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New Treats Week-29-2022

Written by on 30/07/2022


VA – Wulsa Love (Sounds Of Khemit)

The cultured Sounds of Khemit label is back with another vital three track offering from its ever-growing roster of deep house talents. This time the EP pays homage to Wulsa, one of the most famous figures in ancient Khemit.

Says the conceptual label of its latest inspiration, “Wulsa was a master of healing and motherhood as well as the protectress of women and children. Wulsa was a mighty queen during the reign of Osiris, her husband. She is the master associated with the healing energy of the full moon. Wulsa was the ultimate wife and mother icon, well known for her love, devotion and support to her husband Osiris. In later times, Wulsa’s teachings went beyond Khemit. She became a highly revered Master in Alexandria and all across the greek and roman empire where she had several temples and devotees. Sounds of Khemit feels the unconditional love that Wulsa radiates to the whole world. Her love, devotion and magical healing abilities are our corner stone in bringing light from darkness.”

First up is Raw Main, a multifaceted artist, musician, DJ and sound designer with music on the likes of All Day I Dream and Kindisch. His ‘To Be Honest’ is a silky deep house groove with elegant and starry-eyed melodies dancing above warm, drawn out drums. It’s warm and embracing for late night dance floors. Signed to labels like Einmusika and Stil vor Talent, Spain’s Gespona delivers a mix between deep, hypnotic, progressive and melodic techno sounds. ‘Secret River’ is a fine example of that with its rolling drum work and dry, grainy hits embellished with exotic and spiritual synths that have you gazing off into a mystic future. Last of all, organic and nature-referencing producers Nhii & Hot Oasis join forces for ‘Everything Is Energy.’ It is a sublime journey into supple rhythms and seductive melodies that weave tightly around one another and uplifting mind, body and soul.

This is a 10th terrific EP from the unique world of Sounds of Khemit.



Margee – Peace Soon (SOL Records)

Release Date: Wednesday 3 August 2022
Format: Digital

SOL is a sublabel of When We Dip’s imprint XYZ and its latest offering in an organic house / downtempo release from French artist Margee.

Based in the south of France, Margee’s sound blends psychedelic atmosphere with jazz inspired percussion and soothing pads to create blissed-out grooves.

His music can also be found on other record labels such as Music For Dreams and Underyourskin Records.

This release features two versions of the track “Peace Soon” that have both been produced by Margee. It opens with the sun drenched original mix that orientates around sparkling synths and trippy guitar licks underpinned by slow rolling percussion. The ‘Less Stress’ mix is a stripped back version with additional atmosphere.



Kalophain – Faded EP (Oh So Coy Recordings)

Kalophain jumps ship from our sister label Rogue to make his OSC debut.
Thick bass grooves, driving percussion and hypnotic moods pave the way across the first 2 tracks – then ending with a lounge-y excursion featuring Tea White.



Monkey Safari – Body Language Vol. 24 (Get Physical Music)

August will see Monkey Safari put out their long-awaited Body Language Vol. 24. The 18-track affair is a deep dive into their own musical output as well as a testament to their alluring DJ style.

German pair Monkey Safari have become Get Physical mainstays over the years. In 2022, they have released a wealth of teaser tracks from this mix with each one showcasing a different side to their sound. After more than a decade of EPs and LPs on their own Hommage label they are still mining new musical ground and their 2021 album ‘Love Will Set U Free’ was the latest testament to that. This new mix is a further superb showcase of their signature DJ style and seductive musical output.

The mix is a broody one that takes you into a mesmeric world of classy, musical house. It is packed with originals and remixes from Monkey Safari starting with the alluring bell sounds and vocal cries of ‘Ceremony’ before moving on through the likes of their spine-tingling afro house remix of Fluida and then a lithe and airy remix of BLOND:ISH. After classy Monkey Safari material like ‘Universal Love’ and ‘W’ is a remix of George Morel’s classic ‘Let’s Groove’ that updates the tune with a fresh modern edge.

The disco depths of DJ Pierre feat. Chic Loren’s reworked classic ‘I Feel Love’ is followed by standout exclusive remix ‘Hausch’ which lifts the spirits on a wave of positive synth work, upbeat drums and summery vibes that are sure to get plenty of plays this summer and beyond. A faultless run of recently released singles including ‘Kami’, ‘Light Of Day’ and ‘Hi & Low’ then round out this most exquisite and sensitive selection.

Body Language Vol. 24. is another landmark entry into this long-running and influential DJ mix series.



Sandro Bianchi – Candela Del Alma EP (Purple Sun Records)

Warm welcome to our newest member of the Purple Sun family, Sandro Bianchi. It quickly entered under our skin with its tracks, with a darker sound but with dizzying percussion and an atmosphere that transposes you to another world, a desert world, where the evenings are cold and the shaman sings around the fire.



Silverfonic – System Obsolete LP (Diggers’ Delight)

Release Date:
August 19th 2022 (Worldwide)

Silverfonic aka Ribal Rayess is Lebanese American House music producer, DJ and audiovisual artist that is re-emerging from New York with his debut album ‘System Obsolete’. after his return from the SWANA region. A vortex of an experience baked into this album. ‘Imagine leaving your New York studio for a short ten day trip only to return after ten years.’

System Obsolete represents speaking your truth. In many ways this album is about love, loss, and metamorphosis. It is the result of ten years of music adventures between Beirut and Brooklyn and it packs 10 Deep House trax pulling from diff sub genres and influences of funk and soul music.

Big thank you to the friends and collaborators on these tracks, namely the very talented Tracy Chehwan and LoopStache for their contribution on ‘Pick me up’ and ‘Best of Me’.

The track ‘System Obsolete’ that inspired the name of the album as it obviously reflects the times we live in right now, features a very special poet that remain unknown. We hope that this track somehow finds a way to her ears.







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