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Deepinradio New Treats (Week_18_2020)

Written by on 10/05/2020


Hideo Kobayashi – Zero LP (Fuente Music)

Zero, Hideo Kobayashi’s album will be back to the scene.

Since it has been retired from music stores due to label-closing, this masterpiece has disappeared for a few years. Big names such as Simone Danmore and Hernan Cattaneo hooked up the tracks, edited and put them onto their Mix CDs and push Hideo’s name up to one of the top producers.

This album’s tracks got more than 40 remixes and dubs and grew up to a huge album with over 50 tracks.

2020 to 2021 is Hideo’s 25th anniversary year after his debut as a track producer and he decided to re-issue more tracks like these.

Exclusive Release date: 01/05/2020 (Beatport, Spotify, Apple Music)

Global Release date: 15/05/2020



Jay Hill & Jamie Christer – Life is a Beautiful Day EP (People of the Light Music)

Format: Digital

Promo date: 29 April // Release date: 20 May


1. Jay Hill – Life is a Beautiful Day (Original Mix)
2. Jamie Christer – The Sun in Splendour (Original Mix)

The third instalment of People of the Light records is an amalgamation of two very special pieces of music. Across both tracks there are sketching of darkness and light that sway towards deep soundtracky atmospheres set against upbeat, positive and thoroughly danceable foundations.
‘Life is a Beautiful Day’ encapsulates the concept of the EP that is intuitive, smooth, composed with moments of unwavering swells and stabs that move and circulate the core, layering the track in a classy and soulful space. A personal anthem for People of the Light label founder, Jay Hill, the track seems to have a certain cultural timeliness as we all live through this experience of world changing global events.

Manchester UK based Jamie Christer comes to the POTL family with ‘The Sun in Splendour’, a timeless track that touches upon deep and at times Balearic feels, pure sunshine in a bottle. A starry mix of warm tones, electronic hints and soulfully inspired sounds. Jamie is coming into the limelight with a unique sound and style that’s all his own.


Release Title – Aemone – Diving EP (Everybody In Records)

Release Date – 05/06/2020

1. Hold you (04:06)
2. Purple sun (05:18)
3. Rise (04:04)
4. Take your time (04:12)

Next up on London based Everybody In we have a 4 tracker from Belgium born Aemone. Stylistically this lo-fi EP has its roots firmly in the classic deep house but with a modern twist. Aemone’s crafty sampling of obscure jazz, 90s rave and other sources has an astuteness which is rarely heard outside of the masters.

This vibe filled record is all about a dirty sampled sound, juxtaposed with a dance floor focus, from the rolling and dreamy Hold You to the quirky and non-standard kilter of Purple Sun and sampled creaminess of Rise, all the way to the 90’s melter that is Take Your Time.

This is one of those EP’s where the artist shows you a few of their different faces, all equalling more than the sum of the parts. This record features artwork by the 3D Italian artist Mauro Casalino and drops the 5th of June on Everybody In.


Imran Mwangi – Happy Music EP (Tanzgemeinschaft Records)

Tanzgemeinschaft wants to stand for quality music. We do not look for just music but want memorable experiences. One can judge differently, but the slightest part in a track can cause great euphoria.

With Nairobi-based DJ & Producer, Imran Mwangi, we’ll have another great debut on our label. For this release, we’ll step away from the atmospheric & melodic techno that we have been releasing so far. Imran Mwangi delivers 2 warm & deep dreamy grooves with a housy edge.

The title track is a blissed-out sunset-ready dreaminess cut with well used vocal samples keeping it smooth & groovy. Think warming, mood-enhancing chords and a groovy rhythm.

Brussels-based versatile talent Amare adds her flair to “Happy Music”. She created a breezy deep house version with loved-up electronic motifs, keeping the grooviness of the original.

“Elementaita” sticks with the pace and smoothness of “Happy Music”. An easy-going beat & rhythm, keeping it dreamy.

Are you ready for 3 slinky dance floor grooves?

Beatport pre-order: 18/05/2020
Official release: 21/05/2020

Label & magazine:


Kalophain – We House EP (Rogue Decibels Records)

Next up on Rogue Decibels we welcome Kalophain Aka TxOne (Good Outside & Inside).
Kalophain, who was born in the 90’s amidst the developing house music scene, fuses House, Hip Hop & Dub Techno with Soul in style.
Here he delivers 4 groove-heavy tracks that ooze dancefloor appeal.
Also included is a stripped & raw remix by Deep Sentiments.


Marat Mode & The Look feat Eleonora – Endless (Alpha Black Music)

For the seventh issue from Alpha Black the label introduces four new artists and a vocalist.
Led by Marat Mode’s accompanied by the soothing voice of Eleonora, we receive an artist that is set to take over with his music. He provides us with an laid back bomb. A classic deep house bass, the beautiful voice of Eleonora, and harmonic textures. Followed with piano notes and a tender arp on top, the Original Mix of Endless is a complete throwback bomb, envolving the listener into a sentimental state.
We then receive three remixes coming from M.E.M.O., Odagled, and Juanjo Tur. Each one adding their own touch.
With the award for best hispanoamerican deephouse artist by Vicious Magazine, and releases on Mobilee, M.E.M.O. takes the softness and tenderness of the original and adds sharpness to it, becoming more aggressive. An ongoing arp that holds itself in the track and percussion that makes you want to move to the groove.
Odagled takes us to a peaceful state. A calm and soothing ambience that complements the vocals from Eleonora and engulf you into a state of meditation.
Finally, but not least, Juanjo Tur. He brings us the most fast paced of all versions, with a strong low end kick and subkick that are accompanied alongside a melodical texture on top and the vocals in the middle, carrying a dancy vibe with an hypnotic vibe to it.

This instalment of Alpha Black will be available for preorder on beatport the 11th of May, and released the 25th. The 8th of June on the rest of platforms.



Mockbeat – Perran EP (Submarine Vibes Records)

Release date: 11th May 2020

Release info:
Submarine Vibes presents the new Mockbeat’s EP, called Perran.
One of our favorite artists who’s been with us from the very beginning is back on Submarine – this time he brings us two new tracks.

The main track of EP Perran is a good balance between a dancefloor-oriented and casual listening track with catchy warm bassline and synth sounds.

B side of the EP Lonemonk is more of a classic piano chord progressions and solid basslines, Style you’d typically expect from MockBeat.



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