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New Treats Week-40-2022

Written by on 16/10/2022


Rashid Ajami & Madraas – Love Is Animal EP (When We Dip XYZ)

Release Date: Friday 11 November 2022
Format: Digital

When We Dip’s record label, XYZ presents a collaborative organic house release by Rashid Ajami and Madraas who blend soothing vocals with heartwarming melodies.

This is the first time that Rashid Ajami and Madraas have collaborated together, but both are already successful solo artists with impressive back catalogues.

Rashid Ajami is a UK-based DJ and producer who is known for his solo releases on labels such as Get Physical, Anjunadeep and Tale & Tone. He has also collaborated with other prestigious artists including the iconic German duo, Booka Shade.

Madraas are an Italian duo who are making their debut on XYZ after previously featuring on When We Dip’s other record label TOR. Consisting of Riccardo & Marco, Madraas have worked with scene-leading imprints ranging from Lee Burridge’s All Day I Dream to Armen Miran’s Hoomidaas.

“Love Is Animal” opens the release with its delicate piano melody, moody atmosphere and stripped-back percussion, which lays a foundation for the hauntingly beautiful vocals. “The New World” is second of the tracks and its uplifting atmosphere is infused with ethereal vocal textures, soaring pads and flowing organic percussion.



Double Touch & Flowers On Monday – Lasting (When We Dip TOR)
Release Date: Friday 28 October 2022

Format: Digital

When We Dip’s record label TOR presents a stunning organic house release by Double Touch and Flowers On Monday.

Double Touch is an Australian duo who are well-known for their eloquent tracks on labels such as Lee Burridge’s All Day I Dream and Armen Miran’s Hoomidaas, producing a notable sound that blends classically trained musicianship with intricate electronic music production.

Flowers On Monday are a German duo who have previously collaborated with Double Touch on a track released by All Day I Dream. They are known for the haunting melodies of their ethereal style and also have productions on the likes of Do Not Sit, YION and Akbal Music.

Opening the release is the original mix of “Lasting” which fuses soaring strings with enchanting atmosphere and poignant piano chords that are layered over flowing organic percussion. There is also an alternative ‘Atmos Mix’ that has an extended intro section and added atmospherics for those who like things a little more epic.



Dalholt & Bjarno – D&B EP (Music For Dreams)

Copenhagen-based Dalholt & Bjarno has collaborated on their new EP.

‘Dalholt & Bjarno EP’ features 5 four-to-the-floor club weapons that are sure to gather the desired energy on the dancefloor.

First, there’s ‘Indiana’, an Indian electronic tune that’s both dreaming and hard-hitting. Talking about hard-hitting there’s also ‘Koperc’. A peak time thumping percussion-driven train that’ll make the party people move.

Rounding off the EP is ‘Wadijha’ which draws back on the Indian inspiration with beautiful melodies from the sitar and kalimba not to mention the pleasing percussion.



Freudenthaler – Bar Rescue EP (Brombért Records)

Release Date: Friday, November 11 2022

Record Sounds Like: jazzy, hiphop influenced deep house

With a touch of swing, a wobbling bass line and all the jazzy elements and cheering voices “The Swingers” gives that perfect vibe to really get a party going.

“Worthy” is nearly cracking that harmony with raw, almost careless cut Afro Latin jazz samples, deep chords and spherical particles embedded, but a funky bass always keeps the easy vibe.

“Lingerie” opens the flip-side with a tight beat, perfectly complemented with a noisy piano lick, strings, horns and some hip hop cuts.

“Overseas Phone Number” then rounds out the release by featuring a swinging rhythm, lovely string pads, pleasant saxophone parts and paying tribute to a French rap classic. Altogether, you will answer it with a smile, for sure. With this in your bag, you´ll be prepared for toughest rescues!

P.S.: Physical release comes with handcrafted, screen printed artwork by fabulous graphic artist Zatina Kessl.

Artist Quote: “We´re very happy to welcome Freudenthaler to our Brombért family. His productions are edgy but soulful. That´s what we go for!” – Brombért”

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Boblebad – Tidlig Oppe EP (Beatservice Records)

Creative polyglot Boblebad is back with his latest Beatservice offering, serving up four stirring tracks on the powerfully emotive Tidlig Oppe EP.

Ulf Moen Denneche – better known by his familiar Boblebad moniker – has artistic juice coursing through his very being. Endowed with a formidable creative flair, the producer, musician, and painter has been a much-loved Beatservice mainstay since making his label debut in 2021. With a stylistically adventurous sound that stubbornly refuses to rest in generic boxes, he’s released music on some of the electronic underground’s most important labels – joyfully meandering through Balearic soundscapes, simmering deep house, and proudly uncompromising electronica.

The EP launches with the hyper-atmospheric title track, “Tidlig Oppe.” Here, a sturdy four-four rhythm powers waves of harmonic textures, with luscious chords gliding over throbbing bass as phasing pads. Spacey synth motifs intertwine across propulsive conga lines. Continuing the refined forward motion, “Stoisk Uro” steadily builds over warm bass strokes and energetic drums, with evocative synth solos soaring over undulating pads as free-flowing percussion adds a glorious dynamism to the emotionally-charged harmonics.

“Klam Klem” maintains a characteristically sumptuous sound palette, with tom-heavy drums cutting through space-age pads as staccato synth refrains deliciously ebb and flow over an undulating ever-building groove. Finally, “Kruttugle” completes a sparkling set in a suitably enigmatic style. Snappy drums and loose-knit percussion saunter over thick bass as fizzing pads usher in a soul-searing lead melody, and the affecting chord progressions are joined by bubbling arpeggios for a life-affirming climax.

As ever, this is compelling work from Boblebad. Imbued with more than enough weight to stir esoteric floors, the emotionality that permeates the music augments the rhythms with a profundity that sets it apart from the strictly club-focused — ensuring the collection is equally suited to both introspective meditations and energetic dance abandon.

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VA – Act I (Taul Boy Records)

With a worldly flair inspired by the fading summer heat, Taul Boy Records launches its Act compilation series with Act I. The series is a planned seasonal collection showcasing the label’s artists while providing an outlet to stretch outside usual musical boundaries and experiment with new sounds. Listeners will be taken on a sonic journey laced with deep house, techno, and indie-dance flavors.

Act I begins with the ‘in your face’ energy of Dolce, then to the mysterious, global allusions of Pulsion Thanatos, to the eclectic and building power of Organoid, and then closed out by the dark but hopeful whims of Keda. These selections offer variety and distinction, giving DJs a range of vibes to explore in different settings. Dig in … dig in deep.

Label and Artist Links:



Tayu – Patumaba EP (Earthly Delights)

Format: Digital

Earthly Delights returns with another enchanting organic house release from record label favourite Tayu.

Tayu is well-known for his flowing percussion rhythms, heart-warming melodies and atmospheric style. He has featured numerous tracks on Earthly Delights in addition to releasing on other imprints such as Kindisch.

Along with his many original tracks, he has also remixed music by influential artists including Timujin, Hraach and Armen Miran.

This three-track release opens with the delicate melodies and poignant emotion of “Patumaba” before the tribal rhythms and aerobic influence of “Bdoeh”. “Bakuri” is a cinematic cut that closes the release with its psychedelic atmosphere and ethereal sound design.









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