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New Treats Week-47-2022

Written by on 08/12/2022


Msolnusic – Fragments EP (The Travelling Bear Records)

Some people keep a diary, some take photos and one thing for sure is we all have memories. We all hold on to moments in our life by whatever means necessary. Music is a key aspect when it comes to memories, it’s allows us to revisit ‘fragments’ in our life that are important for one reason or another.

Portion Of My Time

Deep tones and LoFi drums set the tone for this slow deep house groove EP. In creeps a beautiful guitar line that brings with it feeling and emotions from many memories, whilst a falling vocal line resonates ‘it’s impossible’ joined by a rumbling tb303 to captivate any listener. A true statement from Msolnusic that’s it’s impossible to recreate all his memories with soundscapes or music, so here’s a ‘Portion Of My Time’ in the studio turning memories into music.

Piece Of My Love

When music is life and all you wanna do is make music, it becomes hard to always find the time. So when the inspiration hits, the studio is powered up and the analogue gear gets warm, the speakers buzz and the meters gently peak as Msolnusic gives us a ‘Piece Of My Love’. A resonating deep melodic groove wrapped in warm Rhodes, deep bass and keys. Crunchy LoFi bliss.

Part Of My Heart

Every track is made with passion, dedication and determination to succeed. I make every track from the heart first and try find the right sounds to reflect the inspiration or memory. The Fragment of my life that I’m trying to recreate with songs. ‘Part Of My Heart’ is just that a heart felt message that we can all relate to the same song in many ways and we can all take away are own unique feeling and relationship to the music. Get lost in the sound, get lost in the feeling and hear ‘Part Of My Heart’ sexy smooth percussive deepness.



Helmut Dubnitzky – Now LP (Brise Records)

Now is the timeless image of our time. A pause. A momentum. The bridge between the past and the near future. Simply TODAY. It is our world, which we have created for ourselves. Spoken words meet electronic sounds.

2021. Corona pandemic. The nightlife was functioning in a limited way, and electronic music was looking for new forms of expression. Helmut Dubnitzky participated in the interdisciplinary theater production “Jetzt!” by the theater label Tacheles and Tarantismus. Here he produced the music for the production and became part of the stage action as a live musician. He performed a cyber Jesus, playing in various sessions and live sets. A window into the depths of the World-Wide Web. A space for the state of being lost. The foundation for his third studio album was laid.

Enthused by the actors’ role work, expression, dynamics, and precision, Helmut Dubnitzkys decided to continue the work with the artists in the studio. The starting point was often just an idea, an instrumental, the text, or the groove. The musical arrangements framed the acting scenes and entered into a rhythmic symbiosis with the spoken word. This coherent harmony is created and reproduced with every track in the album. With his experimental excursion, Helmut Dubnitzky takes the listener on a journey into the innermost part of the human being and gives electronic music a new context. Pop-like structures, such as verse and chorus, give the actors space for their stories. A concept album composed of individual fragments. The moods of the individual tracks oscillate between dreamy, laid-back vibes and thoughtful, energetic flights of fancy.
The groove remains a unifying stylistic device that runs throughout the album and forms the DNA of the tracks.

NOW is the extraordinary result of an intense genesis. Additional remix EPs include club versions of selected album tracks. ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS:
Many thanks for the collaboration on “NOW”: Lena Schmidtke (actress and dubbing artist), Thea Rasche (actress) Andreas Posthoff (actor), Ben Hille (actor), Michel Schulze (multi-instrumentalist), Tom Schulze (multi-instrumentalist), Philipp Wolpert (director), Tobias Frühauf (text/ dramaturgy).

Special Thanks Beate Hörner, Jackspot, Gorge, Arteforma, Mario Franca, Jürgen Kirsch, Bang & Cherry, Massimiliano Mascaro, Gerhard and Ellen Dubnitzki, Irmgard Ezel.
Thanks to all my friends, fans, DJs, press & radio promoters who support and motivate me.

Release date: December 23th 2022

Format: Digital



Austin Leeds & Danko Skystöne – Oblivion (Flow Music)

Release Date: Thursday 8 December 2022

Format: Digital

Flow Music’s self-titled record label returns with a collaborative melodic house release from Austin Leeds and Danko Skystöne, which also features a remix by André Sobota.

The record label focuses on original music with links to the Australian club scene while also arranging remixes from influential artists such as Dave Seaman, Super Flu, El Mundo and Anthony Pappa.

Danko Skystöne is a Melbourne-based artist who is known for his progressive house sound. He is a resident DJ on two radio stations, Global Groove Radio on Insomnia FM and Deeper Realms on Saturo Sounds U.K. In addition to his regular Melbourne club gigs, he is also a skilled producer and mastering engineer with solo releases on labels such as Mindwarp Records.

Austin Leeds is an American artist from Miami who has become a regular collaborator with Danko Skystöne and together they have released their tantalising tracks on Rebel House Official, Sirup Records, Perspectives Digital and Clubsonica. Austin Leeds has also featured solo tracks on labels including John Digweed’s Bedrock.

Brazilian artist, André Sobota provides the solo remix on the release in the epic style he has featured on leading melodic house labels such as Global Underground, Black Hole Recordings, microCastle and Anjunadeep.

“Oblivion” is the original track on the release and it has got an uplifting atmosphere with moody undertones. Its gliding synths, ethereal vocal textures and flowing percussion create a mesmerising groove that unfolds with breathtaking eloquence.

André Sobota’s remix of “Oblivion” strips back the percussion to draw more attention to the original’s synth parts and add an expansive atmosphere. He also restructures the track so it unfolds with captivating suspense as it builds towards a spine-tingling breakdown.



Franksen – Conjunctions EP (Track Alliance)

Frankfurt-born TRACK ALLIANCE serves electronic styles ranging from housemusic to downtempo focusing on the space inbetween. Mastermind Franksen (Houseworx, Bar25 Music, Lucidflow etc.) shares his diverse grooves that are more than just club tools. They are style allies, vibe partners, future friends, timeless companions.

TRACK ALLIANCE starts off with two juxtaposing tracks for night and day. Linking up dusty, raw warehouse chords and oldschool beats with classic downtempo electronica, swirling synths and strings.

Release date: 02.12.2022

Format: Digital



Horuz – Jamani EP (Beachside Records)

If Beachside Records are proud of something it is the constant support of new talents and what a better way to show it than by welcoming Uruguayan brother Matias Umpierrez aka Horuz presenting his latest work entitled Jamani EP.

The EP includes two beautiful tracks of the finest minimal deep tech, full of crunchy kicks, deep bass lines, delicate percussion and hypnotic vocals.

Groovy beats for a happy crowd!

Available From Stores
Beatport – 30th Dec 2022
Everywhere – 13th Jan 2023



Rockin Moroccin – You Got the Love (Get Physical Music)

West London’s Rockin Moroccin makes his debut on Get Physical with the percussive deep house of ‘ You Got the Love.’

Growing up in London meant Rockin Moroccin was always surrounded by music. He soon started working at the drum & bass record store Lucky Spin while playing house parties and showcasing his early love of 80’s electro. Over the last 15 years in the game, he’s played all over Europe and made a big mark on Ibiza playing at HEART as well as Amnesia’s Vagabundos night. His music is aimed at the dance floor and draws on new disco, melodic, tribal and percussive styles.

This new single is defined by its superb vocal, a classic house music top line that takes on an all-new soul perspective here. It is a silky smooth affair with an almost choral edge. The drums are warm and the percussion organic and bubbly, with sombre piano chords draped over the groove to help make this one a truly tender tune.

Rockin Moroccin will have dance floors with their hands in the air and tears in their eyes when he drops this one.



Margee feat Appolonie – Something Beautiful (When We Dip TOR)

Release Date: Friday 9 December 2022
Format: Digital

When We Dip’s record label TOR closes out 2022 with a spell-binding deep/melodic house release from label favourite Margee.

Margee is a French artist who last featured on TOR in 2021 and has since featured on other labels including Madorasindahouse, Underyourskin Records and KataHaifisch.

This two-track release marks Margee’s much-anticipated return to TOR and it features two versions of his track “Something Beautiful”, which is a downtempo masterpiece with spine-tingling female vocals layered with soothing pads and organic percussion.

There is also a dub version that focuses on the poignant melodies and flowing groove of this heart-warming track.



VA – Atlantis Vol. 1 (Candy Flip Records)

Candy Flip Presents Atlantis, Vol. 1 a compilation of surround sounds.

Candy Flip arrives with Atlantis Vol. 1, their first compilation focused on deep house and minimal sounds, which they have been betting on throughout their entire production. The transversal concept of this collection of six songs is the legend of the lost city of Atlantis, a lost civilisation that possessed the wonders of knowledge, disappearing in the middle of the ocean. Several artists on the planet try to discover its wonders from their geographical corner, thus drawing a navigation chart through the most vibrant sounds of the genres in which they
frame their art.

Thus, in six songs, producers from Ecuador, Mexico, or the United States, find inspiration among deep, eclectic sounds and mysteries that result in this first expedition becoming a success. Atlantis, Vol. 1 will have a digital release and a physical vinyl release with only a hundred copies available. This compilation is one of the most important releases of the year in 2022 and comes as an early gift to close a five-year period in which we were able to return to the dance floor and explore new worlds through music.









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