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New Treats Week-28-2023

Written by on 03/08/2023


Missfeat – Don’t Fool Yourself (Be Adult Music)

“Don’t Fool Yourself: The Remixes” by Missfeat featuring the stunning vocals of Jun is a highly anticipated remix package, following the success of the original mix on our seventh anniversary. This release features talented artists such as Vincenzo, Mass Digital, and Cedric Salander, along with a special retouch mix by Missfeat.

Vincenzo kicks off the journey with his distinctive deep house masterpiece, captivating listeners with an immersive and irresistible sound. Next, Mass Digital brings his unique approach to organic house, delivering a remix that is sure to leave a lasting impression. Finally, Cedric Salander concludes the remarkable journey with his captivating melodies and harmonies, creating an atmospheric deep house experience that will delight all music enthusiasts.

“Don’t Fool Yourself: The Remixes” is a must-have addition for any deep house lover’s collection. Join us at BAM321 and immerse yourself in this exceptional musical experience.

Enjoy the Deep trip.



Chambord & Jo.Ke – Quiet Times (Sol Selectas)

Release Date: Friday 11 August 2023
Format: Digital

Sabo’s record label, Sol Selectas returns after topping the charts with their annual summer compilation with a stunning organic house release by Jo.Ke and Chambord. It also includes solo remixes from Landikhan and El Mundo, plus a collaborative rework by Chukku and Jo.Ke.

Chambord are a French duo who are no strangers to the Sol Selectas roster after featuring tracks on the label’s Summer Sol compilations and also remixing a track by Ayala (IT). They have a majestic style that fuses world music influences with deep synths and flowing percussion. Chambord’s music can also be found on other respected imprints such as Abracadabra Music, Kindisch, Earthly Delights and Akbal Music.

Jo.Ke is a talented vocalist and DJ who plays hybrid sets with live vocals layered over the tracks he mixes. When it comes to his vocal talents, he has added his voice to incredible music produced by the likes of Ulises and Viken Arman. Jo.Ke is best known for his top-selling collaboration with NU called “Who Loves The Sun”, as it’s had over 45 million plays on Spotify, and 120 Million views on YouTube.

Chukku is a German producer living in Bali who has an organic style influenced by Afro rhythms. He is an emerging talent who runs his own record label, Souta. Chukku has teamed up with Jo.Ke to provide an alternative version of the vocalist’s original track.

El Mundo is a Dutch artist who for over a decade has been releasing his deep and melodic style on labels ranging from Crosstown Rebels to Get Physical. He is also a regular collaborator who has worked regularly with the likes of Satori and Zazou, but this remix showcases his exceptional solo skills.

Landikhan is a Spanish artist making his Sol Selectas debut with a mystifying remix in the trippy style of organic house that he has released via his own imprint LNDKHN, plus other respected record labels such as Café Del Mar, Stil Vor Talent and The Magic Movement.

“Quiet Times” is the solo original on this release, and it’s a soothing track that combines atmospheric synths and Jo.Ke’s emotive vocals with poignant piano chords and upbeat percussion. Its mid-tempo groove is underpinned by a melodic bassline, and delicate oud chords played by Issa Murad add to its overall spender.

Chukku and Jo.Ke’s ‘Rearrange Remix’ of Quiet Times is an Afro house version with dramatic percussion. El Mundo’s rework of Quiet Times works in additional percussion and his own piano melody to create an emotional version with Balearic vibes. Landikhan’s remix of Quiet Times focuses on the synths to create a melodic version with added atmosphere.

The cover art by Helia Jamali captures the essence of these “Quiet Times”, a stairway into the calm solitude of a magnificent sunset.



Nadja Lind – Echinopsis (Lucidflow Music)

Nadja Lind is once again catching the limelight with her latest track, “Echinopsis,” a sonic journey deep into the techno essence, imbued with immersive rhythms designed to captivate listeners.

The track receives a particularly notable rendition from esteemed H. Ebritsch, a longtime collaborator with whom Lind has jointly helmed the Klartraum project for a remarkable 17 years. Ebritsch, known for his trademark mastery of intricate chords, approaches “Echinopsis” with a transformative lens. His deft touch leads to the weaving of complex chords and arpeggios, painting an auditory tapestry of sublime beauty, akin to a remix but bearing the unmistakable signature of his craftsmanship.

Additionally, another distinct interpretation comes from Lucidflow’s regular and highly respected techno veteran D. Diggler. He adeptly morphs the track into a pulsating rave anthem, acting as a counterpoint to Ebritsch’s elaborate harmonies. Each version showcases the unique styles of these artists, setting “Echinopsis” as a highly anticipated favorite in the techno landscape.

Release dates:
11.8 beatport pre-order
18.8 beatport
15.9 all shops



TshegoTMM & Super Days – Show Me Luv EP (Deep Clicks Music)

TshegoTMM and Super Days, they bring us “Show Me Luv,” a sensational release comprising three mesmerizing Deep House tracks all the way from South Africa.

TshegoTMM and Super Days have come together to create a musical journey that will take you on an unforgettable ride. With their unique blend of vibes and the infectious energy of Deep House, “Show Me Luv” is set to captivate your senses and keep you grooving all night long.

Please give a warm welcome to TshegoTMM and Super Days as they take the stage and unleash the magic of “Show Me Luv” upon us all.

Enjoy the music and let the love flow.



Patric Cele – Touche (Deep Clicks Music)

Deep Clicks Music introduce Patric Cele’s EP “Touche” – a 5-track deep underground masterpiece.

Experience the mesmerizing depths of sound, where pulsating beats intertwine with ethereal melodies. Each track tells a unique story, inviting you to a transcendent journey through the depths of electronic music. Let Patric Cele’s captivating sounds touch your soul and ignite your passion for the underground scene.

Discover the essence of depth and groove with “Touche.”



Volzigt – Pablo’s Blistered Paw EP (Baikal Nomads)

Release Date: Tuesday 8 August 2023

Baikal Nomads drops a deep and soothing organic house EP by Volzigt which also features remixes from Thommie G and Goro (NL).

Volzigt is a Dutch artist from Amsterdam who is a founding member of the city’s underground music venue Club Escargot, which is famed for being the home of Holland’s downtempo scene. His style is a fusion of ethereal synths, uplifting melodies and flowing percussion. Along with being a talented DJ, Volzigt has also released stunning tracks and remixes on labels ranging from Shango Records to his own Obscure Records, and this is his second time working with Baikal Nomads.

On remix duty, Goro (NL) is a Dutch artist who has close ties to Volzigt through being a resident at his Obscure events. He is also a respected producer whose enchanting style fuses trippy atmospherics with rhythmic percussion that creates captivating grooves focused at the dance floor. He has previously featured on Baikal Nomads along with other record labels such as Cafe De Anatolia, MONADA and Kosa.

Thommie G is a Dutch artist living in the city of Haarlem, and he is a Baikal Nomads regular who has an entrancing style of organic house, which can also be found on other scene leading record labels such as Sol Selectas, Magician On Duty, and Camel Riders.



Blames Brown & The Freedom Function – Inside EP (Nylon Recordings)

Blames Brown’s latest release, ‘Blames Brown and The Freedom Function: Inside EP,’ showcases his brilliance once again. ‘All 4 Love’ combines minimalistic power with Bruno Vox’s pure vocals. ‘Inside’ is a captivating blend of Deep House with African and Latin influences. ‘Just Sitting,’ featuring Cynthia Poché, mesmerizes listeners with familiar warmth and hypnotic vocals. This EP is a special collection of House music gems to savor and enjoy.

‘All 4 Love’ Feat. Bruno Vox Written and Produced by: Zeric Nichols and Co-Writer/Vocals by: Eyrore Body
Additional Production by: Jaymz Nylon
‘Inside’ Written and Produced by: Zeric Nichols
Additional Production by: Jaymz Nylon
‘Just Sitting’ Feat. Cynthia Poché Written and Produced by: Zeric Nichols and Co-Writer/Vocals by: Cynthia Poché
Additional Production by: Jaymz Nylon
Mastered by James Thomas @ The Lake House Studio
Executive producer: Jaymz Nylon
(p) & (c) 2023 Nylon Recordings/Nylon Trax



Franksen – Muzique We Play EP (Track Alliance Music)

„Dancing can basically dictate what type of music we play!“

On the latest Track Alliance’s release you’ll be playing some chunky old school deephouse, coming straight from disciple Franksen’s vault. This is a joint testament to Roland SE sounds, together with multimedia artist LDB in the bassiest of moods.

“Hausmuzique“ bows to history, retromodern, as we love it. B-Side “The Music We Play“ teases with classic string sounds and a fluffy, warm and crisp housegroove that rolls incessantly.

No dictations, only vibes.

Release date: 18.08.2023

Format: Digital



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