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New Treats Week-27-2023

Written by on 24/07/2023


Music P & Marque Aurel – Beluga (Ready Mix Records)

Release Date:
July 28th 2023 (Beatport Exclusive)
August 11th 2023 (Worldwide)

Ready Mix Records proudly presents its 267th release, ‘Beluga,’ an extraordinary offering by the dynamic duo Music P & Marque Aurel.

Emerging from the depths of the underground electronic music scene, this mesmerizing organic house composition takes listeners on a mystical journey with its enchanting melodies and ethereal female vocal. Seamlessly blending the elements of deep and organic house sounds, ‘Beluga’ is a true masterpiece that showcases the duo’s artistic prowess and their ability to mesmerize audiences.

At the core of the Original Mix lies the impeccable production quality that Music P & Marque Aurel are renowned for. With meticulous attention to detail, they skillfully layer lovely pianos, captivating synths, and lush pads, creating a sonic tapestry that envelops the senses. Anchoring the entire composition is a phat bassline that pulsates with infectious energy, providing a solid foundation that keeps listeners moving.

Amplifying the allure of this musical gem are the impressive remixes by BiGz and Ellroy.

Label Bossman BiGz, known for his innovative approach to production, stays true to the essence of the original whilst infusing his unique style and vibe. With an updated percussive structure and an irresistible groove, BiGz elevates the contagiousness of the track, resonating deeply with listeners.

On the other hand, Ellroy takes a darker, melodic and prog-driven path with his remix. Infusing the track with dubbier elements and a driving bassline, Ellroy’s interpretation caters to the Extended set performers and guarantees an electrifying dancefloor experience. The combination of Ellroy’s distinct sound and the undeniable energy of his remix ensures a seamless transition from the organic vibes of the original to a more intense and high-energy atmosphere.

In its entirety, ‘Beluga’ is a testament to Music P & Marque Aurel’s artistic vision and their continuous efforts to push the boundaries of electronic music. Brace yourself for an enchanting sonic universe as you immerse yourself in the captivating sounds of ‘Beluga.’



Shan Nash & Rebeat – JÎyan (Übersee Music)

Release Date: Friday 6 August 2023
Format: Digital

Namito’s record label, Übersee Music welcomes a collaborative organic house EP from Shan Nash and Rebeat that also features remixes by Majnoon and Seventh Soul.

Shan Nash and Rebeat are both Iranian artists who have previously collaborated on remix releases for Sabo’s Sol Selectas and this is their first time producing original material together, but they are also successful solo artists.

Shan Nash faced persecution in Iran for his devotion to music, but is now based in the American city of Los Angeles. His style blends synthesised, ethereal sounds with organic instruments to create immersive music that’s been featured on respected organic house imprints such as Cafe De Anatolia, Shango, as well as Pipe & Pochet.

Rebeat first gained international recognition with his unofficial remix of Shirley Bassey’s “If You Go Away.” Since then, he has featured on labels such as Dubfire’s SCI+TEC, along with other imprints such as Kosa.

On remix duty, Majnoon is a duo consisting of DJ Khaikhan and Can Bener who are both legendary DJ/producers from Istanbul, Turkey. They are known for their downtempo and spiritual style that can be heard on the likes of Harabe, Camel Riders and Copycow.

Seventh Soul is an Iranian artist from Tehran who delivers a remix in his trademark style of deep house, which blends traditional Iranian music with his own unique style and has been featured on the likes of MONADA and Lump Records.

“JÎyan” is a deep and soothing track with gliding pads, soaring melodies and haunting Iranian vocals that are underpinned by the flowing rhythms of crisp percussion. Majnoon’s up-tempo remix works in some extra percussion and a new bassline that lifts the energy of the track, while Seventh Soul opts for a darker and more intense version with spine-tingling atmosphere.



Sinan Kaya – Old Town (Sound Vessel Records)

Sinan Kaya coming back with Old Town, but with a bigger Remix Crew !! It’s the British team of SVR, Col Lawton, V77NNY, HUGEhands and a debut remix for Twisty. Also to add another new comer from France, the one and only B&S Concept.

What you are getting out of this release, is pure energy and quality.



Gorge & Greater Than Us feat DÉ SAINT. – Wasted Time (Valiant Records)

Raise the Bat everyone.. 50 releases!! We love a little celebration over here at Valiant and what better way to celebrate than to get a few of our favourite artists together for a little soirée.

For our 50th release, we have an absolute corker from Gorge, Greater Than Us and DÉ SAINT.

Wasted Time is a deep and moody house record with a super catchy topline that is guaranteed to fill any dancefloor at any time. It also features a different interpretation from each of the artists involved to capture their own sound and add their own flavor.

Happy 50th!



The 8 Beat Quartet – Nu Modern Sounds LP (Be Adult Music)

The 8 Quartet (Victor G.) presents his latest work called “Nu Modern Sounds”, a release made up of 3 original mixes, three remixes by Kanedo, David Devilla and Mauro B plus two more versions by Victor himself.

A Solid Release that you cannot miss if you are a downtempo/Lounge lover.



Andrew Macari – Blind Energy (Viva Recordings)

Veteran deep house DJ/producer Andrew Macari returns to Viva Recordings with another new single, Blind Energy. Andrew’s discography is wide, recording for classic imprints like Large Music, Afterhours, Greenhouse, and Nordic Trax. He has also recorded cuts as part of Toka Project, Filter Flow, and Guided Methods, and presently releases jackin’ tracks under the alias Greenbay Jackers.

“Blind Energy” opens the single with a tough kick drum rhythm that softens with the addition of chiming chords and crisp snares. A rolling bass line and deep background pads further a dreamy atmosphere, while spoken word vocals coax the listener to ponder the true essence of energy and ideas. True to Andrew’s classic house music sound, “When I Want,” has cryptic voices and swishing textures floating around another one of signature bass grooves. Great vibes all around from Andrew Macari … don’t miss out.

Label and Artist Links:



Deephope – Back to Reality EP (Agua Salada Records)

Introducing the new release from Deephope! Experience two unique tracks taking you on a journey through Lounge and Deep House genres. With atmospheric and profound vocals, let the music evoke deep emotions within you. Get ready to immerse yourself in a world of captivating soundscapes.



QLab – Sunset Grey EP (Oh So Coy Recordings)

Dave Scott returns to OSC with fellow producers Joe Addicted and Nick Morris under the QLab moniker. Classic sounding House & Garage along with a killer Platzdasch remix.



Soul Groove (UK) – Jaded (Remixes) (Feedasoul Records)

Genre: Deep House
Release Date: 25.08.2023

Soul Groove’s ‘Jaded Love’ is given a fresh spin by Tour-Maubourg, who conjures an ambient atmosphere from the outset with soothing synth sounds. The remix quickly shifts gears as the track delves deeper and picks up the tempo, its pulse quickening with a potent bassline that hits with a punchy and tight precision. Clear vocals take the centerpoint of the remix offering a contrast to the intensifying rhythm, and laying ground for a counterpoint that’s as melodious as it is mesmerizing. The jazz influence is undeniable, with tendrils of saxophone weaving in and out of the rhythm.

Retromigration’s remix of ‘Late Night Caller’ is a voyage that kicks off with the rustling rhythm of shakers paired with harmonic chimes of piano keys. The percussion and bass follow suit, laying down a rhythm that carry some house influences into the broken beat. As the vocals come in, they are intermittent and deliberately subdued, receding into the background and giving prominence to the melancholic tones of the saxophone which gracefully intrudes into the funky beat. Halfway through the song, it morphs into a sublime embodiment of ‘groovy sadness,’ demonstrating Retromigration’s ability to evoke complex moods through his music.

Label Social Links:

Artist Social Links:



Betty Mobile – Anobis22 (Anti Ego Music)

Bjoern Mulik and Ralph Sliwinskis collaboration for the project “Anobis22” continues with more body shaking tracks. both have impressive backgrounds in the electronic music scene.

Bjoern Mulik is recognized as one of the early pioneers of the Tech House genre in Germany. He began his journey as a resident DJ at the legendary club “Dorian Gray” in Frankfurt Airport at the young age of 21. Since then, he has played at renowned clubs and festivals such as World Club Dome, Love Parade, and Street Parade. His DJ sets and studio creations showcase a wide range of musical styles, capturing the essence of his diverse influences with an output on labels like Voltaire Music, Immigrant, Blufin, or DSR Digital.

Ralph Sliwinski has also made a name for himself as a DJ and producer. His releases on Moon Harbour, Morris Audio, and Harthouse speak for themselves. His expertise lies in grooving Tech House and percussive Techno, a trippy excursion through ghettostyled Techno. One of his notable achievements was the “Pox Box EP”, reaching the 16th position on the GROOVE magazine charts, featured on popular CD compilations, including “Disco Invaders” (Cocoon Rec.) mixed by Karotte, “Secrets Sundaze” mixed by Tobi Neumann, and “Watergate Rec. 01.”

“Betty Mobile” takes a recurring chordy pirouette, reminiscent of a playful dance, and sets it on the groovy carousel of childish innocence, still being aware of life´s roughness in a playful way. The minimal appearance of house music adds a special touch to the composition. Together as Anobis22, Bjoern Mulik and Ralph Sliwinski bring their individual expertise and experiences to create exciting music and memorable moments.

Release Date: July 21th 2023



Hofmann (CH) – Akoumacha EP (Grrreat Recordings)

Release Date: 2023-07-21

Swiss artist, Hofmann (CH), debuts on Grrreat Recordings with a fantastic new single, “Akoumacha.”

This captivating track showcases Hofmanns unique blend of organic house and his unparalleled ability to transport listeners into an ethereal musical experience. In addition to his solo career, Hofmann is also a member of the acclaimed Swiss duo, Unjam Emery.

As an integral part of Unjam Emery, Hofmanns contributions have helped shape the duos success and sonic identity. With “Akoumacha,” Hofmann aims to push the boundaries of organic house, infusing it with his signature style. The track weaves intricate layers of lush instrumentation and hypnotic grooves. With “Something In The Air,”

Hofmann once again demonstrates his mastery by seamlessly merging enchanting melodies with pulsating rhythms, creating a memorable sonic journey.









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