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Deepinradio New Treats (Week_16_2019)

Written by on 16/04/2019

Timmy Regisford – 7PM LP (Quantize Recordings)

It’s been 8 years since Timmy Regisford released his hugely acclaimed ‘At The Club’ album on Tribe Records, so house heads worldwide will welcome the news that the New York legend is ready to reveal his highly anticipated new body of work by way of a mammoth 17 track album titled ‘7pm’ on DJ Spen’s Quantize Recordings. ‘7pm’ creatively joins the dots between deep, soul, jazzy and organic afro vibes as Timmy delivers some of his most innovative productions to date, dishing up an authentic taste of New York’s real soulful underground. Featuring 2 of New Jersey’s finest vocalists, Tiger Wilson, Felicia Graham and the signature smooth tones of Brooklyn’s vocal house legend Arnold Jarvis, this stellar album boasts a soundtrack of heartfelt songs with deep messages, through to full bodied instrumentals ripe with sublime solo’s, earthy grooves and an abundance of dance floor drama for the soulfully inclined.

“I feel this album is a mix of what’s currently going on in the Deep House scene, where things are getting back to vocals and songwriting. Some of my instrumental tracks are more musical, where others are more Afro Soul, which I think represents all New York underground House music, so I hope you enjoy it! ? – Timmy Regisford

New Your Based Producer /DJ Timmy Regisford is known for his brand of soulful dance music. He started in 1985 at WBLS radio station in New York City, where he worked as the Assistant Music Director. Later, he was promoted to head Music Director of the station. In 1988, Timmy became A&R Director of Atlantic Records signing artist such as Miki Howard and Levert. His next career step was A&R Director for MCA Records where he developed Loose Ends and Colonel Abrams and eventually was responsible for signing Guy and Eric B & Rakim. Regisford later became Vice President of A&R at Motown Records, signing acts Milira, Blaze, Basic Black, Today, and Johnny Gill. Along with his A&R work, he is known for his remix work for Patti LaBelle, Steel Pulse, Bobby Womack, Gladys Knight & the Pips, Diana Ross, Stevie Wonder and many others. In 1996, Regisford became Vice President of A&R at Dreamworks Records. Timmy co-founded the legendary Club Shelter parties in New York City, which continue today. The inception of his internationally acclaimed club parties over 25 years ago helped create the modern soulful / afro dance sound and shaped the face of house music around the world. Timmy’s much sought after productions and remixes include gracing Shelter Records, Restricted Access, and Unrestricted Access with over 157 releases. He’s also worked with international labels such as West End, King Street, Tribe Records and more. Timmy’s mix compilations ]include ‘NYC True ‘Classics,’ and The Legacy of Shelter’ among others. In 2011 Timmy released his highly acclaimed ‘At The Club’ artist album on Tribe Records spawning the hit single of the same name featuring Lynn Lockamy. Recently, he’s been working on his new album ‘7PM’ featuring the hit single ‘Falling In Love’ alongside all new unreleased material on Unquantize and Quantize Recordings imprints.

Track Listing
1 Falling In Love ft. Tiger Wilson
2 Smile ft. Felicia Graham
3 Mia Journey
4 7pm
5 Lie To Me ft. Arnold Jarvis
6 1000 Roses ft. Tiger Wilson
7 I Need You ft. Felicia Graham
8 Tokamak
9 World
10 Can You Feel It
11 Taken By Dreams ft Tiger Wilson
12 Fadjamou
13 Rain
14 Dounia
15 Original Man
16 Why D Ya Do It
17 Budea

‘7pm’ Album will be released on April 19th on Traxsource promo
Full release May 3rd 2019 on Quantize Recordings.



Q-Burns Abstract Message – Audiototempole (8Dindustries Records)

Q-Burns Abstract Message is an expert time traveler. But it’s not about the physical transportation of bodies into the past or future. Instead, these are sonic waves, vibrating in all directions, touching different eras and territories. Like a Stalker entering ‘The Zone,’ Q-BAM is forever in search of the undefinable. He’ll know it when he sees it, and today it’s looking like an AUDIOTOTEMPOLE.
M. Donaldson is Q-Burns Abstract Message, formerly broadcasting with Astralwerks and a handful of other co-conspirators. Over the decades he’s wielded turntables in locales from Novosibirsk to Antofagasta, but now he’s mostly quiet. Occasionally Q-Burns Abstract Message pops up in someone’s mix set, or mentioned in a blog post, or perhaps in an odd remix. But, for the most part, he’s a known unknown.
Now he’s reappeared, clutching an AUDIOTOTEMPOLE. It’s an homage to a secret history without the stain of nostalgia. These are songs spanning the lost years, buzzing with electricity and ritual ambiguity. “Tremble,” for example, is handed down from clouds, signaling Q-BAM’s transition from mystic to mystical. “Kept in a Shadehouse” undulates in continuous motion, brightly placing tones in orbit around its bristling center. And “Touchtones (1997)” is an earthy clue, creating the temporal connection — past meets present, full circle.



Adrian Pricope – Alizee EP (Ready Mix Records)

Release Date:
April 29th 2019 (Beatport Exclusive)
May 13th 2019 (Worldwide)

Talented Romanian producer Adrian Pricope returns to Ready Mix Records for our release no. 202, comprising three stunning original tracks and a dub Remix from Mellow Men.
Opening track ‘Alizee’ is an emotionally stirring and prodigiously melodic house composition, almost cinematic in its ambitious musical scope.
Second track, ‘Since Last Time’ blends soft, wistful chords with dubby stabs over tight drums to create a delightfully deep groove.
Third original track ‘Never Less Than More’ shows more diverse influences, with tribal flutes and rain-sticks rubbing shoulders with pristine strings and synths.
Production trio Mellow Men slow down the tempo for their atmospheric, floaty take on ‘Never Less Than More’, delivering a powerfully meditative mood.



Pat Bedeau – From The Mind Of EP (Bedfunk Records)

Pat Bedeau has been making waves on the soulful underground over the past few years and is set to take things to the next level as he reveals his brilliant debut artist album ‘From The Mind Of’ on his own Bedfunk label. ‘From The Mind Of’ features some brilliant collab’s with vocalists and musicians including The Self Love Witch, Leon Dorrill, hugely acclaimed UK saxophonist Finn Peters, Carrie Remington and Nicky Prince. Sporting a vibrant cross section of tracks, ‘From The Mind Of’ sees Pat cook up a feast of lovingly penned soulful songs, deep and bumping grooves to delicious jazzy house gems for all to enjoy!
“I’m so pleased to be able to put out my debut album on my own label. When I set up Bedfunk, this was always the aim, so it is a nice milestone to reach. For ‘The Mind Of’ is an organic album created for the dance floor, but very listenable with plenty of messages in the lyrics. I wanted to creatively document my production path through house music from the soulful beginnings to my much tougher late night sounds.” – Pat Bedeau.
When Grenadian born DJ and producer Pat Bedeau performs a set, he brings a blazing upbeat mix of Soulful and Deep House, that reflects his rich musical background of Soul, Jazz, Hip-Hop, Funk, Reggae and Rare Grooves. His unique vibe has lead him to perform around top clubs in the UK, Amsterdam, Miami, Mumbai, Prague, Madrid, Philadelphia, Baltimore, Ibiza and beyond. Production wise, Pat initially worked on a number of tracks with Garage stalwart Steve Gurley and Leon Dorrill, before releasing his solo productions on labels such as DJ Spen’s Quantize, Rhemi Music, Tribe Records and his own Bedfunk label, regularly gracing the top end of the Traxsource charts!

Track Listing
1 Love Yourself ft. The Self Love Witch
2 Come Together ft. Leon Dorrill
3 Saxo ft. Finn Peters
4 Hypnotic Nightmare
5 Work It Out

‘From The Mind Of’ Album will be released on Traxsource promo 12th April
Full release 10th May 2019 on Bedfunk.



Janevski – Mon 2 Sun EP (Oh So Coy Recordings)

Bulgarian artist Janevski steps up to the plate making his OSC debut.
2 tracks of quirky house that are deep, driving and funky in nature.
Punchy production with serious dancefloor appeal these will fit
perfectly into sets that need an injection of groove.



Jos Lok – Dit Wel Dan EP (Simple Things Records)

The special, dynamic, temperamental, not without virtuosity release from the musician of Jos Lok represents the emotional and atmospheric creation, able to touch the listener at a personal level and to draw bright and fantastic emotional stories. A must have.



Hernan Bass – No Me Creias EP (Lucidflow Records)

Lucidflow welcome back Buenos Aires based producer Hernan Bass for their 165th release. His tireless worldwide touring calendar has seen the producer’s sound refined into a rugged and tested form. It can be dropped in, twisted, flexed and show no sign of stress, such is its reinforced nature. This is demonstrated in style across the ‘No Me Creias’ three tracker.
Leading off ‘Un Oasis Entre Las Sierras’ drops in with a simple kick. Then it drops in a second kick. With a little nod of recognition, expectations are set for the ride ahead. Deft melodies drop in to soften the experience, however their purpose is to set the scene for the architecturally placed builds and drops that create a sense of perpetual motion.
Following this, the title track takes the stage with similar intent. Here, it is all about how the ping ponging syncopated bassline dances around the beat. It is less melody and more perforation. The anticipation that it builds allows for a drop, the introduction of a second bassline and a kick off for a taut exercise in maintained tension.
Finally, ‘Sin Ropa Pero Con Onda’ continues with the rubbery low end vibe. Here, the accent is the retro flavoured house stabs that sit over the top, with the key switch being the little sidestep into breaks that happens over the first breakdown. Succinct and precise.
The ‘No Me Creias’ EP drops on 20th May 2019 from all your usual digital stockists.



Henri Michael – Mzaliva Africa EP (DUL Recordings)

We reach Dul Recordings 55th release and this time, Henri Michael is back after a year to deliver an incredible EP with four tracks titled Mzaliva Africa.
Henri kicks it off with the main track “Mzaliva Africa” (“Born in Africa” in Chichewa). As the name suggests, this is a love letter to his african roots with african percussions over a groovy bass, tight drums, a perfect synth and a very fitting vocal sample. Henri created a great track that takes you on a mental trip through the rhythms of the motherland. Afterwards, we continue with more african percussions in “Nitgu,” a more minimalistic track for the night that accentuates the percussions over a layer of microsounds and synths.
Afterwards, the minimalism continues with “Annoying.” Tight drums are back alongside african percussions, a mysterious atmosphere and ethereal voices that make you enjoy every moment of it. Finally, “But Hey!” introduces some micro percussions, a catchy melody that’s present throughout the whole track, some swinging hi hats and a superb deep bass. The best way to end this release!

Released April 29, 2019



Taster Peter – Desert Night EP (3000 Grad Records)

Desert Night: Monumental space undulating in the pale moonlight, simple yet full of ruffled, organic textures if you have a closer look. Taster Peter created a very similar atmosphere, but for the dancefloor. The tribalist, percussive groove and the hypnotic rustling of the open hi hats are as ancient and timeless as the spirit of that desert, while the opulent acoustic pressure of the production is an epitome for modern times. A track made for those moments when a party really starts moving. The same goes for the intoxicating minimalism of the Mollono.Bass remix. Oracle is the perfect counterpart, as the cinematic melody and trippy sound effects aim to create a maximum of momentum inside the mind of the listener. The remix of Elfenberg uses a flowing bassline to turn this tune into a vision of understated ecstasy and progressive bliss. tasterpeter

Release date: April 19th 2019

Format: Digital


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