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New Treats Week-41-2022

Written by on 25/10/2022


Titoffee & Hibotep – Unlock The Key EP (Les Disques Du Bord De L’Eau)

Les Disques du bord de l’eau, is the recording label of the Festival Week-end au bord de l’eau, that is an event which has taken place since 2007 next to the Geronde lake in Sierre, Switzerland. The record label has currently released EP’s with established artists such as, El Búho, Rodrigo Gallardo, TM Juke, Felix Laband, Atjazz, Manu Ela or Dan Bay.

Unlock the Key is a song composed by Titoffee, Swiss producer from the Swiss Mountain of Valais & Hibotep, DJ & Poet from Ethiopia based in Kampala in Uganda. The duo known of deep and sweet collaboration, has written this track as a letter to everyone looking to find their own peace.

Four remixes complete this autumn release with a dreamy space remix from Antipop of Telepopmusik, Roman Blum, Swiss downtempo producer, Kútus German duo with both an organic tribal approach and Qlons, techno producer hailing from the Swiss mountain of Valais too.

This forthcoming EP has been written for everyone that needs to find its own key of peace.

Digital release 21 September 2022
Digital link
12” Double Vinyl Gatefold 1st March 2023



Eryc Karezza – Helsinki 2022 (Karezza Music)

Release Date: Friday 18 November 2022
Format: Digital

Eryc Karezza is a Spanish artist whose style of melodic house blends intricate melodies and poignant emotion with flowing percussion.

Inspired by the likes of Ben Böhmer and Tinlicker, Eryc Karezza’s music has already been supported by the likes of Above and Beyond in their Group Therapy Podcast.

His latest release features three 2022 versions of his track “Helsinki”. Eryc Karezza has produced all three versions and the release comes via his own imprint Karezza Music, which is the main outlet for his music. He has also been featured on other record labels such as Steyoyoke, 600 Degrees, art | werk and Routine Espresso.

Helsinki was originally released in 2021 and the new versions breathe fresh life into a well-received classic. The extended mix has organic percussion blended with uplifting synths and ethereal textures, then the breakdown introduces a stunning piano section.

Alternatively, the ‘Original Mix’ edit strips back the percussion to let the emotive parts take centre stage and finally, the ‘Ambient’ take removes all the drums to do exactly what it says on the tin.



Evren Furtuna – Stars EP (Be Adult Music)

Evren Furtuna’s “Stars” is Undoubtedly one of the most anticipated release on BAM.
Magic, emotions and above all etheral harmonies of the great Evren are the protagonists of this new release.

Not to miss.



Crimsen – Dancefloor Memories EP (Gruuv Records)

Release Date: 21st October 2022

Audiojack and their powerful Gruuv imprint welcome Indian born and Canadian based artist Crimsen to the label, with his sublime ‘Dancefloor Memories’ EP which also comes with a remix from Because of Art.

Having previously released on prestigious labels such as 8Bit, W&O Street Tracks and Smiley Fingers the time has come for Crimsen to release his debut release on Gruuv. He has produced 3 exquisite originals showcasing his talents in the studio which transcend the genre spectrum, with each track lending itself to a slightly different genre whilst all fitting perfectly together as an EP. To start off the release we have ‘Dancefloor Memories’ which is a house track for the purists and those with a discerning ear. With its acid house warehouse bassline taking centre stage, Crimsen adds emotive piano keys and a delicate lead synth sound which when layers over the top of its raw gritty bass line delivers something that’s perfect for ravers young and old.

Next up is ‘We’ll Meet Again’ where Crimsen shows his studio prowess delivering some high grade electronica. Leading with a smooth breakbeat from the off, before adding incredibly elegant melodies, pads and instrumentation, this track flows with so much emotion that goosebumps for the listener are guaranteed. This is a must listen for fans of Franky Wah, Bicep, Seb Wildblood and similar and makes heavenly listening….

The third track on the EP is ‘For Your Love’ which blurs the lines between deep house and electronica. With its house beats, deep organic chords giving it its depth and journey feel, Crimsen deftly adds an electronica lead and pads, blurring the lines between the two different genres and creating a more unique sound, and also a track that sounds incredibly special.

Last but certainly not least we come to the remix of ‘Dancefloor Memories’ for this last track on an undoubtedly beautiful EP. The fast rising London artist, Because of Art, returns to Gruuv having had his second ever release on the imprint back in 2019, a release that ultimately catapulted him forward with him release on the likes of Pets Recordings, Last Night on Earth, and Of Unsound Mind, afterwards. He has given Dancefloor Memories a delectable rework, retaining the integral emotional essence of the original, however giving the bassline his own personal feel and he tweaks the arrangement to great effect, serving up a sublime rework of an already excellent track and finishes this EP off in perfect style.



Rudi’Kastic – Keep The Faith Remixes (Rogue Decibels)

Limpopo producer Rudi’Kastic’s ‘Keep The Faith’ is re-imagined by a carefully selected crew of scene heavyweights and emerging local artists.

Feels a lot like summer and beach bars and cocktails and sunsets.

Not to miss.



Jacob Groening – Neko EP (Kamai Music)

Release Date: Friday 28 October 2022
Format: Digital

Jacob Groening returns to his record label Kamai Music with two enchanting organic house tracks alongside remixes by Xique-Xique and Kermesse.

Known for having a style that blends deep atmosphere with captivating melodies and flowing percussion, Jacob Groening is a talented producer who has featured tracks and remixes on other imprints including Bar 25 Music, The Gardens of Babylon, and 3000 Grad Records.

Based in Berlin, Jacob Groening is a veteran of the German club scene who has also travelled the globe to play headline DJ sets everywhere from India to Brazil.

On remix duties, Xique-Xique is a downtempo and trippy artist known for his release on labels such as Stil Vor Talent and The Magic Movement.

The other remix comes from Kermesse who are an Argentinian duo from Buenos Aires whose eloquent style of organic house can be found on the likes of Sol Selectas, Bar 25 and LNDKHN.

“Neko” opens the release with its japanese vocals from berlin based Artist Kotoe. Added by gamelan-style melodies fused with shuffling percussion and a fluttering bassline. It’s a sensual track that builds tantalising suspense as it unfolds with intricate attention to detail.

Xique-Xique’s remix of Neko adds in a new progressive bassline which is rich in subfrequencies that fill the track with a radiating warmth. His rework maintains many of the original’s key elements while adding pads and other synths to make a more melodic version.

“Suingu” is the second of the two originals and it’s got psychedelic atmosphere layered with acoustic guitar chords and sequenced organic percussion. It’s a stripped-back track that gives each part room to breathe while also ensuring the drums maintain a dance floor friendly energy.

Kermesse close out the release with their remix of “Suingu” which adds a jovial funk with chopped-up sections of the original parts reformed into a jazz-inspired rework. Vibrant and full of personality, it’s a charismatic version that is truly mesmerising.










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