Deepinradio New Treats (Week_07_2019)

Written by on 12/02/2019

BAENR – Gloire & Beauté EP (Gents & Dandy’s Records)

It’s always nice to have new, and fairly undiscovered artists releasing on the label, this feeling is even more amplified when it’s a Belgian artist. The 86th outing to date comes from Brussels resident BAENR.
Gloire & Beauté EP is a lovely two tracker with the main title track accompanied by ‘Satin Waves’ on the virtual flip. Main track already getting charted by Kevin Yost.



Wukah – A Night In A Box (Vision Collective Recordings)

Vision Collective Recordings are delighted to welcome Wukah to it’s roster of artists for his first release with the label.
‘A Night In A Box’ features the Original Mix of the track along with an Extended Remix courtesy of QuestionmarQ



Eddy Romero – Broken Glass (Affinity Lab Records)

February release is here and by label boss Eddy Romero , he just released one single few years ago in Affinity Lab and from this year he decided to do a yearly release to show how he likes dark and deep sounds. For this one two cuts , first one with his way of work with vocals and adding that minimalistic touch as he does in all his stuff. For the second one a straight tool perfect to mix with any track or add it just as a tool , a nice groove going on with those mental sounds that make it progress with very little details that make it a track where you can perfectly recognise the Spanish artist. So here we are, going forward in the 2019!

Mastered At Soundvision Mastering (Eddy Romero)

Release date: 4th March, 2019

Format: Digital



Calou & Alex Belluscio – Keep The Business Rolling EP (Baile Musik Silver Edition)

Release date: 03/04/19

Exclusive date: Beatport 2 weeks – 02/18/19 In between some trees in a small forest near Bern (Switzerland), the legacy of Calou began. With some wood bandits and other friends the two young and good looking dj’s started to do what was necessary for this time, they made a sound. They made it in the forest, under the bridges and on the streets of Bern. The secret of Calou’s irresistible music is the unbreakable will to groove. All they are focused on is the elementary sense of dance music, the secret rhythm.



Prins Oblonsky – Dreams On Hold EP (Beatservice Records)

Dreams On Hold
Dancing Among Graves
A Farewell To Arms

Prins Oblonsky (AKA Tobias Fredø), is an Oslo-based composer and producer. He got his musical start studying the trombone and the guitar. Then he bought his first sampler at 18 and, inspired by artists like J Dilla and 9th Wonder, he began to make hip-hop beats and earned his chops by participating in beat battles on the Stones Throw forum. Over the years, Tobias developed a love and fascination for analogue sounds and synthesizers, obsessing over them in all his spare time. At 23, he started working with music and soundscapes for short-films, and his sound move in a more electronic, house music direction, inspired by artists like Floating Points, Four Tet, Rival Consoles, and fellow Norwegian Bjørn Torske.
The Dreams On Hold EP is Prins Oblonsky ’s debut on the Beatservice label, and it packs a warm punch. The title track launches the EP with an understated four-on-the-floor rhythm and a sparkling, distant arpeggiation. The feeling is indeed dream-like, energetic in tempo but soothing in tone. “Dancing On Graves” follows, presenting mesmerizing lo-fi beats while short pad bursts and echoed synth melodies play in the sonic field. Subtle techno elements characterize “Østerdalen,” while the funkiest drum sequence on the EP drives the deepness into forward motion. The EP closes with the introspective “A Farewell To Arms,” which ebbs and flows mistily around its warm sustained pad and beguiling synth motif. This is deep house for dreamers.



2Fox – Sky EP (Arusha Records)

2fox return to Arusha Records with their second EP ‘Sky’.

The East London duo have again collaborated with Zimbabwean born Nandi who once again displays her mesmerising vocals, connecting London and South Central Africa as
she switches between English and Ndebele throughout the EP.
The East London duo’s signature deep and soulful Afro/Brazilian influences are ever present, alongside evolving bass lines, infectious grooves and thought provoking lyrics.
Three unique club ready remixes round off the package perfectly:
Fluida deliver a goosebump inducing afro inspired rework of Sky, as they manipulate Nandi’s vocals in ways that hypnotise the listener, teamed with beautiful melodies and their trademark infectious hang drum.
Next, Singapore based Oliver Osborne takes Sky on a dark percussive trip that builds its suspense to bursting point, before it erupts into a peak time belter.
Last but not least, Reece Johnson works his magic on Kwazi Na, bringing his irresistible 90’s U.S influenced sound right into 2019 with a chunky beat, paired with a rolling bass
line to create an addictive dance floor weapon.



Roy Vision – Meander Line EP (Roots For Bloom Records)

1. Steel True
2. Sideways Struttin (The Path)
3. The Way
4. Ro Run

Roots For Bloom goes deeper with Roy Visions Meander Line EP. Walking the line between House and Uk Garage, this trio of jacked out rhythmic workouts get things moving nicely.
Steel True and Struttin’ both epitomise a UK rhythm to their business. Upfront UK sound with a catchy groove. Tight bass and effective production work really make these stand out bangers.
Ro Run closes the EP by flipping the script completely, offering a change of pace that balances perfectly with the openers.

Release Date: 05/03/19

Artist Quote: “With the Meander Lines EP, the track Steel True clearly indicates my intention to deliver a no frills original UK Garage vibe which continues to the point when Sideways Struttin’ (The Path) and The Way act as a counterweight to reveal the melodious and deep side of this EP. Last but not least, Ro Run unveils a deeply rooted afro-acid jam and shows the versatility of my sound.”

Artist Bio: Radio producer at TSF Jazz and Radio Nova in Paris, Roy Vision has developed a wide and solid core of musical culture where melodies, harmonies and syncopated rhythms form his leitmotiv.
An open-mindedness and a dense sound palette emerge from his creations. Blending jazz and percussive elements to which he attaches a great importance, Roy Vision definitely found the right balance to create an authentic and natural house music.



Enzo Leep – The Lake (Lowertones Records)

Lowertones is back with Enzo Leep.
Enzo Leep is a talented artist from Spain who has previously been featured on Get Physical, Suruba X, Bla Bla or Cyclic to name a few. He takes things back down again with his track “The Lake” that has classic chords blended with the vocal from the singer Odille.
The release is completed with the dub sounds on “The Hope” and the remix of “The Lake” from Lowertones head, Leix.



K Civ – Immers Yourself (A mix for dancers) (Immers Music)
K Civ goes behind the decks to select, arrange, filter, manipulate, and deliver a mix for the dancers with ‘Immers Yourself’. A 75 minute continuous dj mix with 15 songs from the Nylon Recording Label Group including artists such as Ancient Deep, DJ Kemit, Jaymz Nylon, Andrew Brown, M. Caporale, Papa Noel, Deique Bleu, Ish D, Choklate, and more. Immers Yourself is a mix for the dancers as well as an album for the djs with 10 previously unreleased songs available. Caution, this mix contains true K Civ signature sounds with elements of Soul, Funk, R&B, Jazz, World, Afro, Latin, Deep House, House, and Deep Tech thru continuous beats not suitable for sitting still. Dancing Extremely Recommended ~ Immers Yourself (…a mix for the dancers)
Ancient Deep ‘The Green Room’ (K Civ Alternate Groove)
Written, Produced by: Ancient Deep
Remixed by: K Civ
Mastered by: Jason Short
2019 Immers Music
DJ Kemit feat. Choklate ‘Releasing’ (Ancient Deep’s Original Shakedown)
Written, Produced by: DJ Kemit
Vocals by: Choklate
Remixed by: Ancient Deep
Mastered by: Jason Short
2019 Immers Music
Ancient Deep ‘The Green Room’ (K Civ Remix)
Written, Produced by: Ancient Deep
Remixed by: K Civ
Mastered by: Jason Short
2019 Immers Music
Jaymz Nylon meets Futurewife ‘Get Lost In The Music’ (M. Caporale Afrosoul Mix)
Written, Produced and Vocals by: Jaymz Nylon
Co-Written & Produced: Futurewife
Remixed by: M. Caporale
Mastered by: James Thomas
2014 Nylon Recordings
Ancient Deep ‘Yugen’ (K Civ Remix)
Written, Produced by: Ancient Deep
Remixed by: K Civ
Mastered by: Jason Short
2018 Digital Vinyl Recordings
K Civ ‘Fulabash’ (A.M. Dub Mix)
Written, Produced by: K Civ
Mastered by: Jason Short
2019 Immers Music
Deique Bleu ‘Destinations’ (Original Mix)
Written and Produced by: Deique Bleu
Mix & Mastered by Jaymz Nylon
2016 Nylon Recordings/Nylon Trax
Ancient Deep ‘Chameleon’ (Original Mix)
Written, Produced by: Ancient Deep
Mastered by: Jason Short
2019 Immers Music
Ish D feat. BeMyFiasco ‘Flashlight’ (Ancient Deep’s Touch)
Written, Produced by: Ish D
Vocals by: ByMyFiasco
Remixed by: Ancient Deep
Mastered by: Ish D
2019 Immers Music
Jaymz Nylon ‘Libertad La Ópera Oscura’ (K Civ Mix)
Written, Produced by: Jaymz Nylon
Remixed by: K Civ
Mastered by: Jason Short
2019 Immers Music
Ancient Deep ‘The Dancing Balafon’ (K Civ Remix)
Written, Produced by: Ancient Deep
Remixed by: K Civ
Mastered by: Jason Short
2019 Immers Music
Papa Noel ‘Selia Zozo’ (K Civ Rebump)
Written, Produced by: Papa Noel
Remixed by: K Civ
Mastered by: Jason Short
2019 Immers Music
Ancient Deep ‘Gateway Intercept’ (Original Mix)
Written, Produced by: Ancient Deep
Mastered by: Jason Short
2018 Immers Music
Ancient Deep ‘Lowdown Dirty Drum’ (Original Mix)
Written, Produced by: Ancient Deep
Mastered by: Jason Short
2019 Immers Music
Andrew Brown feat. Walt Elson ‘Do My Thing’ (Original Mix – Re-Mastered)
Written by Andrew Edward Brown and Walt Elson
Produced by Andrew Edward Brown
2019 Nylon Recordings/Nylon Trax
K Civ – Immers Yourself (….a mix for the dancers)
Selection, Arrangement, & DJ Mix by: K Civ

2018 Immers Music



Emiliano Martini – Flux Of The Sun EP (Not For Us Records)

Being naturally talented, and having a good taste for music, is the product of the musical harmonies in the life of Emiliano Martini. Nurturing his ears since birth with a father who is passionate about music, and his older brother introducing him into the world of electronic music, his taste has been developing since 1986. This has been a key factor since his childhood, for his artistic dimension.

The musical career of Emiliano Martini has just ignited into new levels. His years as a DJ have been influential in the last decade. His selection for music has always been of superior lineage, representing an open vision without frontiers. Sharing his knowledge in different musical styles, without fear of teaching people new horizons. This is what distinguishes him in his island, Puerto Rico. Through his genres of preference like House music, Minimal, Techno and its variations, Emiliano has been able to be the main character in a successful way, as he played in events that are on a global scale, consistently, in Puerto Rico and Internationally. His visions and dreams for his musical career have always been alive. That’s why his evolution into music production has been vital, to complementing his realistic projections for the art he represents. His accomplishments have been very noticeable and appreciated by various influential Record Companies at a worldwide level: Nervous Records, I Records, Lapsus Music, Monique Chronique, Bullet:dodge, Tempura Records, Deep Edition Recordings, Louder Music, Dear Deer, Faceless Recordings, Tip Tap Records, Wavetech Music & Limited, Spring Tube, Midnight Social Recordings among others. His music has been remixed, charted, reviewed, played & recognized by prominent artist in this industry around the world. Releases scheduled 2016 on Tulipa Recordings, Viva Records, Dubwise Records & his 1st song ‘’Bearhug’’ impress only in vinyl by the Leeds, UK label Midnight Social Recordings.

At the moment Emiliano directs his own music label, “Proper Slap” Recording & Limited, established in 2012. Fruit of his passion for music, this project, directed to finding local and international talent, is forming an independent platform with excellent producers and collaborators at a worldwide level. All with a common vision, a passionate dedication to what they are living.

Released March 11, 2019




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