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New Treats Week-16-2021

Written by on 20/04/2021


VA – Global Entry 2 (Sol Selectas Music)

Release Date: Friday 7 May 2021
Format: Digital

Sabo and his label Sol Selectas once again take us on a musical trip around the world, with enchanting synth lines, psychedelic atmosphere, and tribal beats.

Focusing mainly on electronic sound, but still with some organic textures, the thirteen tracks on this special compilation range from melodic, deep house to tribal electronica.

The label welcomes new artists Aurka, Tamada, Serkan Eles, and DOMA for their debut on Sol Selectas.

They are also happy to present music from returning label favourites such as Be Svendsen, Timboletti, Guy Maayan, Ayala (IT), Golan Zocher and Choopie, Hot Oasis, PAAX Tulum, and Tuba Twooz.

Individually the artists have all made many solo achievements including music released on other labels such as Bar 25 Music, Crosstown Rebels, Cosmic Awakenings, and Kindisch.

Last year Sol Selectas launched its spring compilation ‘Global Entry’ which bridges the gap between the cold winter and hot summer. Warming our hearts, minds and souls with enlightening sounds, this second edition of the compilations once again welcomes in the summer months.

The songs feature heartfelt melodies, swirling arpeggios, subtle acid licks, distorted electric guitars, desert grooves, and lots of tribal percussion.

The artwork by Helia Jamali displays an interstellar doorway up the stairs of an exotic hacienda on a distant but familiar planet.



Vooz Brothers – Green Forest EP (Leisure Music Productions)

We are more than excited to welcome on our label a fantastic duo from Israel called the Vooz Brothers. Behind the name Vooz Brothers there is Danny Tuval, international Dj, producer and music reporter & Zigo also a very talented musician and a successful producer.

They bring to our label an outstanding groovy EP with lots of afro influenced elements called Green Forest.

The first track Green Forest starts off with a wonderful percussive intro followed by a deep and groovy kick and bassline. Flagged by atmospheric bird FX and various driving shakers and hats this tune makes you wanna hit that dance floor immediately. The track progresses nicely with the implementation of divers deep synth progressions, dubby vox FX and a variety of drum fills to accentuate this jungle jam. An outstanding deep and great percussive journey this track is the right Afro track to get your crowed moving.

For us a must have in your Afro collection.

The second track is called Brainstorm. This one comes in much deeper kicking it off with a very deep almost velvety kick. Underlying synth pad progresssion as well as saw synth stabs and synth bass stab etablish the groove, supported by intricate shakers and percussive fills. The track builds up slowly but constantly resulting in an epic Synth hook, which you will not get out of your mind so fast, even after leaving the party. It cuts right through the track like a brainstorm coming in from the horizon. Getting your brain mesmerised while your feet are dancing.

We also find this one is an epic track and also a very unique production. This piece of music achieves to move from very high to very deep elements, which create the necessary tension in it for you to wake up and get your groove on.



DJ Rae & Neil Pierce – Paradise (Quantize Recordings)

Two of London’s fiercest house artists DJ Rae and Neil Pierce join forces for the first time, delivering the beautiful song, ‘Paradise’, for the mighty Quantize Recordings. Rae’s sweet vocals are instantaneously appealing, as her emotive lyrics glide over a lush soulful soundtrack produced by Neil Pierce, featuring Ziggy Funk on keys and DJ Spen in the mix.

DJ Rae is one fiercely talented and dynamic artist. The Singer, Songwriter, DJ and Producer’s skills have been growing organically since she exploded onto the House scene with ‘Can’t Stop’ alongside Sandy Rivera (KOT) on Defected records in 2008. Since then, Rae has gone on to work with names such as ATFC, DJ SKT, David Penn, Maxinne, Doorly, Danism + Train, Monki, The Deepshakerz, Gene Farris, and more, as well as releasing her own solo productions, most recently, ’The Journey’ on Quantize Recordings. Rae is currently working on her highly anticipated debut artist album.

Acclaimed producer, Dj and Rhemi Music label boss, Neil Pierce, has been a pioneer on the British Soulful House scene for 2 decades. From the early days as Fanatix with Aaron Ross, then later joining forces with Ziggy Funk as Rhemi, and of course his brilliant solo productions, Neil Pierce’s sound is much loved and highly respected among the Soulful House fraternity. Over the years he’s produced and remixed some of the best names in the game from Blaze, Kimara Lovelace, KOT, Kenny Bobien and Roy Ayers to Dawn Tallman Vanessa Freeman, Hanlei and so many more.

Track Listing
1 Paradise (Neil Pierce & DJ Spen Vocal)
2 Paradise (Neil Pierce & DJ Spen Dub)
3 Paradise (Neil Pierce & DJ Spen Instrumental)
4 Paradise (Neil Pierce & DJ Spen Vocal Radio Edit)

‘Paradise’ will be released on Traxsource promo April 16th / Full release April 30th 2021 on Quantize Recordings.



Vegard Solbakken – Together EP (Sound Optix Records)

This deep and progressive release is presented by Vegard Solbakken from Hailing Norway.
Vegard cares for the deeper elements of electronic music and has been a passionate underground music lover for decades inspired by music of all genres.
The underground scene is freshly being introduced to the sounds of Vegard. He is determined to continue his journey to bring driven soundscapes that capture the vibe of deep and progressive house.



Achickwitbeatz – Approximately Love (Nylon Recordings)

On the crescent of the fantastic ‘Maybe Again,’ I would not call Achickwitbeatz a triple threat but rather a triple blessing as she graces us with another House Music classic that was written, produced, and performed by this talented artist.
On remix assignment are Achickwitbeatz’ gifted label mates; IndySoul, Jaymz Nylon, Leandro P., and Ray Seiler providing brilliantly produced Soulful House, Afro Tech / Afro House, Deep House, and Broken Beat / Nu Jazz interpretations.

Written, Produced and Vocals by Achickwitbeatz
Additional Remix Production by IndySoul, Jaymz Nylon, Leandro P. and Ray Seiler.
Mastered by James Thomas @ Nylon Trax Studio
Executive producer: Jaymz Nylon
(p) & (c) 2021 Nylon Recordings/Nylon Trax



Maga – Trust Me Sometime (Get Physical Music)

French producer Maga has cooked up another fantastic journey through his uniquely melodic, organic and minimalistic house, while remixes from Kadosh and Nick Warren & Nicolas Rada complete another fine package.

For almost a decade now, this French creative has explored different sounds and styles with his own fresh perspective. He is a hybrid live performer that certainly pushes the boundaries of risk, and does the same as a DJ. He has released on Stil Vor Talent and Flying Circus, and has also a couple of new releases coming up on several well known labels.

His excellent ‘Trust Me Sometime’ is filled with shimmering, skyward melodies that bring real light and spine tingling feelings to his strident, deep house grooves. It is a track that never stops evolving and really journeys somewhere as it unfolds, with well treated vocal samples and whispers adding to the overall effect.

First to remix is legendary UK pioneer Nick Warren, who has long been defining his own corner of the house spectrum on labels like his own The Soundgarden as well as Soulfooled Recordings, Renaissance and Global Underground. Here he joins forces with Argentinian Nicolas Rada, who is known for his truly musical grooves on the likes of Sudbeat and The Soundgarden. Together they flip the original into a serene house groover that extends out into a twinkling night sky and well into the future on a wave of lush chords and slowly rising pads that lift you off your feet.

Lastly, Tel Aviv star Kadosh is well known as a gifted producer with releases on highly respected labels like Innervisions, Watergate Records and Stil vor Talent. He adds weight to the beats, making it more playful but keeping the same sense of melodic elegance, with delicate keys doing a cautiously optimistic dance over the infectious grooves.

Once again here Get Physical Music have put together a heavyweight package of forward thinking house sounds.



El Mundo & Zazou – Merchant Of Tales EP (Quetame Records)

Quetame Records is a new deep and organic house label that’s headed up by a trio of artists including El Mundo & Zazou and Niki Sadeki

The debut release is a stunning four-track EP by El Mundo & Zazou whose eloquent style of soaring melodies fused with delicate percussion is on full display.

Based in The Netherlands, El Mundo has performed as a DJ and live-act together with Zazou across The World and released music on labels such as Do Not Sit On The Furniture Recordings, Kindisch, Souq Records and Earthly Delights.

Zazou is a Berlin-based artist, multi-instrumentalist and regular collaborator with El Mundo, but he has also released solo tracks with imprints such as Laut und Luise and Rebellion der Traumer.

This truly is a magical EP with stunning vocals amidst its dazzling array of vibrant textures and nomadic grooves.

“Sands of Time” opens the release with its soothing atmosphere and haunting vocals nestled amidst a dreamscape of ethereal synths which are underpinned by a throbbing bassline.

Second on the EP with jovial melodies and digitised vocals, “Watch Me Burn” has a cosmic vibe that sets a trajectory towards the stars with its expansive sound design.

After a cinematic opening, “The River” is third on the release with its haunting vocals and poignant piano. Like a choir of angels, it’s eloquently beautiful while also retaining an understated aesthetic.

“Golden Skies” closes out the EP with fluttering synths and crisp percussive textures that combine to create a hypnotising groove with intimate emotion and majestic grace.

The artwork has been designed by the talented Anna Schnorf / Obic.

Release Date: Thursday 29 April 2021
Format: Vinyl & Digital



Fin & Stanley – Gluggavedur (Selectro Records)

Having already firmly established their position within the Tech-House world, Fin & Stanley deliver their wonderful crowd-pleaser called ‘Gluggavedur’. Smoothing out their productions to the highest quality and sound design levels, the two German producers are here to set a musical experience once again. Their record has all the qualities of a killer weapon just waiting to be unveiled at the perfect tipping point within your sets. To top it off, the massive remix courtesy of Adrian Bilt takes the tune into a deeper side.



Marcus Raute & Ron Boss – Soul II Soul EP (Colour In Music)

Now it’s time for a comeback. It’s Marcus Raute, Italian DJ and producer returns to Colour In Music for some quality House music. Teaming up with Ron Boss, bringing us ‘Soul II Soul’ EP.

‘Soul II Soul’ is what we call, a deep house dream!
The track kicks’s off with nice warm analog drum beat percussion, slowly developing into a nice piano chords and lush pads. No, It’s not over. It gets warmer with a deep sexy voice into it and you can feel the jazz vibe in the air. Solid touch from these two artists. It’s a most have track for Deep House lovers. An amazing welcome to the Spring/Summer seasons.

With the remix duty of ‘Soul II Soul’, we welcome to the label, Milan’s based producer Davide Ferrario.
And what a way to start! Davide’s aproach brings the original vocal and elements to a more progressive and melodic journey. The quality continues with that melodic bassline, kissed by the smooth piano chords creating a warm atmosphere.

Last but not least we have ‘It’s Your Life’. If you were in love with the first two tracks, now its time to stand up and dance. How not to love a classic 909 drum beat? It starts just like that. Strong, raw and with a pumpin’ bassline driving the groove. Detroit’s styled stab notes and chooped vocals that create the perfect tension into the track.

It’s a House life. Enjoy.



Nikco – Playing Games (Oh So Coy Recordings)

Hong Kong based producer Nikco is back with this cheeky + trippy single.
On remix duties we have San Fran multi-instrumentalist Henry Navarro who ups the acid factor and French duo Lee Trax & Nick De Voost who turn in 2 underground house-d up versions.


VA – Matchbox Sampler 001 (Matchbox Records)

Cerillo’s Matchbox imprint kicks on with their very first sampler release.

This mini-compilation features brand new tracks from a tight pick of artists who have already appeared on the main label, or on the MBDL series.

With dancefloors slowly returning to life around the world we’re sure these tracks will see some fun somewhere.



Ritz – Godspeed LP (Piston Recordings)

Piston Recordings is proud to present the latest album from Ritz titled, Godspeed. Ricardo Cardoso is the man behind Ritz, and he has been a stalwart for us over many years, churning out quality cuts at every turn. For this album, he has paid homage to his friend Edgar, who sadly passed away. Edgar was an excellent photographer who provided the cover photos for the Ritz albums – 44, Non Linear Thinking and fittingly, Godspeed. It was this photo which gave Ricardo the inspiration to make the album and ultimately dedicate it to his friend. Ricardo also celebrates the birth of his daughter, Joana, with this album. No doubt he has had a bit of an emotional rollercoaster over the last several months. We feel privileged that he chose to share the music he made during that time with us, and the world.

The album opens with Raving Till Monday, the first of 14 cuts ranging from deep minimal house through to deep tech. Upfront, vibrant and totally fresh, the perfect opener to get the party started. Godspeed, Edgar follows, with a deep, melodic groove charged with emotion in memory of a dear friend. Call Me heralds in a techy groove with plucky basses, cool voices and mesmerizing chord pads at its core. Waving At Planes throws up a groovy slice of deep house goodness, following a more traditional ethos to great effect. One More High Left In Me gets down and dirty with gritty basses, tough kicks and slicing hats, caressed with swirling pads for an atmospheric groove. At the midway point we find Always, offering a bit of an interlude with a jackin’ kind of groove laced with sweeping, filtered chords and hypnotic voices. Rapture locks us into a firm, deep house vibe with tight beats, groovy basses and striking keys. Jo’s Birth is a beautifully crafted joint, filled with an upbeat groove representing the joy of new life. A sure fire dancefloor mover, no doubt. Square One is very nice slice of deep house with sub level basses, atmospheric pads and a rhythmic drum section that will keep the feet dancing all night. The penultimate track, Later, delivers a powerfully deep groove with a hypnotic prowess before the release is rounded out with the superb, trippy E Talk, with its plucky basslines and soft piano chords.



Lil’T – Boompty Boom (Uniting Souls Music)

Lil’T is Mikey Tello, co-founder of PillowTalk, Housepitality and Touch of Class. His productions have appeared far and wide, for the likes of Wolf+Lamb, Visionquest, Life & Death, and many others. And now Uniting Souls — which is fitting as Mikey helped launch the Uniting Souls collective in San Francisco with label head Ramiro, way back in 1997.

“Boompty Boom” is a clever slice of deep house with a hypnotic techno edge. The drum patterns have a pronounced afro-shake, combining with a pulsing low-end to provide the foundation under staccato organ chords, rhythmic vocal phrases, and a memorable synth lead line. Sean Dimitrie (Bombay Records) provides the first of a quartet of sleek remixes, initially focusing on the percussive groove for a sparse, mesmerizing treatment. A snakey bassline eventually takes over, sending the dancefloor into a tizzy. Next up is Pattern Drama (Touch of Class), adding some breaks, drama, and extra-dubbiness to the proceedings. Uniting Souls label regulars Jon Lee and Jordan Strong follow, each providing a distinctive new take. Jon Lee creates an old school vibe, with bubbling organ riffs and an insistent bass throb, while Jordan Strong gives “Boompty Boom” a classic-sounding west coast style re-rub. Put the Boompty in your Boom!

Label and Artist Links:



Matt Sawyer – Strange People EP (Kinesen Records)

We are extremely delighted to have with us yet again, our dear friend Matt Sawyer. This is his second time on KINESEN, after the successes with Diynamic, Moblack and many other labels, this talented guy now offers 2 original tracks accompanied by a remix from Parsifal.

His songs have been played by the best DJs around the world such as Black Coffee and Solomun, which makes us proud to have such an incredible talent in our roster.

Even these songs that explore different sounds between Organic House, Melodic House and Indie Dance will find space in many DJ sets and as soon as it will be possible, they will make many clubbers dance around the globe.





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