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New Treats Week-43-2023

Written by on 10/11/2023


Miraculum – Underneath The Sky EP (Be Adult Music)

‘Underneath The Sky” is the second release from MiraculuM on Be Adult Music, featuring an original mix and a Pure Melodic Mix. The EP is completed with a third track, another delightful piece titled ‘On The Top Of The Ground’.

Undoubtedly, this has become one of our favorite releases in 2023 from the Be Adult Music team, with endless melodies, vocals, and trumpets, ultimately representing deep house in its purest form.



Yamil – La Flor Colorada EP (Sol Selectas)

Release Date: – Friday, November 24 2023

Bathing in the glow of organic rhythms and lush melodies, YAMIL prepares “La Flor Colorada EP” on SOL SELECTAS, slated for release on Friday, November 24, 2023. This rich collection of Deep House, Afro House, and Organic House tracks has been featured in YAMIL’s live sets for several months, and now, it’s ready to release to listeners worldwide.

The EP unfurls with “La Flor Colorada,” a collaborative effort with Clemente, featuring Rosalinda de la Espada, blending into the measured beats of “Naidi.” The journey through this verdant soundscape meanders further with reimagined versions of “Naidi” and “Sanctuary” by revered artists Xinobi, Angelos, and Derun, each lending a unique hue to YAMIL’s sonic garden.

Indeed, “La Flor Colorada EP” is a collection of tracks that each have thier own take, but work as an harmonious whole, growing and intertwining with each other to form a truly memorable record.

Artist Quote – “Yamil: “I’m very happy to finally drop this EP, they are songs that I’ve been playing for several months in my shows and finally I can share it with all of you. You will find 3 original songs and 3 very powerful remixes of artists I admire. I hope you like it as much as I do!” ”

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Latyshev – Danza del Sol (Baikal Nomads)

Release Date: Friday 19 November 2023
Format: Digital

Baikal Nomads presents a compelling organic house release by Latyshev which also features remixes from Lama’s Dream, Matt Jah and Ksky.

Based in Tulum, Baikal Nomads is a record label that has championed artists ranging from Zuma Dionys to Guy Maayan, and this is the first time Latyshev has released original music via the imprint.

Latyshev is a Spanish artist who is returning to Baikal Nomads after featuring a remix on the record label in 2020, and this release features two of his original tracks. He is also the label owner of Alae Records, which shares his enchanting style that blends ethnic instruments and organic percussion with uplifting synths.

Providing a remix, Lama’s Dream is a talented musician who blends live instrumentation with sequenced percussion to create majestic tracks with spellbinding atmosphere. He has existing links to Latyshev via releasing on his label Alae Records, but has also previously featured on Baikal Nomads.

Also on remix duty, Matt Jah is a nomadic Italian producer who is well known to Baikal Nomads fans for his downtempo style with Arabic influence and trippy atmosphere. He has also featured his sun-drenched sound on other imprints including IONO LOUNGE and Tropical Twista Records.

Last of the remixes comes from Ksky who is a leftfield artist whose melodic style has analogue sounds and deep atmosphere sequenced into downtempo grooves. He has released on labels ranging from Deepology to his own imprint KSKY TRX.

The releases title track “Danza del Sol” opens proceedings with South American vocals and a panpipe layered with the warmth of swelling pads and shuffling percussion.

“Caballos & Arena” is second of the original tracks, and it’s got an indie dance groove with chanting vocal textures layered with haunting strings and modulating synth lines.

Lama’s Dream’s remix of Danza del Sol thickens the percussion and adds a warped bassline that adds to the psychedelic vibe of his downbeat groove.

Matt Jah provides an upbeat version of Danza del Sol with extra percussion and makes the vocal a more prominent feature, while also adding new synths and acoustic guitar.

Ksky closes the release with an atmospheric remix of Danza del Sol that strips back the percussion and panpipes from the original to add dreamy synth pads and gamelan style melody.



Andres Volta – Leeu EP (Earthly Delights)

Release Date: Friday 10 November 2023
Format: Digital

Earthly Delights is a melodic house record label that is known for it’s deep and organic sound. The imprint has released music by artists ranging from Be Svendsen to Armen Miran, and its new release comes from Andres Volta.

Andres Volta is making his Earthly Delights debut following music on other labels such as WAPM Records, Haliaeetus Music and Puro Groove. This three-track release showcases his enchanting style which fuses sensual vocals and intricate melody with flowing percussion.

“Leeu” opens the release with its dreamy melody, soothing pads and dramatic bass stabs, which are layered with congas and other earthy percussion. “Jaaka” has upbeat rhythms and a deep bassline that form a foundation for Arabic melodies and delicate vocals. “Sunflower Dance” closes out the release with trippy vocals and sweeping pads that weave between shuffling percussion.



Stones & Bones – Ukuthanda Wena (Remixes) (FOMP Records)

Back with release number 202, Stones & Bones return to FOMP with Audio J to present ‘Ukuthanda Wena’ featuring an amazing vocal delivery from Bukeka.

Ukuthanda Wena (to love you) is a journey track that delves into the complex emotions of being at a crossroads, faced with the difficult task of deciding the fate of a passionate love.

The lyrics reflect the fleeting nature of this love, where the object of affection is present one moment and gone the next, oscillating between holding on and letting go. Loving such a person proves to be a formidable challenge, as it gradually saps one’s strength and resolve.

“An Afro House gem with fresh remixes from both Diephuis and TSOS”.



Patric Cele – That Voice of Hers In My Head EP (Deep Clicks Music)

Genre: Deep House
Release Date: November 24th, 2023

Welcome back to the electrifying world of Deep Clicks. The label is thrilled to introduce Patric Cele, making his triumphant return to the deep house scene. Get ready for a mesmerizing journey through soulful beats and enchanting melodies as Patric Cele takes the stage once again.

Stay tuned for an unforgettable experience in the realm of deep house music.



ITAI – Speedy Gonzales (The Teddy Bear Lounge)

Release Date: Friday 24 November 2023
Format: Digital

ITAI is an organic house artist and saxophonist whose magical style is a downtempo fusion of jazz and electronic beats.

Based in America, ITAI has travelled the world with his unique live set that includes live Saxophone, EWI, Piano and other instruments played live incorporating the looper as a tool to create in-the-moment melodies. ITAI has released music on prestigious record labels ranging from The Soul Brothers’ Talavera Records to Laroz’s Camel Riders. He is a daydreamer whose music often takes influence from his travels and the different cultures he has experienced.

The Teddy Bear Lounge is a record label set up by ITAI to be an outlet for his own productions, and the imprint’s debut series of releases is a musical story titled “The Unfinished Project.” Each release is a chapter in the story, and will culminate as a collection that will enrapture mind, body and soul.

“Speedy Gonzales” is the 6th chapter in the Unfinished series, and it’s inspired by his trips to Central America where he visited places like Mexico and Panama. Inspired by the hot climates and Latino culture, Speedy Gonzales has a sun-drenched sound that warms up the dance floor with its upbeat rhythms.

It’s a downtempo track, but the flowing percussion and flamenco-style guitars fill the groove with offbeat energy that creates a feel-good vibe. ITAI has road-tested different versions of the track in his live performances, and every time the crowd has gone wild with excitement.

Speedy Gonzales opens with a funky bassline and vibrant percussion augmented with whistles and vocal chants. The track unfolds to present flamenco guitars cut by filters to create a trippy atmosphere. Panpipes add to the hip-shaking vibe of this musical masterpiece, which is guaranteed to get people up and dancing.



TshegoTMM – Put Your Hand First EP (Sound Vessel Records)

TshegoTMM is back with us with some new deep vibes! These vibes are deep and mystical with some touch of philosophy.

Not to miss.



NAAiV – Soft Machine EP (Beachside Limited)

Beachside Limited are happy to announce NAAiV’s return with the release of their latest work entitled ‘Soft Machine EP’. With its energetic and elegant vibes, this release will captivate listeners and consolidate NAAiV’s position as a force to be reckoned with in the Mexican electronic music scene.

Inspired by genres such as house and techno, ‘Soft Machine EP’ offers a high-energy experience that will keep partygoers on their feet. The song’s catchy beats, masterfully crafted bass lines and captivating synth melodies create a truly immersive musical journey.

NAAiV with the two tracks of ‘Soft Machine’ showcases the artist’s skillful use of percussive instruments, transporting listeners to an exhilarating sonic experience.

NAAiV has succeeded in creating his own signature sound. ‘Soft Machine EP’ encapsulates the essence of his musical style, seamlessly fusing elements of electronic, house and techno genres.

Available From Stores
Traxsource – 24th Nov2023
Everywhere – 08th Dec 2023



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