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New Treats Week-52-2021 (The Final Chapter)

Written by on 31/12/2021


Casomado – Canto (Friskybeat Records)

Miguel Leiva is Casomado, a producer and DJ based in Vancouver / Montreal who draws influence from his early life in South America as well as the varied history of music over the past five decades. His multi-faceted house music sound moves feet and souls alike, and his recent experiments with Afro-house have expanded his sound in exciting directions. Casomado’s latest single, “Canto,” explores this further, opening with various elements providing rhythmic counterpoints over a strong bass line punch. Melodic chants are cut-up into the mix as short synth hits and subtle pads accentuate the vibe. A Jam Edit is also included, stripping down the elements and showcasing the richness of the drum track and bass tones. A crucial groove.

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Madraas – Where The Shadow Ends (Kindisch Records)

Madraas kick-off 2022 with a sublime new single on Kindisch that comes with remixes from RIGOONI and David Orin.

Riccardo and Marco are Madraas, a pair of house craftsmen at home on connoisseur labels like All Day I Dream and The Soundgarden. They have a melodic, enchanting sound that gets your head amongst the clouds and your feet tapping. Here they offer the seductive ‘Where The Shadow Ends,’ which has a slinky house rhythm that is invitingly loose. The weighty kick drums are peppered with toms and dreamy synths bring a luxurious and spaced-out feel. It makes for a classy deep house roller.

RIGOONI hails from Brazil and brings with him a rich array of influences. He has released on the iconic Balance Music and Nick Warren’s The Soundgarden, and now comes through with a richly organic remix. It is more driving than the original, with slick tech drums powering it along under balmy, far-sighted chords that get you in a reverie.

New Yorker David Orin is a foundational figure in his native scene who blends rhythmic percussion and intricate melody. He is part of the All Day I Dream roster and serves up a hypnotic remix here. It is perfectly airy and zoned out, with smooth grooves and sustained chords bringing plenty of warmth and soul.

‘Where The Shadow Ends’ is another perfectly absorbing and musical package of deep house from Kindisch.



Krav – Arrival (Sound Vessel Records)

Arrival by Krav is a more club based tune with some elements of Deep House. It’s a more straight forward tune. ZaVen & V77NNY kept that straight forward beat and tune, but altered some parts with their trademark sounds. New Comer, ‘The Stoned’ gives a different approach to the remix. More like an old school house remix with a slower mood to it compare to the rest.

Overall a great release to listen while going on a long drive.



Professor – From Beyond (Organnic Records)

Official release date: 14 January 2022

From the lands of deep organic sounds, Professor starts 2022 with his own vision ‘From Beyond’ on his own imprint. Remarkable by the mood it creates, full of mystery but still having the right groove, the official release of ORGANNIC will surely intrigue you.



Shafkkat & Rojaz – Her (Shafkkutz Records)

Release Date: – Friday, January 21 2022

‘Her’ is a collaborative track between London based electronic artists Shafkkat and Rojaz. The record blurs the lines between dance and electronica, creating a captivating journey of curiosity, pain and regret.

Following Shafkkat’s debut EP, which received radio support on Rinse FM, Balamii and resulted in a guestmix on Reprezent Radio, he delves into a more intricate sonic palette that hints at multiple genre influences, as he steps away from a purely club-focused essence.

Alongside is Spanish artist Rojaz, who’s work explores the realm of indie electronica, as she combines ethereal harmonies that fuse with percussive elements inspired by the UK dance scene.

Through the blending of dynamic percussion, intricate synths and Rojaz’s serene vocals, ‘Her’ creates an upbeat yet intimate sonic journey. The warm keys enhance this, luring the listener into a melancholic world before the unique sample of Rojaz’s grandmother (a 1950s Spanish voice actress) serves as a smooth transition into a more chaotic realm – also acting as the perfect homage to her roots.

As the track develops, more complex vocal chops and synths are subtly thrown into the mix, with Shafkkat creating a broad body of sounds to digest. The 808’s pack an aggressive undertone that lends the track it’s sonic edge, balancing delicate chord progressions with dance-inspired drum work.

‘Her’ is a creative fusion of these two artists’ influences, offering a fleeting moment of escapism as you are seamlessly transported from headphones to the dance floor.
















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