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New Treats Week-21-2023

Written by on 09/06/2023


BiG AL & VSLY – Get High (Agua Salada Records)

Agua Salada Records are thrilled to present to you a new release, featuring the dynamic duo of BiG AL & VSLY.

BiG AL, the mastermind behind Ready Mix Records, has teamed up with VSLY to bring you a track that is packed with groovy goodness and deep house vibes. This track is a true masterpiece, showcasing BiG ALs signature deep house sound. With its smooth, flowing beats and infectious groove, it’s a track that will make you want to move and dance along. The track comes alive with its fluidity and dynamic energy, truly capturing the essence of deep house music. But that’s not all.

This release also includes an amazing remix from Tidy Daps, another prominent name in the deep house scene. Their unique vision and interpretation of the track make this release an absolute gem, adding a fresh perspective to an already incredible track. So, if you’re a fan of deep house music or simply appreciate top-notch electronic music, this release from BiG AL & VSLY, along with the remix from Tidy Daps, is not to be missed.

Head over to Agua Salada Records and get ready to groove to the mesmerizing beats of this authentic gem.

Let’s get lost in the groove together!



VA – Summer Sol VIII (Sol Selectas)

Release Date: Wednesday 21 June 2023
Format: Digital

Sabo’s record label, Sol Selectas embarks on its annual journey around the world with the 2023 edition of the imprint’s Summer Sol compilation.

The eight edition collects organic tracks by artists that are from different parts of the world in a celebration of diversity and different cultures. Featuring music from Sol Selectas regulars such as Safar (FR), Hot Oasis, Sabo, Raidho and Guy Maayan, it also features music from numerous artists making their record label debut.

Although organic house is the genre the release orientates around, like the earth orbiting the sun, the release is filled with diversity, and includes genres ranging from Afro house to downtempo.

Fans of Sol Selectas know exactly what to expect from this highly revered compilation which gathers existing members of the record label’s family and introduces them to the next generation of talent, as this release is often the gateway to future releases on Sabo’s influential imprint.

Collectively, the artists who feature on this release have dropped individual tracks and remixes on other respected labels such as MoBlack Records, Pipe & Pochet, Sounds of Khemit, Bar 25 Music, 3000 Grad, Cafe De Anatolia and Akbal Music.

There are a total of 31 tracks on the full release and this promo is a sampler that includes 11 tracks that have been picked out as a showcase.

The release features music from countries such as Tunisia, Israel, Morocco, Poland, America and Iran. The artwork by Helia Jamali portrays the moment that we catch the light and the energetic rays of the sun activate our spirit through a divine connection.



Aytiwan & Idd Aziz – Iphathi (Deep In Your Soul)

Release Date(s): 30th June 2023

Deep In Your Soul, the renowned label known for delivering cutting-edge Afro house music, proudly presents the highly anticipated collaboration between Aytiwan and Idd Aziz titled “Iphathi.” This exceptional package includes the original track as well as two outstanding remixes from the talented South African duo Kususa and the hypnotizing production prowess of &lez.

“Iphathi” takes listeners on a captivating journey through Afro house, skillfully blending spine-tingling vocal chants with dramatic drums. The thunderous bassline makes a profound impact, while the enchanting chords and intricate percussion weave layers of rich cultural details. The original mix is a testament to Aytiwan and Idd Aziz’s creative prowess and their ability to craft a truly immersive musical experience.

Following the original, we delve into the transformative world of the remixes. Kususa presents their reinterpretation of “Iphathi,” delivering a mesmerizing version that amplifies the percussive elements and introduces sustained chords, creating a deeply layered composition. The loose and jumbled arrangement of Kususa’s remix adds an infectious groove that compels your body to move in harmony with the rhythm.

Lastly, &lez remix injects an invigorating dose of energy with a hi-tech soul mix that propels the track forward. With edgy drums and captivating synths, &lez remix keeps you on your toes, ensuring a dynamic and exhilarating experience on the dance floor.

“Iphathi” and its accompanying remixes are a testament to the artistry and creativity of Aytiwan, Idd Aziz, Kususa, and &lez. These stylish and emotionally charged tracks are meticulously designed to make an indelible impact on the global music scene. Deep In Your Soul is proud to present this extraordinary release, destined to ignite dance floors and leave an everlasting imprint on the hearts of music lovers worldwide.



BiG AL – Desert (Ready Mix Records)

Release Date:
June 23rd 2023 (Beatport Exclusive)
July 7th 2023 (Worldwide)

BiG AL returns to his own Ready Mix imprint for label release number 266, an atmospheric Deep Organic House journey entitled ‘Desert’, presented with remixes by Evren Furtuna and Khaaron.

Lush, hypnotic and smooth, with just a dash of Middle Eastern spice, ‘Desert’ is a typically accomplished and assured production from the maestro BiG AL.

Evren Furtuna turns in an atmospherically stirring revision of ‘Desert’, adding tonnes of humanity, and a breakdown as breathtaking as a moonlit desert sky.

Khaaron leans into the Middle Eastern vibe, re-imagining ‘Desert’ with a real sense of spirituality and folklore, embracing traditional melodies and percussion in a powerful new fusion.



Subnesia – Baila Gitano (Music For Dreams)

The Balearic duo Subnesia is releasing the club mix for ‘Baila Gitano’.
It’s a mesmerizing interpretation of the vibrant flamenco vibe. With this track, Subnesia transports listeners to the heart of Spain, where family and friends gather to experience the magic of traditional Spanish dance.

Baila Gitano’ makes you want to have a boogie alongside the flourishing flamenco guitar along with the hand claps, that’ll definitely set you in a good mood.

As the track unfolds, Subnesia invites you to imagine yourself surrounded by loved ones, standing up, and taking your napkin in hand as you lose yourself in the music.



Gus Jerez – Always You EP (Sound Vessel Records)

Gus Jerez is a new comer to SVR but he is known to be on other solid labels, which tells you that his music is good! This release here is another way telling you to keep an eye out for Gus Jerez.



Mihai Popoviciu – Jewel EP (Bondage Music)

Legendary Romanian producer Mihal Popoviciu broke into the scene way back in 2001, over 20 years later his back catalogue, including releases for Poker Flat, 8 Bit and Bedrock, showcases just why he’s considered one of eastern Europe’s most innovative artists. Given his gifted talents in the studio, it wasn’t long before he was travelling across the globe DJing at clubs and festivals as far flung as Thailand, Canada and everywhere inbetween.

For the digital release, two originals and two remixes make up the pack. Opening with ‘Jewel’ skipping hats and a low slung bass welcome you back to mind of a master. Deep disco-y sweeps add melodics to this subtle head nodder that hypnotises in the sweetest way. Grooving you to bliss is Mihai’s mission, and boy, does he deliver! Next up, the second original, ‘This’ takes us deeper into the groove. Funky deep bass and a vocal refrain “This is the real thing” kick things off before airy pad sweeps and chords add the meat of the melodic content. Teasing out the key changes over the mid section the story unfolds with class.

For the first of the remixes, label bosses Pornbugs take the vinyl-only original ‘Only’ on a merry ride. Beefing up the groove and phattening the drums, they transform the track into a solid uptempo peak time monster. For the finalé, Spanish deep house hero Frink reworks ‘This’. Turning the dail to 11 from the off he teases the original motifs into a sultry pleasure palace of vibe. An EP full of secret weapons for months to come.



Deemkeyne – Wanderkrieger (Lucidflow Records)

Lucidflow Records is thrilled to introduce Deemkeyne, an innovative and talented new artist on the label. His upcoming debut EP “Wanderkrieger”, featuring three masterfully crafted deep dub-techno tracks, is set to take listeners on an immersive sonic journey.

Influenced by the wave of electronic music that emerged around 2000, Deemkeyne began his artistic journey by experimenting with House and Techno using early software production tools. His passion for sound design and music theory deepened as he pursued an engineering degree, which led him to refine his production skills.

The debut EP showcases Deemkeyne’s love for dub-techno, inspired by the earlier works of Trentmoeller and Marko Fuerstenberg. Each track intricately combines his vast knowledge of electronic music and sound design, creating an otherworldly listening experience.
Lucidflow Records invites you to explore the alluring depths of Deemkeyne’s deep dub-techno. Stay tuned for the official release date.







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