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New Treats Week-7-2022

Written by on 22/02/2022


Elchinsoul – Etherum EP (CUE Label)

Release date: 2022-03-21
Exclusive date: 2022-03-07

CUE welcomes an old friend. Romania based Elchinsoul’s love for underground music brings us a real treat with Eherum. Deep but melodic, driving but still subtle, Elchinsoul combines all these opposites in one EP.

Fabian Weitz and label head Sven Jaeger contribute the punchy remix to Etherunm, which rounds off the EP perfectly as a contrast.

Not to miss.



KLARTRAUM – Univers d’ Amour (Lucidflow Records)

Lucidflow are celebrating the launch of the brand new KLARTRAUM-MUSIC.COM and in addition an incredible figure of 250 EPs on LUCIDFLOW.

On this special occasion label founders and befriended artists Nadja and Helmut themselves share their latest piece of KLARTRAUM art called “Univers d’Amour” (french for Universe of Love)

KLARTRAUM: “WE felt like composing a special warm and soul-touching piece of music in order to radiate positivity into the world and hearts of our much beloved listeners and long time fans. The title was inspired by a conversation we had with the GPT-3 OpenAI (artificial intelligence). Generative Pre-trained Transformer 3 is an autoregressive language model that uses deep learning to produce human-like text. It is the third-generation language prediction model in the GPT-n series created by OpenAI, a San Francisco-based artificial intelligence research laboratory”. (Wikipedia)

Some time ago the label found out that their artist hearts really crave creating extensive live flows without giving a f*** about if they fit into any predetermined form neither shop nor club nor genre. The label only follows their musician soul’s calling and do as they feel and please. No restrictions.

These so called “liquid” versions are usually slow downtempo live interpretations ranging from dub to lounge or ambient and some even including binaural brain entrainment like alpha, theta and delta waves benefits. (Check out the new web-site for more info).



Leeu – Dream Control LP (Les Disques Du Bord De L’Eau)

Dream Control album is the result of a long artistic reflection based on the dreams of Alexander Coetzee, alias LEEU, DJ and producer from Johannesburg, South Africa.

The Dream Control album is an introspective musical masterpiece about the universal mystery that every human being lives through, their dreams. To those moments when you cannot decide if it is in fact a dream or reality and the freedom one feels when lucid dreaming.

This album will be the subject of a vinyl release and a summer live tour in Europe in 2022.

Bandcamp & Digital pre-order



Izzy La Vague – Asi Vib^e Part 2 (Nylon Recordings)

Asi means let’s vibe in Zulu. Part 2 of Izzy La Vague’s ‘Asi Vib^e,’ an epic journey into a future classic.

This brilliant release features remixes by Leandro P., Moish, and Razzmellow & Mphozil. Izzy La Vague ‘Asi Vib^e Part 2’ satisfies the musical voyeur effortlessly gliding from Soulful House to Deep House, ending in a Techno bliss.

Written and Produced: Izzy La Vague
Addition Remix Production: Leandro P., Moish and Razzmellow & Mphozil
Mastered by James Thomas @ Nylon Trax Studios
Executive producer: Jaymz Nylon
Published by Man Made Nylon Music / BMG
(p) & (c) 2022 Nylon Recordings



UpAllNight – How The West Was One (Ready Mix Records)

Release Date:
March 4th 2022 (Beatport Exclusive)
March 18th 2022 (Worldwide)

New York duo UpAllNight make their Ready Mix Records debut for label release #SRMR247, with the stunning ‘How The West Was One’, presented with remixes from J Gabriel vs. Chuffing Buffy, Mert Yucel and FALFÁN.

Comprising of revered house legend, John Creamer and rising super talent, Noam Rubinstein – the UpAllNight pair have been blazing a trail through the electronic underground since forming in 2018. With DJ sets performed all over the globe, collaborative releases with Roland Clark, Deeproot, Sia, Kevin Yost, Eyedillic and tracks supported by John Digweed, Hernan Cattaneo, Kenny ‘Dope’ Gonzalez, Beatport and Hector Romero, among many others.

The unique sound UpAllNight describe as ‘drugged out, tribal, lush, atmospheric and deep’ is immediately in evidence on ‘How The West Was One.’ The tune is a crisply produced, blunted deep house cut with an incredibly catchy, Western-esque melodic motif.

Fellow New Yorker J Gabriel aka Chuffing Buffy turns in two special versions of ‘How The West Was One.’ The main remix leans into the track’s Western theme, with mournful guitar licks, trumpet-like synths and moody voices over tough, straight-up house rhythms, while the ambient mix drops the drums entirely, summoning an eerie, synth-laden ghost town atmosphere.

Istanbul’s Mert Yucel turns in a low-stepping version of ‘How The West Was One’, with Latin percussion and a driving bassline complimenting the original’s swirling synths perfectly.

FALFÁN’s reworking of John and Noam’s inaugural release for Ready Mix Records steadily builds up an understated deep groove, before proggy arpeggiated synths take centre stage to lift the production to another level of bliss.



Florian Gasperini – A Man Said & Fly EP (Univack Records)

Florian Gasperini is a French artist based in Barcelona, who has a versatile style and has been releasing tracks in different genres like Techno, Tech-House, Funky, Melodic, Progressive, among others. This time we can enjoy his organic and deeper face, with this EP composed by 2 original mixes that will allow us to enjoy two different and emotional journeys.



Helsloot – Petal Dance EP (When We Dip XYZ)

Release Date: Friday 25 February 2022
Format: Digital

When We Dip’s record label XYZ is excited to present a tantalising melodic house release from Dutch aficionado Helsloot.

Helsloot is a skilled producer who has spent the last decade working behind the scene with some of dance music’s biggest names. Working on his own music, he is a regular collaborator with Tinlicker, and has featured tracks and remixes on labels such as Get Physical, Armada and Anjunadeep.

Having captured the attention of global tastemakers and captivated dance floors across the world, both the tracks on this EP showcase his production mastery.

“Petal Dance” has a fizzing lead synth playing a jovial melody that is underpinned by stripped back percussion and a throbbing bassline. “Remind Me” is more traditional with its building pads that lead to an immersive breakdown with spine-tingling emotions, before reintroducing the kick drum’s driving energy for an epic finish.



Haddadi Von Engst – Bite Your Teeth EP (You Plus One Records)

Haddadi Von Engst brings back the holy fire for their first EP of 2022, ‘Bite Your Teeth’. The cult favourite duo are sure to race back to their familiar spot on the throne of Beatport’s top charts with this afro-meets-acid, melodic grinder. Their original starts with an unsuspecting groove that leads to a signature HVE melodic piano break + finishes with an acidic punch to the nose.

You Plus One friends + megastars Oliver Schories, DSF, and Johannes Klingebiel help pull this EP all together, each with their own unique + timeless rendition of the powerful original: Schories’s dubby rollin-techy beast, DSF’s uplifting bell-filled hosey groover, + Klingebiel’s deeper, more gentle focus on the original’s piano. A completely contagious package fit for every occasion.

Release Date: 11 / 03 / 2022



Sandy Mill – Socials (Chillifunk Records)

Release (digital): 2022-02-25
Format(s): DIGITAL

One of London’s most loved iconic soulful dance imprints, Chillifunk Records, is celebrating 25yrs this year! Original Chillifunk boss Lofty has joined forces with fellow London based producer, Tom Davidson (Casa Devi), to bring back the quality soulful sound the Chillifunk brand is famous for with a plethora of new releases lined up and as well as making most of the label’s long lost back catalogue available online.

Chillifunk Records first launched in 1996 and was run by infamous London DJ/Producers Lofty and Dr Bob Jones. As well as their own output as East West Connection among other solo projects and collaborations, Lofty and Bob released greatly acclaimed singles and albums from heavyweight musicians such as Snowboy & the Latin Section, Nathan Haines, Vanessa Freeman, T.Kolai, Verna Francis, restless soul, Sandy Mill, NoTenshun and so many more.

“Chillifunk is back, and we’re going to be celebrating 25 years of soulful music for funky people. With some familiar faces and new talent, we are looking forward to exciting times.” – Lofty

Hailing the start of this exciting celebratory year for the label is a brand new track from NZ singer songwriter, Sandy Mill, who has featured numerous Chillifunk releases. This alternative funky bossa groover, encompasses acoustic and synth based flavours to create an altogether unique backing for Sandys thought provoking lyrics and unmistakable vocal performance. With a remix from L+T Project (aka Lofty & Tom), who deliver a striking genre bending dirty house groover featuring acoustic and electronic flavours.



ER03 Monodeluxe – Fashionabliss LP (Epicroom Records)

Format: Digital Album
Release Date: 02.07.2022

Written and produced by Alessandro Oliviero aka.Monodeluxe for Epicroom Records.

Copyright Control SUISA 2021-2022. Recorded and mastered at prospective studio Switzerland.

Epicroom Records is proud to release this new exceptional album by Monodeluxe. After few single releases that went featured in playlists, charts and radio program worldwide finaly the complete new artist album is here. So enjoy the complete album including un-released tracks and let you guide by Monodeluxe unique new music style on “Fashionabliss” album on 2022.

In fact Fashionabliss is a first musical essey by Monodeluxe that reflects a kind of new deephouse music style attitude by writing quit simple but sophisticated beats and musical arrangements. By using in particular vocal parts into music grooves and music parts over the composition making it sounding essential for the arrangement. Further the introduction of short synth melodies and stabs over the keys gives a very fresh attitude of sounding research. The result is „Fashionabliss“ a unique music deephouse album adventure of new deephouse sound among the electronic music genre of today.

Monodeluxe is known to work with some of the best artists in the industry since 25 years now writing and producing for Masters At Work former vocalist Barbara Tucker on Azuli Records or with Michael Watford and LTJ Bukem just to name a few Big Stars.

Just now he is working together with Lacy Darryl Phillips aka. The Uncle Earl from New York. Multi-Award Winning Recording Artist/Producer and Radio Personality at KLED Live FM in Los Angeles. He is writing and releasing a brand new original track featuring Darryl Phillips as vocalist. Soon to be announced.








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