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Written by on 03/11/2020

Stereo Leap ZA – Timeless EP (Haute Musique)

Release Date:
November 16th 2020 (Traxsource Exclusive)
November 30th 2020 (Worldwide)

We are delighted to welcome South African producer Siphosethu Nkala aka Stereo Leap ZA to Haute Musique for our 47th label release, which features three original tracks.

Nicely fusing classical deep house sounds with his own Afro twist, Stereo Leap ZA’ opener ‘Ancient Times’ is a beautifully produced, smooth and evocative cut that plays on nostalgia and brings back the good ol’ days.

Second original, ‘Timeless’, heads into a somewhat funkier and more playful territory, with dense melodies and a potent groove designed to uplift.

To close out the package, A Raw Groove is a well written and executed track that oozes in 90’s deep house vibes.



Cruster – Alba EP (Ready Mix Records)

Release Date:
November 13th 2020 (Beatport Exclusive)
November 27th 2020 (Worldwide)

For release 226 on Ready Mix Records, we welcome Argentinian DJ and producer Cruster to the label with three original cuts, plus remixes from Hernan Cerbello and Kiano.

Jose Luis Pizzi, A.K.A. Cruster, has been a musician since his youth, more recently DJing in underground clubs in his hometown of Buenos Aires and adopting the ‘Cruster’ moniker in 2016.

Opening track ‘Alba’ drives on the livelier side of the Deep House highway, propelled by bouncy drums, tight synth stabs and a powerful vocal hook.

Local hero Hernan Cerbello turns in a predictably rolling and subtle version of ‘Alba’, showing poise and perfectly controlled power over the groove.

Second track ‘Whispers’ takes a moodier, dreamlike turn, with wrong-footing stabs and swirling atmospheres making way for ethereal spoken word vocals and sweeping synth-clouds.

Kiano cooks up a tougher, darker version of ‘Whispers’, sailing the track into deep, tribal, percussive waters.

Third original track ‘Obsession’ plays with smooth synth chords and fragmented melodies over a solid drum track, summoning a hypnotic vibe for late nights and closed eyes.



VA Deeplomatic Flavours Vol. 6 (Deeplomatic Records)

Deeplomatic Recordings proudly presents ‘Deeplomatic Flavours Vol.6’ the sixth volume of a series of albums in which the label carefully selects some of the most prolific up and coming artists. Comprised of twelve sublime cuts, the compilation represents a range of deep-house sub genres that explores the realms of tech and progressive house.

It all starts with the hugely talented Australian producer, Amod3us, who delivers a spacey yet percussive tune wrapped in dreamy vocals. The second in the album comes from Donluiz Musicue with a deep roller called “Uptown Groove” full of lush synth pads and dreamy female vocals, backed by dubby bass lines. Daesmith is up next with a harmonic and minimalist take which is rich in detail and contains trippier elements whilst holding true to a sonic theme.

After lifting the mood into more progressive sounds in the track “My Way” by Dutxe, comes Gatto, who brings a deep hitting, story-telling minimalistic track full of light stabbing kicks and echoing vocal samples. Up next are Vriends Of Mine and Tony M3tric with their tracks “Assumptions” and “Espirales”, both of which provide faster paced minimal house sounds infused with disco and funk elements.

The emerging duo of ELZACE initiates the second half of the compilation following up with more tech savy sounds under the name of “Jazz Queen”. In contrast, Nykko continues the ride with a tech house stomper, upping the groove with solid builds and a fast paced 4×4 beat. “I Wanna Live” by the hugely talented Taproz is next with a solid yet bouncy house cut packed with synth pads and wrapped tightly in seductive vocals. Up next goes Luk Follin with a heavier body-jerker that builds all the way through with progressive bass samples.

Concluding the twelve-track thriller faster paced track “Wallop” from DOBé. Touching on the darker aspects, the artist showcases a heavier weighted track that contains dark, deeper and vibrant bass lines, creating an industrial-like atmosphere.

Global Release date: 20/11/2020



VA – Private Beat Edition 01 (Shamkara Records)

Shamkara Records celebrates its 50th release with ‘Private Beat Edition 1’, a series dedicated to chill and deep house sound.
Luis hungary, UruMusicArt, Antero Monteiro and Davdavis make this selection a true private rhythm, just for you to enjoy.

Music for your senses.



Serkan Eles – Arjuna EP (Submarine Vibes)

Release date: 16th October 2020

Submarine Vibes proudly presents its new release – Arjuna EP by Turkish producer Serkan Eles.
EP includes 4 original tracks, which are a perfect mix of oriental sounds and club grooves. Intricate oriental melodies combined with a classic club groove make this release worthy of being in your music library.
Serkan Eles entered the world of music as a guitar player in 2002. A few years later, when he got intrigued by the possibilities of electronic music, he started to discover new ways of expressing himself. It did not take long for Serkan to start producing electronic music with motifs of his homeland that are uniquely shaped into a modern club sound.
He released his music on labels as Acker Records, Merkaba Music, and also he runs his own label called Eles Records.

Submarine Vibes:

Serkan Eles



Nylon Trax VA – ARCHV 1 (Nylon Trax)

Originally released back in 2016 on 12′ inch vinyl, the Nylon Trax Compilation ‘ARCHV 1’ is now available on your favorite streaming services and as a digital download.
This crucial piece of music features interstellar tunes from the extensive Nylon Trax catalog.

This four-tracker highlights the unsurpassable talents of Darrius Willrich, Leandro P., Anthony Poteat, DJ Qu, DJ Jus-Ed, Zulus At Work, M. Caporale, and Jaymz Nylon himself.

Traversing between all corners of the Nylon Trax diaspora, the club-ready ‘Archv 1’ leaves no rock unturned. Proving the perfect introduction to those unfamiliar with the label’s hyper-global sound and comforting to the longtime supporters.

Published by Man Made Nylon Music / BMG
(p) & (c) 2020 Nylon Recordings



Sabo – Buddy System LP (Sol Selectas Music)

Sol Selectas label boss Sabo returns to the imprint for his second artist album, which features eight original tracks, each made in collaboration with a different artist.

With soaring melodies, enchanting rhythms and mystical atmosphere, the collaborating artists include Dandara, UNER, Namito, Noema, Hot Oasis, Saint Flip, Metrika and SidiRum.

Sabo is a globetrotting DJ who is invited to play various cities and exotic locations around the world. This gives him a chance to meet other likeminded people and documents his experiences by collaborating on music.

Pieced together over a three-year period, this stunning collection of tracks features collaborations with people who have roots in Persia, India, Ancient Greece, Spain, and Jordan.

Meeting to record in studios based in Mexico, Switzerland, Argentina and Berlin, there is a noticeable blend of culture from different roots and their surrounding environment.

Many of the artists who feature on this release alongside Sabo have also released their solo music on Sol Selectas, but this special release is very much a family event hosted by Sabo, and a reunion of old friends who share a spiritual connection.

Starting with the deep atmosphere and soothing vocals of “Red Lotus’” down tempo groove, the album maintains a steady trajectory as it ramps up the energy with “Bakhu”, “Celebration Santoor” and “Duende”. “Min Q” drops the tempo again with its sombre atmosphere and trippy vocals before the chugging rhythms of “Daikato”. Rounding off the release with some cosmic synth work and tribal percussion, “Imagine” is the penultimate track before “Fainá” closes out the album with its mystic vibes.

An epic journey of sound, this well-travelled album is an audio passport that takes the listener on a trip of imagination that translates into an epic dance floor experience, as although perfectly suited to headphone listening, none of the tracks would sound out of place in a club environment.



Tyler Mesa – Erathia EP (TOR Music)

Release Date: Friday 6 November 2020
Format: Digital

01. Erathia
02. Dream To Reality
03. Memoridea
04. Rising Sun

When We Dip’s new label TOR is sister imprint to the brand’s already established XYZ label, and its latest offering of delectable deep house comes from Montreal based Tyler Mesa whose melodic style is genuinely unique.

Thrilled to have Tyler on board for the next TOR release, the When We Dip team are excited for this release.

Titled the Erathia EP, the tracks have style that takes influence from Tyler Mesa’s roots in trance and techno, yet full of innovative flair. The EP represents his departure into a space where he will explore his influences and introspections, the results of which will be heard throughout the When We Dip labels.

“Erathia” and “Dream to Reality” showcase a knack for soothing textures with fluttering melodies. Easing us into the depths of the project, Mesa’s ability to float the mind is evident from the get-go.

As we reach the pinnacle of the EP, “Memoridea” and “Rising Sun” bring immense energy and grit through progressive basslines and rich synth work. Dance floor weapons steal the show, as we welcome club-centric sounds into the fold.



Circular Run – Humidity EP (Experiment Records)

Circular Run is a new member of Experiment Records family and by judging the quality he delivered, it was a no brainer to welcome him in our catalogue. He comes from Florida and the sound of his 2 track Humidity EP fits perfectly to those sandy beaches and summer days. Let’s dig into this very refreshing, organic deep house music!
Circular Run began his musical experience at a young age, growing up trained in multiple instruments and classical and jazz composition. He quickly turned to producing electronic music on some of the earlier electronic platforms, inspired by artists likes Faithless, Orbital and Underworld. Living within a stone’s throw of some of the best beaches in the western hemisphere, the surrounding landscape and Florida climate heavily influence his sound. On a good day, you’ll find him enduring the Florida heat in seersucker and holding a strong cocktail.

[email protected]



Luis Machuca – Sounds Right (Friskybeat Records)

Inspired by the vibe at his monthly Vancouver residency, Better Days, DJ Luis Machuca has crafted the grooving house cut “Sounds Right” for his Friskybeat imprint. The track draws upon diverse house music styles — soulful, deep, jazzy, and afro-latin — which reflects Machuca’s multi-faceted DJ sets at the club night. “Sound Right” starts with an understated kick drum rhythm as swirling chords build. Percussion and handclap raise the feel, further enhanced by a crunchy baseline and a cool vocal drop. The track’s secret weapon is a live baritone saxophone by Dave Say, joining “Sounds Right” to provide a dose of jazzy melody. “Sounds Right” is a warm, cozy affair, perfect as the nights get cooler.

Release Date:
13th Nov 2020

Label and Artist Links: 128k

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