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New Treats Week-37-2021

Written by on 16/09/2021


Processing Vessel – Transit of Venus (Sound Vessel Records)

Transit of Venus had a tremendous outcome, especially with Spotify! The Most popular track from Processing Vessel now gets a make over. This is not an ordinary make over, this is Top Class remixes done by Producers that are one of a kind.

Starting with Evren Furtuna, an amazing remix done by him. It’s a magical journey with him, breath taking piano touch and melodies that make you go into a state of trance.

After him comes Jelly For The Babies and he continues the journey with his deeper and darker tone remix, but with a pleasant string companying with a lovely choir in the breakdown.

Then the journey shifts to Addex, who takes it to the lighter side of the journey, like taking you to the end of the light. His trademark sounds are all here, soft melodies that come and go, smooth bass and catchy beats. While also using most of the original sounds from Transit of Venus so you get to hear the best of both sides of Processing Vessel and Addex.



DJ Joma – Dog’s Bay EP (Be Adult Music)

After his single “Mylmeister” Be Adult Weapons sub label, here is DJ Joma’s first EP on Be Adult Music. Elegant deephoue and relaxing sounds in this Dog’s Bay that comes remixed by Kanedo. The release ends with another original mix called Curracloe.

Quality grooves.



Paul Losev – Abhainn EP (Ready Mix Records)

Release Date:
September 24th 2021 (Beatport Exclusive)
October 8th 2021 (Worldwide)

The immensely talented Paul Losev, better known to our listeners as Paul2Paul returns to Ready Mix Records for release number 240, comprising three original tracks plus remixes by Chris Bravo and Ruh (SE).

Paul Losev, has earned a dedicated underground following all over the world, thanks to his melodic and expertly arranged compositions and remixes.

Opening track ‘Abhainn’ provides a perfect example, with its warm sonic textures, layered tones and firmly rooted drums.

Greek producer Chris Bravo, aka Maax 52, delivers an affectionate rework of ‘Abhainn’, making the most of Paul’s original parts, while introducing a fresh chord progression and a deeply satisfying new bassline.

Second original track ‘Mangata’ combines haunting piano with pristine electronic atmospherics to summon up an airy, self-reflective and emotional sonic voyage of imagination.

‘Leas’ opens with a beautiful neo-classical piano motif, before taking flight into an expansive, orchestral Deep House journey.

Last but not least, Ruh (SE)’s remix of ‘Leas’ provides an uplifting mood-switch, with dreamy fragments of melody drifting in and out over a beguiling percussion groove.



VA – Tales of Romance IV (TOR Music)

Release Date: Friday 24 September 2021
Format: Digital

01. LEGATO – I’m Waiting For You
02. Somethin’ Sanctified – Sail Barge
03. Cocho – Are We Different?
04. Pedro Capelossi – The Usual Suspects
05. Nau Leone – Nieuwe
06. zenna – Dawn Moon

TOR is a sensual house label owned and run by the team behind the When We Dip publication, and the new release is a six-track compilation showcasing a selection of fresh talent.

This is the fourth edition in their Tales of Romance series that’s been a foundation of TOR’s sound and creative direction. Often used as the platform that welcomes artists into the labels family, this new edition features tracks by Cocho, LEGATO, Nau Leone, Pedro Capelossi, Somethin’ Sanctified and zenna.

Pedro Capelossi has already worked regularly with TOR, but all the others on the release are making their label debut after individually working with other imprints ranging from Seven Villas to Nightcolours.

Each of the tracks have their own vibe with deep atmosphere, stripped back grooves, uplifting melodies or poignant emotion, all being on display in the different cuts.

Carefully hand crafted and curated with loving care plus attention to detail, this exquisite release is another fine example of the sound TOR represents.



RemyWest & Right Mood – Lonely Nights (Crossworld Vintage)

Release date: 25th of September 2021

A wonderful song has settled in our hearts, entitled ‘Lonely Nights’ and signed by RemyWest and Right Mood. With a warm sound and a rhythm that makes you move, a guitar with a romantic vibe, the new track is perfect for quiet autumn evenings, with friends or for a pleasant atmosphere when you are behind the wheel.



Shaide – Shades of Blues (Crossworlder Vintage)

Release date: 24th of September 2021

Shaide is a brand new signing for Crossworlder Vintage. Combining laid back house beats fused with blues guitar, Shades Of Blues is the perfect warm-up or wind-down track for your sets. Shaide is a UK based producer and guitarist, with more tracks coming soon.



Titoffee & Shereen – L’ été dans ma vallée EP (Les Perles Du Bord De L’Eau)

The next release scheduled for September 21, 2021, was composed and written by Titoffee in tribute to the Geronde Lake in Sierre, Switzerland. This place with emerald waters that it spends every summer since its childhood is a place of rest, inspiration and relaxation dear to the heart of the people of Sierre.

L’été dans ma vallée (Summer in my valley) refers to the Valais mountains, the summer heat and the long warm evenings that when they arrive at their terms evoke moments of nostalgia and melancholy waiting for next summer. Titoffee has teamed up with Shereen, a young artist from Marseille with Moroccan origins, whose sweet and tangy voice was a favorite.

On the occasion of this EP for the 1st day of autumn, the label proposes a dub version of the track Hold on to your love by Titoffee & Hibotep remixed by Felix Laband & Leeu released at the end of December 2020 in vinyl and digital.

Digital release date : 21 September 2021



George Alhabel – Daybreak EP (UGENIUS Music)

With spring in the air, the music here at UGenius continues to blossom. We are thrilled to introduce George Alhabel and his debut EP ‘Daybreak’. Sitting well within the progressive sphere ‘Daybreak’ heads up the release with floaty elements and uplifting tones, perfect for those open air gatherings. Emulsions and Rhomberg ooze party with their energy and clubby vibes whilst still maintaining patience in the arrangement and flow.

Joining the label on remix duties for the first time is Sydney export “Nine One” who’s recent releases on labels like Sprout and Onedotsixtwo have certainly put him on the radar for tastemakers in his sphere. He perfectly compliments the original with his take on ‘Daybreak”, giving it a darker feel and a super option for DJ’s with it’s playability.

Rounding out the release we invite veteran to the label “Mike Rish” to remix ‘Emulsions’. Mike who has had an extremely strong year, gaining support from the biggest names in the progressive world and demand from the most high profile labels does not disappoint wth his classy production and unique sound that he has developed and perfected over his lengthy time as a producer.



Ilya Gerus – Hidden Thoughts EP (Words Not Enough Music)

For the ninth release, we bring the 31-year-old Russian Ilya Gerus — a name that has over a decade of experience as a producer, especially in progressive house, having recently focused on organic house, signing with labels such as RYNTH, 3rd Avenue, Zenebon, Stellar Fountain and Everything Will Be OK.

In “Hidden Thoughts” EP, Ilya delivers three beautiful gems with harmonic melodies and instrumental richness. “Early Summer” has a cadence rhythm and sweet organic melodies, highlighting the piano notes and violin chords that permeate the entire track.
Then, the title-track comes with a more ethnic tone, through oriental flutes and chords and folk songs, which converge and flow with the naturalness and softness of a waterfall.

“Just Say Yes” closes the release with emotional depth and sentimentality. With high-pitched synths, bird sounds and, once again, soft folk songs, the track evokes a sweet melancholy — like the taste of nostalgia — while its rhythm excites and makes you want to dance. The perfect ending for such a rich EP full of beauty.



Paul Gavronsky – Do It EP (Selectro Records)

Selectro Records welcomes Paul Gavronsky to the family with his ‘Do It’ EP. A lush combination of spacey vocals, pulsating basslines, dramatic synths and subtle percussion, ignite the speakers and guides us on a beautiful journey.

This epic EP will surely echo around the world.









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