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New Treats Week-31-2023

Written by on 17/08/2023


Tijuana Cartel – Alectura LP (Beat & Path Recordings)

Tijuana Cartel, the renowned Australian musical collective celebrated for their pioneering fusion of diverse genres, proudly presents their latest masterpiece, Alectura. This innovative album once again showcases the band’s expertise in blending organic house and melodic house with captivating rhythms, beats, and global influences.

For the key creative forces behind the band, Paul George and Carey O’Sullivan, Alectura serves as a testament to their profound musical connection and shared vision. Their collaboration has flourished over time, and this maturity resonates throughout every note of the album.

Guitarist and lead vocalist Paul George reflects on the creative process, stating, “The creation of Alectura has been a captivating journey. We think this album weaves together so many different musical styles and pushes the boundaries of our artistic horizons. It stands as a true embodiment of our collective passion and mirrors our growth as musicians, collaborators, and friends.”

Carey O’Sullivan, the man behind beats, keys and stunning visuals that accompany a live show adds, “Working with Paul on Alectura has been a truly enriching experience. Our co- writing relationship has evolved remarkably, allowing us to explore new creative territories, experiment with new sounds, and compose an album that reflects our musical ethos.”

Alectura offers an immersive experience, inviting listeners to lose themselves in its exceptional sonic landscapes, whether amidst a pulsating dancefloor or in the tranquillity of their own space, ensnared by the intricacy of the album’s layers.
O’Sullivan explains, “As an album, Alectura caters to both those who seek to dance and those who yearn to drift away. You can surrender yourself to the beat or you can get lost in your headphones, letting the music carry you away. It’s designed to cater to every mood and moment.”

Tijuana Cartel eagerly awaits the response from their devoted fans and the broader music community to Alectura. ” We can’t wait to share this album that epitomizes our extraordinary musical journey. We hope that our fans will connect with it, and the journey we’ve had the past couple of years creating it as deeply as we have,” says George.

Alectura is available on all major streaming platforms Friday 1 September.



Addex – Cloudescape (The Story) (Limitation Music)

Released initially on the album Eko in 2021, Cloudescape is getting a full release of different track variations and remixes under catalog number 58 on our label. The original version gives a gentle piano and melody attitude with an organic house feel to it. All the sounds of the track are packed together for summer vibes and warm feel either for easy listening throughout the day or at night.

Ilias katelanos remix was released before in Eko (NightMode) EP and from his remix, an Ambient version was created. Both his versions have different keynotes than the original track, which feels perfect for summer listening. Keeping the same keynote, Openzone Bar remix, Addex alias, slowing down the rhythm and turns in to chill out style while having most of the originals sounds from the track. The short version of the original gives more direct approach on the sounds and construction of the track.

Available From Stores
Worldwide – 1st Sep 2023



Punky Wash – Jazz Fever EP (Agua Salada Records)

Here comes Punky Wash, an extraordinary artist who skillfully blends jazz, soul, and deep house with a touch of elegance.

Punky Wash, a master of musical fusion, has taken the bold step of combining the vibrant energy of jazz and soul with the infectious beats of deep house. The result is a mesmerizing blend that captivates listeners and takes them on a journey through different genres and emotions.

In this release, Punky Wash demonstrates their exceptional ability to seamlessly merge these seemingly contrasting genres. Their music effortlessly transitions from smooth and soulful melodies to groovy deep house rhythms, creating a sonic experience that is both exhilarating and sophisticated. What sets Punky Wash apart is not only their technical prowess but also their innate sense of elegance.

Their compositions exude a refined and polished quality that elevates the entire listening experience. Its a testament to their artistic vision and their dedication to creating music that is both sonically captivating and aesthetically pleasing.



Processing Vessel – Keep On Dreaming (Sound Vessel Records)

Processing Vessel is giving us an Aegean Vibe release. Deep yet calming but also groovy vibes all together, with touch of Ethnic Sounds. To keep the vibe in the same atmosphere, Tidy Daps gives a more uplifting touch, a very charming and bright version of Keep On Dreaming.

Then comes ZaVen, the western touch. It is more melodic and emotional his remix, with beautiful choirs to give it another meaning. The final touch comes from the man from the Aegean part of the world, VieL. He gives a full description of this release, a story telling remix! Using every aspect of sounds that he can, he makes a wonderful remix with a closing touch to it.



Mellow Men – Dance of Kites (Ready Mix Records)

Release Date:
August 25th 2023 (Beatport Exclusive)
September 8th 2023 (Worldwide)

Electronic production trio Mellow Men turn in release number 269 on Ready Mix Records, a stunning chilled piece entitled ‘Dance Of Kites’, the second single from their Album ‘Rebels’, presented with remixes by BiG AL, Noor and Emanuel Jr.

Boasting more than 20 years experience in the Croatian music scene, Davor Osusko, Kiano and Below Bangkok, aka Mellow Men, have been issuing a consistently great stream of tracks and remixes for some time now on their own Luna The Cat imprint as well as Deepwit, The Purr and of course Ready Mix Records.

The languid and meditative ‘Dance Of Kites’ floats and flutters just as its title suggests, utilising a truly global palette of electronic and organic sounds to paint a calming and comforting sonic landscape.

Ready Mix Records capo BiG AL takes to the boards on remix duty for ‘Dance Of Kites’, retaining a deliciously smooth mood while introducing more staccato notes and rolling drums to get the body moving moving, as well as the soul.

Syrian-born, Canada-based producer Noor believes in the power of art to create positive change in society, co-founding, an organisation working to champion ethics and transparency in the music industry. His remix of ‘Dance Of Kites’ gently touches on his Middle-Eastern roots, while he slowly builds up a slow and steady groove that just glides.

Croatian DJ, festival organiser and producer Emanuel Jr. raises the tempo of ‘Dance Of Kites’ into Deep House territory, delivering a pristine and clean rework with an extending, dizzying breakdown, ideal for those early evening warm-up sets.

Mellow Men also generously supply a stripped down ‘Deep Mix’ of ‘Dance Of Kites’, designed to satisfy those DJs of a more relaxed nature.



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