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New Treats Week-41-2021

Written by on 13/10/2021


Mitch Oliver – Exil (When We Dip XYZ)

Release Date: Friday 15 October 2021
Format: Digital

When We Dip’s label XYZ closes out the summer with a previously unreleased remix by Facundo Mohrr who has featured music on labels such as TRYBESof, All Day I Dream and Do Not Sit.

Facundo Mohrr has been invited to rework a classic XYZ track by Mitch Oliver called “Exil” feat. Tea Verdene, which is an extremely popular track from the label’s back catalogue, and this revitalised version adds new spender to the original.

Based in Argentina, Facundo Mohrr is leading the country’s next generation of electronic music talent, and some consider him to be one of the most influential tastemakers to come out of the region since the legendary Hernan Cattaneo.

This sensual remix of Exil has a disco-tinged, bassline funk and a punchy kick drum. Blending trippy vocal snippets and a psychedelic synth line, it culminates in a deep groove that has melodic elements intertwined within its joyous vibe and uplifting energy.



TshegoTMM & Young Molz – Magic Touch EP (Sound Vessel Records)

Lovely release here! TshegoTMM & Young Molz joining together to create that magic and its called Magic Touch. It’s a smooth and groovy ride this track, you can put this track on repeat and you will not get bored. Then comes the Free track by TshegoTMM and it is a little darker than Magic Touch but the groove is solid and drifting.



Balm – Be Yourself EP (Twin Town Productions)

After Balm released two summer hits with “My Sound” and “Other Keeper (feat. Knixx)” on Traktor Records, the “Be Yourself” EP on Twin Town will now hit the stores for the fall season. (V.Ö. 22.10.21)

The originals captivate lightness and joy and get you in a good mood at any time of the day or night. A certain reference to the good old downbeat and trip hop times of the Viennese school are recognizable here. A homage to Tosca, Trüby Trio and K&D, without losing the thread of originality and freshness in the arrangement or mixing. Involved in this story are also old and new companions who have worked on “Balm’s” originals.

“Erlenbrunn & Stachy.DJ” who announce their first collaboration as remixers deliver on “Balm’s” track “Be yourself” a five man – spa chapel of analog sources, jazzy, dubby balsam with lightly tinkled vapor notes to heal your soul. Respect goes out to the Labbelbuddys “Bronsyn” who dropped in a balmy piano track and “DomFX” who plucked in the funky shingaling bridge with his electric guitar.

“Sample Samurai’s” remix creates exciting new textures in “Go” by purposefully destroying and restructuring the elements. As a contrast to the jazzy and flowing original, “Go” shows its faster side in the remix and brings the track to the dancefloor so that it can also go off in house and electronic sets.

“Agja” on the other hand lets the summer warmth in once again in the “Go” remix, playful and graceful at the same time, he nestles a Balearic note into the track which glides towards the sunset in powerful organic house.

Studio Pflug” was responsible for the mastering and the beautiful cover was done by our youngest designer “Ida”. A strong package that will surely enrich DJ sets or playlists.

Format: Digital

Release date: October 22th 2021



Dante Tom – LoveCloud EP (Dobar House Music)

We welcome yet another quality name to the family. Dante Tom makes his debut with a beautiful two track LoveCloud EP. Deep house at it’s finest is felt throughout both Miss Me – which comes in two versions – and Clouds.

‘Miss Me’ is deep, but bumpy business that will have you nodding your head and move your shoulders, while ‘Clouds’ will make you dream about distant places and beautiful landscapes – this track being the perfect soundtrack for it.



Sven Wegner – Night of Light EP (Fluid Funk Music)

New drop in Fluid Funk’s steady stream of groovy, feel good releases, Sven Wegner’s lush “Night of Light EP” attests to the Hamburg producer’s successful U-turn from the classic house and techno formulas towards further sample-heavy wares and photovoltaic funk joints. The EP is scheduled for landing on October 29th.

Starting off with the dislocated jazz swing of its title-track, the EP lays down an instantly rousing, easy-to-love vibe throughout the room. “Night of Light” is a laid-back slice of jazz house, not quite picking a side between the effusive smoothness of its drum work and the many potentialities of its ruff taped sampling knocked askew.

More of a functionally loop enhanced with Irish violin hoodoo and near-abstract processed samples, “Babette” makes for a much lovable bit of bucolic DJ functionality.

Dipping toes in a swelteringly sensual nightly ambience,“French Late Night” lets the bass talk. A chiseled mosaic of RnB vocal samples dressed with deadly piano stabs emerging like shiny knives out red velvet drapes, and there comes a seriously infectious night of alcove boogie.

Doing just what’s written on the tin, “Sunny Your Mind” teleports us to warm blankets of white sand with cocktails in our hands and little straw hats floating amidst the vivid gradation of its gently inebriating flavours. Cast off and enjoy.










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