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New Treats Week-44-2021

Written by on 02/11/2021


LEE (SA) – Dream Control Night EP (Les Perles Du Bord De L’Eau)

This next release, scheduled for 24 November 2021, is the result of a long artistic reflection based on the dreams of Alexander Coetzee, alias LEEU, DJ and producer from Johannesburg, South Africa.

The Dream Control album is an introspective musical masterpiece about the universal mystery that every human being lives through, their dreams. To those moments when you cannot decide if it is infact a dream or reality and the freedom one feels when lucid dreaming. Divided into 3 chapters, this album approaches by a first EP the paradoxical dream, then by second EP the waking dream and finally by a complete reading through an album to be released on March 1, 2022.

For this first chapter, LEEU was surrounded by artists from South Africa including Lemonella, a poetess with a melancholy and acidulous tone, Lover Buffet, a committed genre visual artist and poet living in Berlin, and Thor Rixon, a multiinstrumentalist, producer and actor from Cape Town.

This album will be the subject of a double album vinyl release and a live concert on Saturday, July 2, 2022 for the 15th edition of the Festival Week-end au bord de l’eau in Sierre, Switzerland.



Tortured Soul – 20th Anniversary LP (Slammin Media)

Release Date: – Monday, November 22 2021

Brooklyn soulful-house trio, Tortured Soul, presents their anniversary album– a curated mix of fan favourites and unreleased gems–to celebrate 20 years of house hits. The album features five tracks/mixes that have never been released, including two live recordings from the band’s 2020 performance at Little Big Beat Studios in Liechtenstein.

With their first single “I Might Do Something Wrong” having been released 20 years ago, the group feels it is necessary to pause and acknowledge their accomplishments. “This is not a comprehensive catalog release. It’s just a little party to take a moment and say, ‘Hey let’s be grateful for what we’ve achieved’”, says the group’s frontman, John Christian Urich. “We were going to call the album ‘Greatest Hits’ but felt that when someone releases a ‘Greatest Hits’ record it feels like they’re announcing the end of their career”. With another album full of brand-new songs in the works, the group wants to assure their listeners this is surely not the case for Tortured Soul.

With remixes from the vault sprinkled amongst the classics the band has become known for, the 20th Anniversary Album is for old and new fans alike. As John Christian would like both parties to know, “We appreciate your support always, and we can’t wait to see you again”.

“20th Anniversary Album” will be available on October 22nd 2021 from Slammin Media and distributed worldwide through Believe Distribution.

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Lemurian & J.Pool – On the Road to Lemuria EP (Cosmic Awakenings Records)

Release Date: 31 October 2021
Format: Digital

Cosmic Awakenings is a label best known for its downtempo style of organic house, and its new EP is a collaborative release that features original tracks by J.Pool and imprint owner Lemurian.

Alongside the mystic vibes and rich percussive textures of the four enchanting originals, the EP also features remixes by Turu Anasi and Seba Campos.

Lemurian and J.Pool have been prolific as solo artists, and this is their first time collaborating together. Uniting their individual sounds in a matrimony of majestic tones and harmonies, they each draw influence from the cultural heritage of their native lands.

Born in Peru and based in Tulum, Lemurian is the owner of Cosmic Awakenings, but he has also released his tracks and remixes on other noteworthy labels such as Kindisch, Sol Selectas, Pipe & Pochet and Exotic Refreshment. He is someone who likes to celebrate life, and this uplifting and spiritual energy is something that can be felt and heard in his music and DJ sets.

J.Pool is a fresh talent who is making his debut on Cosmic Awakenings after previously working with other imprints such as Camel Riders, Numa, Cosmovision and Ohxala Records. “Based in Tulum, he is someone who is an active DJ and musician, who is involved in creating many events linking music to spirituality and wellbeing such as music production retreats.”

On remix duty, Turu Anasi is a Ukrainian artist who has worked previously with Cosmic Awakenings. Seba Campos is also making a return to the label, but has also released on other influential imprints ranging from 3000 Grad to Copycow.

All of the tracks on this release are downtempo cuts with vibrant percussion and ethnic instrumentation, blended with sequenced beats and hard warming vocal samples.



Saint Evo – Tuhan (Get Physical Music)

Saint Evo’s ‘Tuhan’ is the third single from the upcoming Africa Gets Physical Vol. 4 compilation, mixed by Thandi Draai.

Saint Evo hails from Kajiado County in Kenya, which is home to the famed Maasai people. He is an energetic DJ and producer who is recognised as one of the pioneers of Afro-house in East Africa. Testament to that is being ranked number 8 on the Traxsource Top 100 Afro House producers chart and many vital releases on reputable labels from Africa, Europe and North America. He runs his own Celsius Degree Records, often collaborates with notable vocalists from around the Southern Hemisphere and imbues his music with authentic and proudly African narratives.

‘Tuhan’ is a modern classic. An epic house journey steeped in Afro traditions. The rooted drums roll deep, while the spiritual vocal awakens your every sense and speaks to your soul. Add in the well-crafted, late-night synths which bring warmth and colour and you have a tune that cannot fail to sweep up any crowd.

This is another mouthwatering glimpse of the musical riches that await on Africa Gets Physical Vol. 4.



Briel Hollm – Lost and Found (Crossworld Vintage)

Release date: 30th of October 2021

Briel Hollm’s talent and inspiration are boundless. ‘Lost and Found’ is the pure truth when it comes to its sound. Inspired by the funk music of the 70’s and transposed on modern beats, his songs are always vibrant and filled with warm vibes. This is just the beginning, the best from now on begins.



DJ Christian B – Love Scene (Velvet Bassment Records)

Tropical Velvet’s new sister-label is pleased to welcome back DJ Christian B once again who returns with another slice of deep deliciousness. Solid syncopated beats and warm bass underpin haunting filtered pianos with a delicately sparse vocal to create a dreamy urban soundscape for those special dancefloor moments: essential.





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