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Written by on 29/08/2017

Klaus Benedek – Exhausted EP (forTunea Records)

Calm Before The Storm
Still Daydreaming (Roman Rauch Remix)

Following critical mass around the forTunea vinyl release of Klaus Benedek’s Exhausted EP, the Austrian label has now released its digital version. Leading track “Calm Before the Storm” is a 9-minute magic carpet ride weaving plush deep house rhythms with breakbeat underpinnings as a hand drum-laden slow percussive build gives way to a smooth string chorus. The original Benedek track “Still Daydreaming” is re-imagined by MPC wizard Roman Rauch (Philpot, Quintessentials, Secret Crunch, Tenderpark) with hard-edged minimal syncopation, while the EP’s title track “Exhausted” bounces with a hypnotic filtered hookline to plunge the listener from new depths to unmatched heights. 

Benedek’s “Exhausted” is replete with dance-worthy hooks sure to be a lethal weapon in any DJ arsenal. Give it a spin and add it to your stockpile of house music slayers. 

Label and Artist Links:

Ron Flatter and Matchy&Bott – River EP (Dialtone Records)

Next on Dialtone Records we have the extremely talented Ron Flatter teaming up with Matchy&Bott, who deliver 3 track with titles of Rivers from around the world. A very deep hypnotic vibe is identifiable with percussive driven elements give their music a unique blend of electronic and organic House music.

Kastis Torrau brings a more upbeat remix characterized by droning synths as well as some melodic explosions up top. Dreamy and trance inducing progressive house tune. Poised to be a smash on dance-floors.

Christopher Ivor’s remix will cast a spell on any audience.

Closing the package is “Lunar Plane“ a deep voyage, where arpeggiated sounds are mixed with a powerful drum base.
Fuzoku – Televizija (Baile Musik)

Fuzoku makes a return to Baile Musik with their Televizija release. Two original tracks that carry some deep and acid vibes while providing a solid soundtrack for a soulful trip back in time. Nicolas Duvoisin & Azteca are on remix duties delivering killer reworks of the original title. Keep your ears open as those will definitely be hitting the global dancefloors soon!
Stranger Medicine – Acid Eyes EP (Vintage Music Label)

Vintage Music Label proudly presents STRANGER MEDICINE by ACID EYES. The Russian producer debut his first EP with us bringing nothing but wonders. Traveling thru the deep house, bringing to you 2 tunes with the promises to grab you by the ears, heart, and soul.

Artwork: DPJ-Designer
Mastering: VML Studio
VA – Full Body Workout EP 1 (Get Physical Music)

As we put the final touches on Full Body Workout Vol. 21 we decided to give you a peak of what’s inside this time around. First up is Italian mainstay Leonardo Gonnelli with another late night dancefloor filler, ‘FUK BEAT’. The straight percussion ensures a solid groove while the ambience builds and the synth leads take it to the roof. Stereo.type keeps the heat on with ‘Jilted’, a techy-house bit delivered with plenty of sub bass to drive the track on any floor. He holds the ambience somewhere between dark and playful, while keeping things fresh and full of intrigue throughout.
VA – Full Body Workout EP 2 (Get Physical Music)

We’re back with another taste of Full Body Workout Vol. 21 with a second EP and 3 new tracks to keep you busy until release day.
First up is Canadian mainstay Pezzner with a groovy deep house track.
The rest of the EP is home to rising New York House DJ Yulia Niko and her track ‘Zurich’. With a lively natural percussion and a contagious sub bass bump, the track explores abstract sounds as it spins together a steamy house vibe. Catch both the original and the shorter dub mix for maximum flexibility.
Balaphonic – Balinese Saints EP (Well Cut Records)

Release Date: Friday 22 September 2017
Format: Digital

01. Balinese Saints
02. Mondays
03. Sunflowers In Dub

Well Cut Records is a label from Danny Ward who along with being a major part of 2020 Soundsystem is best known to many in dance music for his productions and DJ sets under the aliases of ‘Dubble D’ and ‘Moodymanc’.

One thing that separates Danny from most House music producers and DJs out there at the moment is that he also holds down a successful career as a jazz drummer and percussionist. 

‘Balaphonic’ is another one of Danny Ward’s production aliases, and is a crossover project which fuses live instrumentation with DJ driven sensibilities. People already familiar with Balaphonic will not be disappointed with these dark and earthy grooves.

Its predecessor got significant chart and mix support from the likes of Jimpster, Osunlade, Detroit Swindle, Moxie, Che, Doc Martin, Charles Webster and more.

1. Balinese Saints is a driving, percussive heavy groove which lays the foundation for some blistering drum soloing , propelled by a hypnotic bass guitar line and piano montuno figure, the dynamic arrangement punctuated by stabs and trippy vocal hooks. A high energy jazzy dance floor burner for sure.

2. Mondays sets off with an earthy, dusty afro beat inspired groove. Claps and chants set the scene before trippy arpeggios are juxtaposed with ethnic, gritty intertwining guitar figures and a throbbing sub which give way to an uplifting live double bass line. The energy grows relentlessly with syntom solo figures giving a flavour of early Nigerian Disco and a nagging cowbell adds to the frenzy. An uplifting, feel good afro party track with an edge!

3. Rounding off the EP is Sunflowers in Dub, a deep, lush and slow building organic groove that revolves around a hypnotic loop which serves as a backdrop for the harmonica soloing of the infamous and virtuoistic Mr. Robin Sunflower, and is underpinned by some very understated and trippy Fender Rhodes. Think of sunshine, warmth, forests and beaches. One for the Balearic and Croation heads perhaps?

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