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New Treats Week-33-2022

Written by on 27/08/2022


Nyvs – Time Merchant EP (Ready Mix Records)

Release Date:
September 2nd 2022(Beatport Exclusive)
September 16th (Worldwide)

Self-confessed studio hermit Nyvs returns to Ready Mix Records with two original tracks, presented with remixes by Bodaishin, Marmolak and Savvas. Welcome to ‘Time Merchant EP’, our label release number 255.

Title cut ‘Time Merchant’ shows off the subtle, distinctly human production style that’s earned Nyvs a few Beatport chart appearances in recent times. Warm, slow-mo Deep House is the order of the day, with just enough Balearic sunshine to make it a lock for summer terraces and beach bars.

Argentinian producer and DJ Bodaishin (a name derived from Buddhist philosophy, meaning ‘awakening of spiritual consciousness’) steps up for the first remix of ‘Time Merchant’, delivering a slightly elevated, up-tempo groove, building on the meditative vibes of the original track while adding some dramatic touches of his own.

Swedish duo Marmolak provide the second remix of ‘Time Merchant’, keeping the tempo low, but providing ample intensity by playing with filtered synths and arpeggios, adding haunting vocal touches and programming beautifully sparse, almost delicate drums.

Second original Nyvs track ‘Retroactive Reality’ displays a slightly darker, more unsettled mood, with bleak minor chords, howling flutes and robotic, machine-like rhythms.

Finally Greek/Chicagoan producer and label favorite, Savvas, pulls ‘Retroactive Reality’ into Deep House territory, teasing out hope and warmth from those cold chords and offering up a sublime groove for warm-ups and cool downs.



Jay Medvedeva – To The Wonder EP (Kindisch Records)

Berlin-based songwriter, producer, vocalist and DJ Jay Medvedeva is next up on Kindisch with a pair of spine-tingling house tracks.

Medvedeva has made her mark on influential European clubs like Fabric, Space and Pacha, toured the US, released on Decay Records in collaboration with Shaun Reeves and put out an EP on trueColors together with Doyeq, on which she also performed as a singer. Currently she is part of a classical-electronic performance at the renowned Berliner Philharmoniker, which is taking place in 2023. She is a versatile artist who shows off her subtle studio craft and unique grasp on multi-layered melody here.

First up is ‘Don’t Forget Me,’ a brilliantly hypnotic 13-minute epic. The silky and rubbery drums soon enchant as angelic vocal sounds and balmy pads disperse endlessly up top. It’s an everevolving track that is full of depth and electronic soul with different melodic leads bringing a whimsical and pensive mood. ‘To The Wonder’ is another superbly stylish and storytelling track that unfolds like a dream. The pads and vocals are soft, the melodies airy and the bass loopy and meditative. Mysteriously heavy chords bring a note of melancholy as glitchy percussion keeps things moving.

These are two fulsome and hugely atmospheric house tracks from this ever more vital artist.



Sunchain feat Joy Tyson – Not The Last Plane (Be Adult Music)

This is the first release on Be Adult Music by this Estonian duo called Sunchain

The main track is called “Not The Last Planet” and brings the fantastic voice of Joy Tyson, a singer from Berlin who collaborates with many electronic artists.
The second track is called “Elpa” and is another great gem.

A beautiful release not to miss.



Solar Warden – Can It Feel You (Nylon Recordings)

We often ask, ‘can you feel the energy’ but you can also ask, ‘does the energy feel you and the essence of your intergalactic being?’

The highly talented Richard E releases his second Nylon Trax outing via his Solar Warden moniker entitled ‘Can It Feel You.’

‘Can It Feel You’ is a Deep House exploration into the aura of sound and space. The entire composition of ‘Can It Feel You’ is a masterpiece of Rhythm and sound guided by the perfectly imperfect synth placements that constantly tease the deep undertones.

Included in this stellar release, ‘Can It Feel You,’ are ethereal remixes by A-FRYK-YA, Samael Senja, and Jaymz Nylon’s coveted Afro Tech ReShape.

Written and Produced by Richard E
Mastered by James Thomas @ Nylon Trax Studio
Executive producer: Jaymz Nylon
Published by Man Made Nylon Music / BMG
(p) & (c) 2022 Nylon Recordings/Nylon Trax



Takino De Volume – Sweets Sweet (Sound Vessel Records)

Sweets Sweet from Takino De Volume was first released under the SVR compilation series, ‘Hidden Gems’. This Gem got a polish done to it, the remixes have enhanced its value.

Now it gets its own solo release, do not miss.



Mike.D – Escala EP (Beachside Limited)

MikeD. returns to Beachside Limited, this time with his latest work titled Escala EP.

The release includes a beautiful minimal house track full of dark sounds, sharp kicks and hypnotic bass lines and, as ideal complements, two explosive remixes by other members of the label’s family of artists, Everaldo (Vasco) and Daniel de Roma.

Not to miss.



Tenderheart – Tree (Tenderheart Music)

In the forest, the air is filled not only with smells, but also with a musical atmosphere. A duet of tall trees and wind sounds. The rich sound and solemn notes are intertwined and sent to the sky. I remember the harmonious melody and thank the forest. And around me is a living picture – the first flowers and brilliant grass around the trees. They arrange a “musical game”: they send pleasant light tunes to each other, so the music sounds from all sides. Probably the trees in the forest “remember” other things… The sounds of hurricane fire and the noise of military equipment. Distant low frequency rumble from explosions and prolonged screams… When the war is over, I will return here to “my trees” again.







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