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New Treats Week-33-2023

Written by on 31/08/2023


riccicomoto – Huge Distances LP Remixed (Ready Mix Records)

Release Date:
September 8th 2023 (Beatport Exclusive)
September 22nd 2023 (Worldwide)

Ready Mix Records proudly presents a sonic odyssey like no other with the remixed version of riccicomoto’s groundbreaking album, ‘Huge Distances’. This re-imagined collection takes the ethereal essence of the original and amplifies it with a diverse array of remixes by some of the most visionary names in the electronic music realm.

Klartraum, BiG AL, Jelly For The Babies, Ilias Katelanos, Forteba, bdTom, Kiano & Below Bangkok, Greenfish & SOL7, Highland Brothers UTD, Kanedo, Stereotyp, Chris Zippel, Hausi, Malkov & Kaygo Soul, DJ Element & Mr.Sideburns, and Mellow Men have all converged their creative energies to breathe new life into riccicomoto’s cosmic creation. Each remixer adds their distinct signature to the tracks, resulting in a mesmerizing symphony of styles that traverse the vast spectrum of electronic music.

As you venture through this kaleidoscopic musical journey, you’ll find yourself immersed in reimagined soundscapes that bridge the gap between inner introspection and outer galactic exploration. The remixes retain the original theme of connection and detachment, yet each one infuses a fresh perspective, inviting you to experience ‘Huge Distances’ through a multitude of sonic lenses.

From the introspective depth of Klartraum’s rework to the dub-infused grooves of BiG AL’s interpretation, every remix unfolds like a chapter in a cosmic saga. The haunting vocals of Silvia Bollnow on ‘I Think Of You’ take on new dimensions as various remixers paint them with diverse sonic brushstrokes, while tracks like ‘Robot Man’ and ‘The Inner Perception’ are deconstructed and reconstructed with innovative soundscapes that resonate with the past, present, and future of electronic music.

This remixed version of ‘Huge Distances’ pays homage to the original’s genre-defying nature while propelling it into uncharted territories. It’s a testament to the power of collaboration and the boundless possibilities of sound manipulation, encapsulating the very essence of electronic music’s transformative potential.

So, prepare to embark on a musical expedition that transcends boundaries and embraces the cosmic symphony of sounds. With riccicomoto’s visionary foundation and the inventive interpretations of an illustrious roster of remixers, this album promises to be an unforgettable voyage through sound, time, and space.



Karol XVII & MB Valence – Essay (Remixes) (Get Physical Music)

Get Physical Music is releasing a remix album of Karol XVII & MB Valence’s Essay that is full of exclusive new takes as well as previously released works, but before that come two EPs taken from it.

The first EP features new versions from Kasper Bjørke and Death on the Balcony, plus a remix from the pair themselves and one from Fur Coat.

Danish artist Kasper Bjørke is a talented composer and producer who has recorded solo and as part of various groups since the early 2000s. His Space Out Remix of ‘Humanity’ is a cosmic excursion on lush and sugary sweet synth lines and crisp nu-disco drums. Death on the Balcony is a UK duo that has long been turning out fresh mixes of house, disco and plenty in between on this label and many others. They flip ‘Fool’s Gold’ ft. Jono McCleery into a deep and dreamy house cut with organic percussion and arching pads that sink you into a reverie.

Then come the two classic remixes – one from Karol XVII & MB Valence, who flip ‘Humanity’ into eight minutes of sublime synth sequences and supple rubbery drums that carry you to the stars. Last of all, Fur Coat the head honcho of Oddity Records adds his melodic house and techno touch and spine-tingling breakdowns to ‘Fool’s Gold’ ft. Jono McCleery.

This is a rich remix package that offers varied and vital sounds for all occasions.



Gabriele Congedo & Tony Deledda – An Act Of Love (Agua Salada Records)

Gabriele Congedo and Tony Deledda join forces to present their latest track titled “An Act of Love.”

Gabriele Congedo and Tony Deledda are no strangers to the music scene, having released their music on prestigious labels such as Groove Culture Deep. With each of them bringing their unique vision to this single, they have crafted a truly captivating piece of music.

“An Act of Love” showcases their individual styles and creative talents. Gabriele Congedo and Tony Deledda have poured their hearts and souls into this track, delivering an extraordinary musical experience. Their collaboration exemplifies the power of music to convey emotions and connect people on a profound level.

As you listen to “An Act of Love,” you will be transported into a world where their passion and artistry intertwine, leaving a lasting impact on your senses.



Riccardo Leardini feat Elisa Moghetti – Ocean EP (Be Adult Music)

BAM introduce Riccardo Leardini’s first solo EP on the label, titled “Ocean,” featuring the fantastic vocal of Elisa Moghetti. This track delivers pure organic house with captivating melodies, making it a perfect and essential addition to any Be Adult lover’s playlist.

Second track is called Tu, Le Stelle which is another Gem.

Check out.



DJ Merci – Esoteric Dance EP (Feedasoul Records)

Release Date: 22.09.2023

DJ Merci returns to Feedasoul Records with a stellar four-tracker, with remixes from label mainstay Workerz and Detroit legend Rick Wade.

“So Beautiful” is a no-nonsense, stripped back soulful deep house track that features Merci’s straight drums, beautiful keys and atmospheric pads and synths leads. Workerz adds his own twist to the track with percussion for movement and a rework of the keys.

“Walk On Mars” showcases DJ Merci’s soulful background with through laid-back drums and percussion, mesmerizing synths and keys, and an absolutely gorgeous sax sample that perfectly complements the synths.

Rick Wade flips the track into a whole new vibe with its mechanical drums rolling through the track, building up alongside the soulful keys and synths pads.

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Miraj (AU)- Face The Sun EP (Valiant Records)

Miraj first became involved with electronic music in the early 2000s. Gravitating towards jungle and drum and bass, his first forays into production were made alongside his brother. Releasing and touring under the “Vice Versa” moniker, the duo quickly caught the attention of LTJ Bukem, enjoying a string of high profile releases on the seminal Good Looking Records.

Miraj rediscovered his love for music production in recent years, largely thanks to a series of mixes released by close friend DJ Lucian. Through these mixes, Miraj found a new muse and appreciation for the moods and grooves of house music.



Loxion OsnoTvni – Dont Doubt Youself (Deep Clicks Music)

Once again, Loxion blesses us with these two tracks featuring the collaboration of Gift of Africa and Jwk Deep. Deep and powerful soundscapes that resonate strongly.



VA – Purple Skies EP (House Music With Love)

Release Date(s): 22nd September 2023

House Music With Love is proud to unveil the upcoming release of the “Purple Skies” EP, marking the wistful transition from summer to autumn. As the sunsets take on a deeper, more enchanting hue and the nights carry a newfound crispness, our compilation encapsulates this seasonal shift.

The Purple Skies autumn sampler gathers seven organic house gems by HMWL family members as well as exciting new collaborators. Among the contributors are Constantin Nasiri & Mitiades Pistof, Ivan Sandhas, Arina Mur, Bodaishin, St.Ego & Juan Fernandez, Think City, Inessa and Leonine Sky, as well as ÜNAM & David Leyton and Veytik, Fiisaco & Stéphane Salerno.



German Brigante – Love & Medications EP (Warung Recordings)

Warung Recordings proudly presents Love & Medications, an EP produced by German Brigante making it the 61st release of the label. From Malaga, South of Spain, Brigante has stood out among vanguard artists with his unique and distinct sound. His incredible path within music and production has important releases for labels as Exploited and Diynamic. It is essential to highlight German Brigante’s connection with the audience which allows him to understand what track to bring next!

Love & Medications is a beautiful EP that brings three original tracks exclusively to Warung Recordings. Listen to German Brigante at his best.






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