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New Treats Week-42-2023

Written by on 07/11/2023


Qmusse & Dubaa – Massage (Haute Musique)

For our 54th release on Haute Musique, we’re exited to welcome Qmusse & Dubaa with their super hot and steamy ‘Massage’.

The boys deliver two Original versions, Version 1 offering a profound and moody deep house vibe.

On the other hand, Version 2 takes a more dancefloor approach, boasting outstanding pads and vocals, making it an ideal choice for setting the stage.

Forteba, known for his work on Plastic City and Ready Mix Records, crafted a mesmerizing remix, featuring an abundance of vocals, a powerful bassline, and captivating strings.

Marco Grandi, delivers a spectacular remix that’s groovy, bouncy and perfect for any setting. With an infusion of additional syncopated vocals and exotic stabs, it’s bound to elevate the atmosphere.



VA – Focus:014 (Soire) (Ready Mix Records)

Release Date:
November 10th 2023 (Beatport Exclusive)
November 24th 2023 (Worldwide)

Welcome to the next installment of our ‘Focus’ compilation series, where we illuminate the rich artistic journey of an Artist through their history of releases on our expansive label network.

Focus:014 shines the light on the incredibly gifted ‘Soire,’ also known as the multi-talented Moe Turk.

Soire hardly requires an introduction, as you’re likely already familiar with his work. He’s the creative force driving Kudoz and Beatz Records, an icon within Beirut’s vibrant Deep House scene.

‘Focus:014’ offers a curated glimpse into Soire’s discography, featuring a total of 11 original tracks, a notable collaboration with BiGz, and three dope remixes of tracks from artists such as BiG AL, Krippsoulisc, and Anber.



Noema – ONE (The Magic Movement)

Release Date: Friday 17 November 2023

Noema is a pioneering downtempo, balearic disco and indie dance artist from Germany. His new album “ONE” is a multisensory experience and surreal cosmic journey.

ONE is an extraordinary piece of music that fuses orchestral instrumentation with electronic beats. The music is part of a comprehensive art piece that Noema calls an “Interactive Performance Concert.” The performance includes music, interactive choreography & stage design, theatre and costumes.

The best way of diving into the cosmos of ONE is certainly through the interdimensional and immersive videos that you will find via this YouTube link…

Over the past year and a half, Noema has written and recorded the music with a small orchestra, created the story, texts, costumes, graphics, videos, choreography, and showed an early experimental version at Garbicz Festival 2022. In his own words, Noema describes the music as “Sun Ra meets Steve Reich meets Larry Levan – imagine it as a “happening” from the 70s.”

Talking about the concept of ONE, Noema explains that it’s a story of “an island-universe called Noema that manifests as four Interdimensional Space Voyagers. Because humanity has lost their ability to play and connect with each other, these entities became trapped in our dimension and now put on performances to re-power their portal, so that we can all be interdimensional again!”

This concept is brought to life with live performances where Noema is joined by five contemporary dancers/actors who perform the story in costume, and invite up to 120 people from the audience to join the interactive experience.

The main inspiration for the music of ONE came from the minimal music classic “In C” by Terry Riley. It consists of 56 melodic patterns, which are repeated and consecutively played from the first to the last. Every instrument played can move on to the next pattern at their own pace to make each performance free-flowing and unique. The piece is approximately 45 minutes long without a break.

This unique concept comes via Noema’s record label The Magic Movement, which along with its label owner’s music has featured tracks by the likes of Xique-Xique, Nicola Cruz, Carrot Green, Kermesse and Oceanvs Orientalis.

Noema has also featured his tracks and remixes on other labels such as Sol Selectas and Get Physical, and ONE will be followed by a remix package that includes club focused remixes by Lauer, Kalabrese, Shubostar, Panthera Krause, Mehmet Aslan, Lovefingers, Kelpe and Nicola Noir.



Niki Sadeki – Secret Serenade EP (Kindisch Records)

Free-spirit Niki Sadeki is a producer inspired by all around her as she travels the world, emboldened by the ideas, minds and sounds scattered in her midst. Her desire to connect people drives both her productions and her DJ sets. From her native Vancouver to Ibiza, Berlin to Brooklyn (her current home) and Miami to Mexico City, Niki Sadeki’s deep, progressive soundscapes unite the dancefloor.

Niki Sadeki works from a completely different angle than most producers. Her aim: Whether in the studio or dancefloor, to build a mood, flood it with divergent yet complimentary currents, smashing the boundaries between genres as she goes. Elements come together to create unique soundscapes, from house music to garage rock, progressive to psychedelic, all the way to Jazz and Persian folk.

Secret Serenade, released 17th November on Kindisch is a perfect example of Niki Sadeki’s work, inspired by spring and summer 2023 when she was living life on the road – quite literally.

El Ganzo (The Goose) starts with a driving 4/4 bass. Helicopter hi-hats parachute you straight into dense rainforest, where you pull back the sonic foliage to reveal a wild jungle party. Nature adds to the beat- synth cicadas and Teisco tree frogs clammer beneath you in the humid undergrowth, setting the scene for the distant call of jazz sax geese (or perhaps elephants), that move audibly towards your firelit clearance, before disappearing slowly into the dense tropical forest as you and your new jungle friends resume the party.

So Sudden grabs your attention immediately. Glitchy synths dance around a moog modular click. The sounds of the highway zoom by your one-night-only roadside home. From here, an infectious hook line percolates through the track, augmented by a cornucopia of synth, building up a vast soundscape: A mashup of machinery and mother earth under a starlit sky.

Niki Sadeki explains: El Ganzo is a jungle party, reflecting those freewheeling days on the road. So Sudden just came together over a weekend, like magic. It was a sweet surprise that waited till I got back to Brooklyn to get a good polish in the studio, transforming into this cool, well-rounded piece.

Secret Serenade is a playful nod to the unpredictable, fun journey of how I make music, like catching lightning in a bottle on the go, then letting it shine bright in the quiet of the studio. It’s not just about the tracks, it’s about the stories they tell of embracing spontaneity, enjoying the ride, and the cool tunes that come out from playing around with the unexpected.”



Andre Stepanian – Take Flight (Friskybeat Records)

Friskybeat Records is excited to showcase Andre Stepanian’s latest single, “Take Flight.” Based in Vancouver, Andre is a talented composer who has created a polished, jazzed-up dance groove. The foundation of this song is stylish guitar phrases and melodies, which are performed with smooth, modern effects. The upbeat feel is created by the rhythmic bounce, funky bass, syncopated chords, and arpeggiated synths, resulting in an elegant composition that transports the listener to a special destination.

DJ and producer Luis Machuca has provided a remix of Andre’s track. He has stripped down the composition and rebuilt it with fresh bass and synth lines, along with plush new chords. The remaining guitars have been sampled and enriched with lengthy reverbs and delays, expanding time and space. This version has a deeper house feel, with a pumping kick drum, layered hi-hats, and frisky Latin percussion rhythms that are sure to send the dance floor into late-night bliss.

Label and Artist Links:



Tyler Dagoto – The Records Shop Collection EP (Deep Clicks Music)

Genre: Deep House
Release Date: November 17, 2023

Deep Clicks is thrilled to introduce Tyler Dagoto, who is making return to the deep house scene.

Tyler Dagoto’s music is a mesmerizing blend of soulful melodies and hypnotic beats that will transport you to a world of pure sonic bliss. With his distinctive style and innovative sound. Get ready to dive into the enchanting world of deep house music with Tyler Dagoto at the helm.

Welcome back, Tyler!

Deep Clicks Social Media:



Betelgeize – El Halcon Lucido y El Dragon Negro LP (It’s Good To Be A Tree)

Release Date: Friday 24 November 2023
Format: Digital

Betelgeize is an organic house artist who’s known for sun-drenched tracks with enchanting melodies, and his new release is a stunning seven-track album.

A daydreamer whose imaginative music has trippy elements that transport the listener to picturesque locations washed in warm sunlight, Betelgeize is a storyteller who uses music to captivate both mind and body. His tracks have dance floor friendly grooves with earthy percussion and immersive atmospherics that mesmerise the listener.

This release comes via Betelgeize’s own record label It’s Good To Be A Tree, but he has also featured tracks and remixes on other respected imprints including the likes of Exotic Refreshment LTD, Serafin Audio Imprint and Leveldva.

As a musical project, Betelgeize was born on Burning Man and his passion for experimentation constantly forces him to explore new things. This album was inspired by theatre and fairy tales. In essence, it is part of a fairy tale that connects all the tracks with a storyline.

“Capítulo I” opens the release with an Afro house track that has strong percussion and a downtempo groove with African vocals from IKVA that draw the listener in with their emotive tones. The composition is about the calm and measured life of the Luminous Falcon and his small tribe. In “Capítulo II”, a local shaman shares an ominous premonition of a mysterious black creature. The track sets the mood with its ceremonial vibe and mystical mood that leads the listener into an enchanted world full of splendour.

“Capítulo III” then picks up the pace as a Black Dragon arrives to play a devious trick on the tribe and kidnap the Luminous Falcon. “Capítulo IV” starts with a soothing mood but builds with dramatic tension, as the tribe becomes aware of the dragon’s deceit. But the Luminous Falcon connects with his deepest sense of light and vows to escape from the dragon.

“Capítulo V” reintroduces the Afro house vibe with revitalising energy that is full of energising percussion and compelling vocals, which signifies The Luminous Falcon making an attempt to escape from the Black Dragon. “Capítulo IV” starts with a soothing mood but builds with dramatic tension. Here Luminous Falcon connects with his deepest sense of light and vows to escape from the dragon.

“Capítulo VII” closes out the release with an upbeat vibe and downbeat groove, which symbolize the victory of harmony and goodness. The Luminous Falcon has been reunited with the tribe and amicably build their new life. This track also features the vocals of IKVA who rounds off the release with her joyous vocal tones.



Cemilog – Furaha EP (Midnight LAB)

Cemilog, an exciting new artist on the electronic music scene, is proud to present his debut EP entitled ‘Furaha’. Packed with infectious energy and pulsating beats, this collection of instrumental tracks is set to captivate listeners around the world.

Drawing inspiration from genres such as house and African touches, Cemilog has masterfully crafted a musical journey that infuses elements of tension and boldness into his energetic sound. The tracks feature a medium energy level with subtle variations, making for a captivating and fluid experience from start to finish.

Listeners can expect from these two tracks a rich sonic experience with mesmerizing percussions, throbbing basslines, hypnotic vocals and beats that blend seamlessly. ‘Furaha EP’ is a testament to Cemilog’s prowess in creating engaging instrumental compositions that transcend boundaries.

With hypnotic vocals, attention also focused on the dynamic instrumentation, this EP will undoubtedly get the energy flowing and the dance floor filled, setting the stage for unforgettable memories.

Produced and Mixed by Cemil Ög
Mastering by PROshove Mastering
Published by Midnight LAB
P&C 2023 Midnight LAB

Available From Stores
Traxsource – 17th Nov 2023
Everywhere – 01th Dec 2023



Thierry Tomas – High Hills (Agua Salada Music)

Genre: Deep House
Release Date: November 17th, 2023

Thierry Tomas introduces us to “High Hills,” a track with a unique groove that seamlessly blends styles like Jazz and Funk with Electronic Music, displaying exceptional fluidity. The release also features remixes by Sven Wegner and Punky Wash, each offering their distinct reinterpretation of the original track.

Agua Salada Social Media:



WAHM – Another Star (Get Physical Music)

French moroccan duo WAHM debuts on Get Physical with a sublime cover of Stevie Wonder’s classic, ‘Another Star.’

This pair take their name from the Arabic word for illusion, in reference to music’s effect on the brain. They have excelled in the house and techno world with standout releases on the likes of Diynamic and fans, including Moscoman and andhim playing their tunes. Their mission is simply to bring people together on the dance floor with their work, and this new release will certainly do that.

The fantastic ‘Another Star’ is a buoyant house reworking of the Wonder classic with feel-good piano chords dancing about the mix. Organic percussion and warm hits pepper the groove next to joyous horns, rousing vocal choruses and a standout male lead full of soul. It’s sure to bring the good times to any party and a Club Mix then reworks it into a more driving house sound. The drums hit darker and harder, the synths have menace, and the keys become more cosmic as the lush vocal carries you away into the night.

This is a superb offering from the talented WAHM pair.





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