Be Sure To Let Go’ is a hotly-anticipated follow-up that lives up to the hype of its predecessor.

Refreshingly vocal and quintessentially groovy, ‘Be Sure To Let Go’ combines shards of deep, organic and soulful house to deliver a subtle, sophisticated dance cut with multifaceted appeal. Just as at home in your daytime listening playlist, as it is on wanting late-night dancefloors, Galati & Murasca’s latest work is another gleaming exhibition of their innate ability to carve out captivating pieces of music that stand the test of time, take you on a journey, and stimulate your musical senses on many levels.



Elias Doré – Heridas (When We Dip XYZ)

Release Date: Friday 14 July 2023
Format: Digital

When We Dip’s record label, XYZ, drops an organic house release by Elias Doré, which has Latin vocals and a deep melodic groove.

Elias Doré is a German artist making his debut on XYZ following releases on prestigious record labels such as A Tribe Called Kotori, Kindisch, Harabe and 3000 Grad Records.

This release is a summer classic in the making and it features the enchanting vocal tones of Stella Moya who brings a Latin influence to the release.

“Heridas” is the solo track on the release and Stella Moya’s vocals are nestled on a backing track consisting of crisp percussion and sweeping synths. Its uplifting melodies and flowing rhythms create an immersive track that’s perfect for late nights and sun-drenched dance floors.



Marco Tegui & Solar Kings – Wild West EP (Kindisch Records)

Marco Tegui serves up two collaborative singles with Solar Kings that have been taken from his upcoming Kindisch Stories album.

This underground talent hails from Peru and is known for his mesmerising live shows and magical melodic house sounds on labels such as this one, Stil Vor Talent and Get Physical. He has played all over the world, heads up his own DowntempoLove label and was previously A&R for Berlin’s Bar 25, all while drawing on the cultural references of his own heritage. Here he works with Sounds Of Khemit and DowntempoLove artists Solar Kings on two fresh new tracks.

The first is ‘Wild West’, a fantastically cultured sound that takes you to a wide open US savannah where cowboys once roamed. Strings, finger clicks and word claps all detail the loose-limbed groove and make for truly cinematic listening. Next is the brilliant ‘Panjabi’, a richly percussive house sound with steel drums and lumpy rhythms, vocal cries and whistles all conveying the sense of being on a busy street in India. The hypnotic melodies are sure to transfix the crowd as the drums make them move in all new ways.

The full album arrives late in August with a further eight superb new originals and remixes.



Ron Boss – One Day EP (Feedasoul Records)

Genre: Deep House
Release Date: 11.08.2023

Feedasoul Records gets a thumping two-tracker courtesy of label newcomer Ron Boss. This EP centers around connection and collaboration. Ron Boss teams up with Street Sound and Marcus Raute on “Never Give Up”, a house cut reminiscent of the UK scene. A no-nonsense 4/4 rhythm, scintillating hi-hat patterns, and a wobbly synth bassline provide a driving foundation for the mesmerizing vocals and heartfelt keys.

On the flip side, Ron Boss and Street Sound display a side that is both intricate and delicate. “One Day” builds atmosphere from the start with spacey pads gluing the heavy tribal percussion while horns build up into the mix. The track culminates with the drums taking the backseat, beautifully balancing the percussion and horns with the atmospheric synths pads and breakdowns. A heavy hitter of a track.

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Greg Welsh – Organic Love EP (Toxic Family)

Greg Welsh once again convinces with his ability to capture the wide variety of electronic genres.

With the “Organic Love EP” he presents deep minimal house this time, which fits perfectly to a dreamy summer soundtrack. We were also able to win over the well-known Frankfurt producer Franksen, who certainly moves in this genre and adds further facets to the track “Organic Love”.

The EP also includes “Dancing Love” as a bonus track. This track is also minimalistic and pays tribute to the 80s Italo-Pop sound.

Release Date: 27.07.2023

Format: Digital



Konfluence – Karusha (Deep In Your Soul)

Release Date(s): 4th August 2023

Deep In Your Soul, the esteemed Belgian label known for its cutting-edge music, proudly presents “Karusha,” a captivating new release by the talented duo Konfluence. Comprising the collaborative efforts of Belgian artists Chris Hingher and Bardy, Konfluence showcases their musical prowess and creative synergy on this highly anticipated project.

Taking inspiration from the Maasai tribe, “Karusha” seamlessly blends cultural influences with modern sounds. The release features two mesmerizing tracks that transport listeners on an unforgettable sonic journey.

The first track, the original version of “Karusha,” is a captivating composition that combines elements of afro house with soulful undertones. With its enchanting piano lead and the seamless interplay of both female and male vocals, the song exudes a soothing and melodic atmosphere, making it an ideal soundtrack for a sunset experience.

The second track offers a remix of “Karusha” by the emerging Belgian talent, Aytiwan. Delving into the deeper realms of afro house, Aytiwan infuses the remix with a fresh perspective and an amplified energy. The remix maintains the essence of the original track while introducing a more dynamic soundscape, enhanced by a powerful drop after the break, resulting in an enthralling and energetic rendition.

“Karusha” by Konfluence is set to release on August 4th, marking an exciting milestone for Deep In Your Soul and the talented duo. Music enthusiasts and afro house aficionados can look forward to immersing themselves in this captivating release, destined to make waves in the electronic music scene.

Stay tuned for “Karusha,” as Konfluence continues to push boundaries, fusing cultural influences and innovative sounds to create a distinct musical experience that resonates with a global audience.



Joelle Atkins – Omnia Mea (Move Music Productions)

MMP are thrilled with the latest outcome of Joelle Atkins next track, which will be available to buy and stream on July 17th.

Drawing inspiration from her deep love for cinema and music for TV & Film, she has infused this track with a cinematic flair that aims to create the ultimate immersive experience.

At its core, ‘Omnia Mea’ is a melodic house & techno track, complemented by captivating cinematic spoken soundscapes and an uplifting classic house vocal.

This release truly encapsulates the direction Joelle is pursuing with her new productions in 2023, and we can’t wait to share it with you.



M.K Clive – Different Dimensions EP (Rogue Decibels)

M.K Clive returns to Rogue Decibels with 3 tracks of fresh House moods.
Hailing from Thohoyandou in Limpopo province the Pitch House frontman has released on Soul Candi, House Afrika Records, Chymamusique Records and more.








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