Deepinradio New Treats (Week_02_2020)

Written by on 14/01/2020

B&S Concept – Destination Y EP (Gents & Dandy’s Records)

B&S Concept opening the new release year (our 6th) with deep and spacey sounding two track Destination EP. On ‘Night Cruise’ they team up with French singer Vicil.



Zuckre – Continuity EP (Not For Us Records)

Luis Alejandro Rodriguez Marín A.K.A. Zuckre was born in Nueva Esparta, Venezuela, but moved to the beautiful city of Playa del Carmen, México when he was only 10 years old. At the age of 12 his relationship with dance music started off as a hobby but has become a healthy obsession in his life over the last 11 years. Shortly after putting his hands on the decks for the first time, he began developing prodigious skills which one can appreciate every single time he´s put in charge of creating his well known domain over the crowd. His penchant for house music led him to become an autodidact in music production and thence signing tracks on labels like King Street Sounds (NY, USA)Beef Records (Australia), NastyFunk Records (UK, Leeds) , Cream Corture Records (Munich, Germany), Straight Music (France), Electronic Petz (France), Dialtone Records (MX), DTD Records (Germany), Funkpony Records(UK), MLP MUSIC LABEL (USA), Gooseneck Records, Disco Soul Records (Sevastopol, Ukraine), Soulman Music and more, receiving support from top notch producers across the globe. He realised that the dream he had for many years is becoming a reality, with strong support from world renowned artists as , Droog, WiLDKATS, Richy Ahmed, Sishi Rosch, BUBBA, Max Chapman, Ashley Wild, Clinton Houlker, Rebel, Dan Styles, Nobody Knows, JOBE and many more. As well as his tracks, Zuckre the man himself has also been touring the globe, as well as regularly playing gigs in various, well respected clubs in Barcelona, Ibiza, Venezuela, Mexico and The BPM Festival 2013 and 2014 In Mexico. He also has many bookings confirmed in clubs around Mexico for the remainder of 2013, including an appearance at the infamous Playa Del Carmen, La Santanera Club in October. Future whispers a bright scenery for this dedicated youngster having the tools to get right to the top and the music to back it all up.

Released February 3, 2020



Toomy Disco – Dimentional EP (NOPRESET Limited)

Toomy Disco aka Marin Iliuta is by no means the fresh faced new comer he looks. After making his dj debut in 2007, he became a regular player in Buenos Aires club scene and slowly began to gain recognition between his colleagues and crowds. Despite still being relatively young, he has actually been toiling away, building up an enviable discography and laying down fierce DJ sets for a whole decade. Right from the off he began making a big impact with early releases and has continued to quietly but competently build up momentum ever since. The upshot of this is that he is now at the point where he is a mainstay on the underground scene around South America, Europe and beyond. The reason he has always stayed in favour is because the music he makes is of an effortlessly timeless nature. He doesn’t follow trends or tropes of the day, but rather he focusses on distilling the New York and Chicago An eclectic artist with many characteristics between House and Techno. In the constant search of his own sound. Sometimes they are deep, sometimes they are rough, sometimes they are more direct, but always are they characterful things that stand proud of the crowd. With long time passion for house that dates back to the early years, Toomy Disco is first and foremost a DJ, taking his signature sound to world renowned clubs. Now settled in Buenos Aires, Argentina, a true hub for electronic music, with regular DJ appearances at the city’s infamous underground clubs. As a DJ, Toomy Disco aims to mix the old with the new, is still a passionate vinyl hoarder and spends plenty of time digging deep for sounds and styles a mile away from the ordinary: if he didn’t, he wouldn’t be able to boast regular gigs with Matthew Dear, Dusty Kid, German Brigante, Dj W!ld, Todd Terje and many others big names, all of which find him weaving together tracks that make you want to dance as well as making you feel something deep down inside.

Released January 13, 2020




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