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New Treats Week-38-2021

Written by on 23/09/2021


BDTom – Inner Power EP (Limitation Music)

LIM42 marks the return of the hungarian dub techno artist BDTom. Since his last ep made in late 2014 called Electrosmog, BDTom delivered in recent years EPs to the Plastic City FX label. With his new EP called Inner Power, BDTom continues the dub journey across his discography.

This release has 3 original tracks with the first title Inner Power comes as a classic mix of BDTom style between dub and deep house.

The second track Sensitive is a more driving hypnotic track that represents his rhythmatic sound as well keeping it dub the same. With a slight of vocal along the way of the track, Sensitive is a perfect representation of dancefloor tune.

The last track Mandarin Drive ends the release with a warm style and a hypnotic pad along the track build up.

The entire EP is a depiction of his perfectly shaped dub techno sound which we are hearing with this EP.

Available From Stores Worldwide: 10th Oct 2021



Max Cohle – Peace of Mind EP (Microdrive Records)

Max Cohle is back on Microdrive with another banging EP.

This release is dedicate to some deep and groovy energies surrounded by high versatile atmospheres fixed up with some fat rolling bass line.

Another solid release from the talented french artist.



L-Dee – The Chef EP (Rogue Decibels Music)

L-Dee returns with more tripped out sounds on the The Chef EP.

3 diverse tracks including collabs with Ed-Ward yield hazy melodic layers amidst shuffling beats and heavy kicks, always with that underground vibe.



Julio Aguilar – Clairo EP (Simple Things Records)

Absolutely universal EP by Julio Aguilar with dreamy deep house.

Listening to the tracks from this release, you can easily imagine yourself lying on the beach with a cocktail in your hand and squinting in the sun.

Just relax and enjoy.



Frink – Fresco EP (Bondage Music)

Always associated with quality underground vibes, the ever impressive Bondage Music delivers more of the good stuff, from label favourite Frink.

The title track Perseus (with James Dexter) is awondeful heads down groover, with its subtly dubby flavoured groove, and plenty of swagger, this spacious groove merges yesteryear with a fresh essence effortlessly.

Fresco is next up, and it feels like fresh air blowing gently across your face, as this bright and punchy workout unleashes its summer sounds, yet retaining a deep slant throughout.

Poison is next up, and to round off this winning release, with a spaciously deep workout, fusing dubbiness with a sense of urgency, as this late night number lets loose.



Casomado – Pomelo (Friskybeat Records)

Miguel Leiva is Casomado, a producer and DJ based in Montreal who draws influence from his early like in South America as well as the varied history of music over the past five decades. His multi-faceted house music sound moves feet and souls alike, and shines on his latest release, “Pomelo.” This adventurous afro-house delight comes equipped with three fresh mixes.

The driving force and inspiration for “Pomelo” is its loose percussion. Layered shakers and hand drum provide a rhythmic foundation for the bouncing bass line. Psychedelic textures, synth pads and melodies, and a playful vocal sample expand the depth of “Pomelo,” giving the tune a place in the headspace as well as the dance floor. A sparser Dub Version accentuates the main drum part, and the Radio Version puts the focus on the vocal hook’s interplay within the mix. Top notch!

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VA – Kindisch Steps XVII (Kindisch Records)

Kindisch Steps brings together another round of enchanting electronic music from Kindisch consistently surprising talent, as well a few new faces. The compilation returns for the seventeenth edition including eight tracks, each new and exclusive. Music from Eduardo McGregor, Bákayan, Coss, Lucas Musto and many others.











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