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Deepinradio New Treats (Week_43_2018)

Written by on 23/10/2018

Nextune & Hugues – The Cosmik Tape LP (Wind Horse Records)

Wind Horse lines up its next full-length release offering with the LP ‘Cosmik Tapes’ from the eclectic French trio Nextune X Hugues. The project is the Brainchild of Ken Linh Doky (on piano) and Thibault Gatinel (on drums) who collaborates with Hugues Morisset, a talented trumpeter who shares the same artistic vision as the former duo. Together the Parisian tastemakers land a laid-back, juicy, jazz inspired album that’s their interpretation of the intergalactic unknown which is simply outstanding.

The album’s opening track is aptly titled ‘Cosmic Voyage’ and is a warm, slow-dub groover that oozes class, panache and Cuban cigars. The Organically crafted percussions from Thibault and subtle keys from Ken are complemented by trumpet stabs and solos that seduce and awe at the same time. This is quickly followed by the track – ‘Journey through Cosmic Matter’ which is just as spaced out as the name suggests. Neptune’s ability to weave simple melancholic emotive atmospheres using church organs and pianos is incredible. As the tune meanders, time slows to a pace that the music dictates as you deep dive into an aural haze.

The fearless trio exhibit their experimental affinities with their next number ‘Up’s and Down’s’ that’s peppered with chords from Ken’s dabbles on the piano. Hugues wades in with beautifully construed harmonies that vibe amazingly well with each other. The fourth tune on the album is called ‘Alien Highway’ and is definitely something Elon musk should consider putting on his future space flights! The track begins with an intelligently crafted pad that’s reminiscent of the sound we all heard as kids in most sci-fi movies and cartoons. Thibault’s groovadelic rhythms are laid against hazy, smoky atmospheres and glorious notes from Hugues that make this one blubber with an eerily sultry vibe.

We switch planets with ‘Summer on Nibiru’, the next jam from the talented trio that’s peppered with influences from reggae, deep house and hip-hop, this one is definitely going to get a few plays on your car radio. Ken’s brilliance on the Piano cannot be understated as we return home to the next track on the LP, titled simply ‘Return to Planet Earth’. His piano lead, is accompanied by simple but effective beats, euphoric vocals and entrancing melodies that sway your senses.

The albums first deep-house offering ‘Spaceship Nostalgia’ is a musical masterpiece that marries each individual’s unique musical ideas and sense of flow impressively. The track ebbs and flows, changes tempo and leaves you a smile on your face!

‘Floating Islands’, the penultimate tune on the offering has a tinge of vintage to it. Soulful keys, organic percussions and luscious textures make this a must have in the bag of any DJ, especially those who love turning it down at the afterhours. Finally, the albums end with a chicago esque jam that’s bound to be instantly liked. Catchy and decidedly funky ‘The Stardust Nightclub’ rounds out an extremely impeccably produced album from the French mavericks.
A brilliant debut release that the Wind Horse family is proud to have the opportunity to release.
Cosmik tapes also would not have been possible without the support of their sound engineer, Bastian Pervoto and visual artist Tokio Aoyama.



Brian Power feat Hil St. Soul – Music (SoulHouse Music)

Following their summer smash ‘A New Day (The World Is Mine)’, SoulHouse Family’s creative alliance, Brian Power and Hil St.Soul, are back to seduce our dance floors with more spellbinding grooves on their new song dedicated to ‘Music’. Flowing with earthy London Soul vibes, Hilary waxes lyrical on the magic of music as her radiant tones glide over a hot bed of Calypso beats and warm sun-drenched keys. Adding more magic to this release, talented production duo Wipe The Needle deliver a beautifully mellow remix teased with enchanting piano melodies, smooth pads and seductive percussive beats for the dancers.

Although he has been involved in music at all levels from DJ to promoter, UK producer / DJ Brian Power only launched his studio career in recent years, swiftly gaining top name DJ support on his musical output on his now popular SoulHouse Music label. Brian has collaborated and released with artists such as including Michelle John, Lifford, Kathy Kosins, Ali Tennant, Ronnie Herel and more, working alongside his SoulHouse A-team Tony Econimides and Mike Patto. He’s also enlisted the help of top remixers including Eric Kupper, N’Dinga Gaba, Booker T, DJ Spen & Gary Hudgins and Richard Earnshaw, Mark Di Meo and Opolopo, among others. Brian’s impressive debut album ‘Brian Power presents SoulHouse Vol. 1’, was released earlier this year, featuring top soulful artists including Marc Avon Evans, Mike Delgado, Adriana, Lloyd Wade, among others. His most recent releases including ‘Can We Pretend’ with Kathy Kosins, ‘To Feel Your Grace’ with Michelle John (incl. Klevakeys and Mike Delgado Remixes) and Hil St. Soul ‘A New Day (The World Is Mine)’ (ft Jihad Muhammad Remix) have all gained huge support from the global soulful house fraternity. Brian’s own remix portfolio is building nicely including recent work for some of Soul Music’s finest divas, Lisa Stansfield ‘Never Ever’, Jody Watley ‘The Passion’ and Jaki Graham ‘When A Woman Loves’. With a rising demand in live bookings and a plethora of new collaborations in the pipeline, 2018 has already been a bumper year for Brian and the SoulHouse Family and looks certain to end on a high note.

Hil St. Soul, Aka Hilary Mwelwa was born in Zambia who relocated to London and as a child grew up listening to the sounds of traditional Zambian music along with R&B soul icons such as Aretha Franklin, Marvin Gaye and Stevie Wonder. Hil St. Soul, boasts an impressive discography with 5 hugely acclaimed albums to her name, including her debut album ‘Soul Organic’ (Dome Records), ‘Copasetik & Cool’, ‘Soulidified’, ‘Black Rose (Shanachie)’ and ‘Release’ (Dome Records).



Slow Nomaden – Vasudeva EP (Nu Bohème Recordings)

On his latest two track release Slow Nomaden takes you on another deep musical journey. Inspired by the famous novel Siddhartha both tracks are characterized by a fusion of organic Indian percussions and instruments with 4/4 beats, atmospheric pads and arpeggios.
The title track Vasudeva creates a deep meditative soundscape through the use of phasing pads, delays, flutes and voices. On the other hand Kamaswami sounds much more energetic and restless. Slow Nomaden manages to build a fine tension between the electronic and organic elements that play with the contrast of modern life and inner peace.

Release date: November 19th 2018

Format: Digital



Salski – In Front of EP (Ready Mix Records)

Release Date:
October 29th 2018 (Beatport Exclusive)
November 12th 2018 (Worldwide)

The 193rd release on Ready Mix Records comes in the form of a punchy two track EP from Polish producer Salski.

No stranger to lovers of the deep sounds, Salski has released on Submarine Records, The Purr and Haute Musique as well as appearing several times on Ready Mix.

Opening track ‘In Front Of’ sets out its stall with a monstrous, trouser-shaking bassline, nicely backed up with hypnotic chords and ravey synth arpeggios. Potent stuff!

Second track ‘Behind’ fittingly starts out in a slightly more reflective mood before its swung groove and dominant synth lines cut through the mix and send the energy through the roof. Smooth enough for home listening but with more than enough presence to hold their own in the club, these two tracks stand testament to Salski’s continued growth as a composer and producer.



Budakid – Quixotic EP (When We Dip XYZ)

Format: Digital

XYZ is a new label set up in collaboration with the people behind the When We Dip blog, and the first release is a three track EP from Budakid who has previously released on Einmusika, Last Night On Earth, All Day I Dream, Click Records and Armada Music.

Hailing from Tilburg in Holland, Budakid is the music alias of Kevin Huizing who started out as a drummer, and this love of rhythm soon drew his attention to electronic music where drums are a tracks most important element.

First came DJ’ing and it wasn’t long before he had a residency at a prominent club in Utrecht, which is a Dutch city that neighbours Amsterdam. Not even eighteen years old, he was playing to a dancefloor packed full of people twice his age and this is where the maturity of his music taste was first showcased.

Getting older, a love of DJ’ing lead to a logical next step of making his own tracks and he taught himself music production, taking influence from Todd Terje, Stimming, and Caribou, he soon developed his own uniquely melodic sound.

From his early releases he started to pick up regular support from top club spinners, fans of his tracks are people such as Sasha, Oliver Schories, Einmusik and Guy J.

Track one “Senlin” opens the EP with spacious atmosphere lined with the delicate melodies that drift into the distance like autumn leaves blowing in the wind. The precision engineering of the percussive framework is light but firm with a rigid foundation that keeps the groove grounded to ensure its remains dancefloor focused.

Switching up the vibe “Quixotic” is second offering and it features Westseven. Its jazzy synths blended with vocal textures give the track a tranquil vibe with upbeat rhythms. Intricate and introverted, the self-reflective intro unfolds in the main break when the vocal opens up with welcoming tones that engulf the listener with a sense of contentment.

Last is “Anesthesia” featuring the vocals of Sterioa, which is a shadowy cut with the building tension of an ominous bassline combined with a gentle melody. The contrasting moods fuse with the vocals soothing textures to take the listener on a twisting journey of epic proportions.



Aevasyon – Asian Trip EP (Deeplomatic Recordings)

Aevasyon’s first EP with Deeplomatic Recordings featuring three songs : Kyoto, Osaka and Tokyo. Take a trip to Asia and discover profound & housy vibes with deep chords, inspiring melodies and groovy basslines.



Eddy Romero – Between Bros & Overgrounds RMXS Series Pt 3 (EXPmental Records Digital)

So the trilogy arrives to the end , our remix series is in it’s last part and with it we close our ten years and also the release of the first label boss Album. For this two remixes Eddy decided to get another of his favourites and those are the german based Klartraum after a long talk they decided to go for the “Overgrounds” track and they did a live remix getting an amazing 9 minutes trip where the unexpected can happen , listen to it carefully from the very first till the end. For the second one the groove man Rodrigo DP and that’s what you will do dance to that groove remixing the track “Hey Bro” so it looks that in this remix series we have the Album title “Between Bros And Overgrounds” choiced but it was not done like this really has been the destiny who has made this be like this. So thanks once more , thanks for making possible our long life , thanks for being part of our label in any way , and the history goes on ! Get ready for next 2019 !!!

For more info please visit:

Mastered at Soundvision Mastering (Eddy Romero): [email protected]

Release date: November 26th 2018 Exclusive Beatport

Format: Digital


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