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New Treats Week-40-2023

Written by on 26/10/2023


VA – Focus:013 (BiGz) (Ready Mix Records)

Release Date:
October 27th 2023 (Beatport Exclusive)
November 10th 2023 (Worldwide)

Welcome back to our ‘Focus’ compilation series where we highlight an artist’s past and present body of work released on our network of labels.

Focus:013 shines the light on the legendary mastermind working behind the scenes ‘BiGz’ aka BiG AL.

BiGz needs no introduction as you probably already know him. He’s a master craftsman wearing many different hats. From engineering to productions to live performances to bookings and label management, he’s done it all.

Focus:013 showcases a selection of BiGz’ discography released on our network of labels which includes 2 Original tracks, 1 Original collab and 14 remixes for artists such as Juan Mejia, Vlad Janela, Erhan Yılmaz, Ephlum & Areslan, Bodaishin & Lupe Republic, Marmolak, Sobhan, Tidy Daps, Massio, DJ INO & Mc Johnny Def, Daniel Testas, Dimo (BG), Jalil B and Music P & Marque Aurel.



Lee Walker & Brent Anthony – Take It Back (Déepalma Soul)

Release Date(s): 27th October 2023

Déepalma Soul presents the latest collaboration between renowned UK DJ/Producers Lee Walker and Brent Anthony.

“Take It Back” is an electrifying track that fuses UK Garage with deep and vocal house elements. The chunky drum grooves and skippy percussion create an infectious energy that keeps the momentum alive. Resonant synths add sophistication and depth, while sax solos bring sensuality and elegance. The soulful vocals deliver vibrant and heartfelt lyrics, creating a multi-dimensional and uplifting experience.

This track showcases both artists’ impressive talent and creativity, pushing boundaries and setting new standards in the genre. “Take It Back” is a must for late-night enthusiasts and dancefloor lovers.



James Curd & Osunlade – Chocolate Puddin’ (Get Physical Music)

Two accomplished house mainstays come together on Get Physical Music as James Curd joins forces with the legendary Osunlade for superb new single ‘Chocolate Puddin” while FNX Omar remixes.

James Curd came up as a DJ in Chicago and has gone on to become a mainstay of the scene. He is also credited with inventing G-Swing, a house sound infused with swing. He has run various labels over the years while releasing on some of the world’s finest imprints and serving up his magical sets everywhere, from fabric in London to The Avalon in Los Angeles and The Arches in Glasgow. American Osunlade, meanwhile, has deep spiritual roots in Yoruba traditions that are also reflected in the name of his record label. He makes music with a rare spirituality, as proven once again here.

The superb ‘Chocolate Puddin’’ is silky smooth, deep and Afro-tinged house with gorgeous percussive melodies and soft shakers. It’s full of soul and warmth with meaningful leads that bring plenty of uplifting emotions next to a bluesy vocal.

The remixer is Moroccan mainstay and label regular FNX Omar. He flips the track into something that is richly layered with percussion and nimble bass, organic hand claps and hypnotic drum lines that all sink you in deep.

This package is as delicious as its name suggests and will be followed by a second remix package early in 2024.



Booka Shade – Wild Life & So Dope (Blaufield Music)

Blaufield Music bosses Booka Shade return to the label for two fresh productions on ‘Wild Life/So Dope’.

Continuing to craft new storylines within their renowned and illustrious career, having recently marked the project’s 20th Anniversary, iconic German duo Booka Shade and their stream of fresh productions continue to flow. Arriving on the back of another stellar America’s tour run, and with the return to clubs for the winter season already in full flow, the Blaufield Music bosses are back on the label with another pair of productions that have been road-tested to huge reactions across recent months with their latest two-tracker ‘Wild Life/So Dope’, once again showcasing fresh sides to their expansive sound.

A brooding and darker production to their usual output, the warping and slightly eerie ‘Wild Life’ is a production expertly showcasing the duo’s ability to craft iconic lead melodies and set them amongst impactful, contrasting elements for a late-night anthem. In contrast, ‘So Dope’ builds from crisp, slinking percussion and hooky vocal samples before launching into spiralling synths for another track made for big club moments.



Helmut Ebritsch – Self Creation (Lucidlfow Records)

Helmut Ebritsch Drops a Sonic Bomb with “Self Creation” – An Ode to the Dark and the Mystic.

Following the monumental triumph of “Emerging Consciousness” – which not only dominates the Lucidflow Charts but also earned a coveted spot on John Digweed’s legendary “Transitions” radio show – Ebritsch opts not to rest on his laurels, instead plunging deeper into his endless well of creative prowess.

In an era where the electronic genre often leans towards upbeat and pop-centric, Helmut Ebritsch goes against the grain, delivering a new track that explores the profundity of darker, immersive soundscapes. His latest creation, “Self Creation,” invites listeners on a surreal journey, striking an enthralling balance between the bleak and the beautiful, exploring the shadowy realms of tech house in a way only Helmut can.

“Self Creation” is not just a track. It’s an experience that draws its uniqueness from the paradox – constructing beauty from desolation, pulling entrancing melodies from seemingly chaotic symphonies.– Helmut orchestrates a universe where sound creates a tangible texture, one can almost feel; it’s haunting, evocative, and oddly comforting all at once.

Ebritsch’s previous works have already firmly established him as a potent force in the electronic music arena, and “Self Creation” only serves to further solidify this position. Helmut doesn’t follow trends. He creates them, always managing to stay one step ahead.



Dad Of The Year – Love (Magician On Duty)

In twilight’s tender, vast embrace, A dad’s love for his son takes its place. In the immensity of this cosmic sea, They sail together, boundlessly free. The universe, a canvas vast, With constellations from first to last. Yet in his child, he finds his star, A love more infinite, by far

Through galaxies of dreams, they soar, Father and son, forevermore. In life’s grand tapestry, they reside, Love’s constellations side by side.

For in this boundless cosmic scheme, Their love shines like a brilliant dream.

Format: Digital

Release date: November 24th 2023



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