Deepinradio New Treats (Week_52_2019)

Written by on 24/12/2019

Bob Singh – Keepin’ It Deep (Sunclock Records)

Traxsource Release: 9th January 2020
Worldwide Release: 23rd February 2020

Please welcome Bob Singh, a young producer from Jakarta. His purely deep house style is very strong and this is demonstrated by his “Keepin’ It Deep” a very special gem that boasts remixes of Mr KG, N’Dinga Gaba, Q Narongwate and Vincent Kwok. A respectable package!
Original Mix’ has a classic and refined 4/4 mould, characterized by a very warm and enveloping pad melody that relies on a stylish bass turn.
Mr KG Sunset Mix’ has a dirtier groove and a more hypnotic musical imprint. A particular perpetual synth is the backbone of this version. A warm pad softens the atmosphere giving it further refinement.
N’Dinga Gaba’ has a straight and energetic groove. The electronic synths that are immediately apparent give a strong dance-oriented imprint. The rhythmic structure and arrangements are effective and the synth melodies create a vortex that will give a strong grip to the bigger dancefloors!
Q Naronwate Remix’ has its unmistakable deep house imprint. Groove punctuated by light percussion and with a very refined structure. Unpredictable and well thought out centre break. This version will create a unique atmosphere in the club.
Vincent Kwow Remix’ plays especially with the synth melody creating a particularly effective effect on the track and listening. The groove is straight and perfectly calibrated for the dancefloor. In its entirety it is a surprising version. A great package to have at all costs!



Alejandro Mosso – Sirocco EP (When We Dip XYZ Records)

Format: Digital

01. Sirocco
02. Caravan
03. Adrift

XYZ is a label set up by the team behind the When We Dip blog, and its sound focuses towards melodic grooves and ambient moods, where intricate melodies meet club-friendly percussion.
The label’s new release is from Alejandro Mosso, an Argentinian whose musical forte has been bred in Berlin. Racking up releases on Cocoon, Third Ear and Hivern Discs he has already proven his exceptional talent.
For fifteen years he has been developing organic and delicate electronic music with innovative percussion. Through challenging the understanding of what dance music could be, Alejandro Mosso sits at the intersection of deep house, minimal techno, tribal, and melodic dance music.
With an ability to traverse genre lines he is impossible to pigeonhole also having a hand in a diverse selection of artistic projects, and this is what makes him a perfect choice for XYZ’s vision.
Touching upon the deeper ends of house, this three track release rests upon his ever-present percussive mastery. Title-track “Sirocco” opens the EP, with a groovy rhythm feeding into a soothing melody with atmospheric wind instrumentals.
Track two “Caravan” is all about the drums, allowing an untarnished beat to set the tone early in the track. Haunting pads arrive to set a sturdy soundscape, expanding the melody during the bridge before the percussive kick reignites.
Finishing off the trio is “Adrift” that is a showcase of Mosso’s ability to arrange complex melodic gems. A piano carries the groove, with fluttering synths floating in and out to create pensive moments on the dance floor.



Jordan Strong – Shine Down (Uniting Souls Music)

Jordan Strong returns to Uniting Souls Music for the slinky after-hours ride of “Shine Down.” Hot on the heels of “The Tribe, The Hive,” the previous USM release from the Los Angeles-based DJ/producer, “Shine Down” is a hearty dose of flowing deep house mixed with a captivating touch of Italo disco. Simmering pads and spacey vocoder action lay over a prominent bass line and punchy rhythm kit. Echoed handclaps, disco toms, and cool electronic piano chords add to the track’s dance-floor appeal. It’s potent stuff.
The remixes are varied and equally cool. L.A.’s SAAND (Dilate, Sol Selectas) creates a psychedelic interpretation that wouldn’t be out of place in the dark backroom of a late-90s Bay Area underground party. Pacific northwest veteran Michael Manahan (Hunt & Gather) delivers a crisp, insistent take that reveals layers and cosmic vibrations throughout its runtime. Lee Houser (Proper Slap, Filter Music) — the Seattle duo of John Lee and Simon Houser — remodel “Shine Down” into a lush and hypnotic slice of classic deep house. And then Jordan Strong returns with his Beachcomber Remix, offering a bigger sound accented by a rousing 80s-style guitar solo. Another stacked, quality release from Uniting Souls.

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Akuba – Ruh-u Revan EP (ReadyMix Records)

Release Date:
December 27th 2019 (Beatport Exclusive)
January 10th 2020 (Worldwide)

For release number 214 on Ready Mix Records, we present a unique trio of cuts crafted by Turkish producer Akuba, plus remixes from Music P, Tolga Horasanli and Jero Nougues.
Released under the artist’s real name Alper Kuyubasi, opening track ‘Mimi’s World’ was originally issued by Ready Mix on ‘The Ethnomusicology Experience Part 2’ compilation. This rework takes a languid, refreshing new look at a truly unusual, richly melodic track.
Akuba’s musical aim is ‘to bring listeners from different cultures together under one roof’ manifests itself in the second original track ‘Ruh-u-Revan’, as spiritual Eastern strings weave themselves around a hypnotic, stripped down contemporary Deep House atmosphere.
German hotshot producer and former rapper Music P delivers a bouncier, more up-tempo remix of ‘Ruh-u-Revan’, ready for the bar or club floor.
Tolga Horasanli’s version of ‘Ruh-u-Revan’ heads into sunset terrace territory, with Balearic guitar and a slow-grooving arrangement.
‘Egyptian Fantasy’ summons up visions of a desert’s red sunsets with its sweeping arrangement and stately string motifs.
Closing out our package, Argentinian producer Jero Nougues re-imagines ‘Egyptian Fantasy’ as a widescreen epic, with lush synth arpeggios and a dramatic, progressive arrangement making this a surefire dance-floor mover.



Jakhira & Frederick Alonso – Grace (Be Adult Music)

Please welcome on board Jakhira & Frederick Alonso and their fantastic Grace EP. It’s no accident that these two guys have gotten together to produce some fine and elegant music. The release contains 3 differents version: Original Paradise, Underground Mix and the House Mix version to wrap the EP. Quality music for the Deep House fans.



Cyclades – Dolce EP (Cyclades Records)

Release Date – 31st of January 2020

Cyclades is an alias of Modern House Quintet, a live electronic duo who produce House and Techno music. What started out as a live show of unreleased productions ended up in 2015 in a series of 12″, released on both their self-imprint (Modern House Quintet and Cyclades). They solely perform live, playing and improvising with hardware equipment only (sequencer, sampler, synthesizers, drum machines, pedal effects). Therefore, each show is unique and see them compounding their own music – novel and pre-existing songs – through cables and electronic instruments. Cyclades is merely an alias. There is not really a big “concept” behind it. Let’s say that it’s simply fun to release records under another name !

Artist Quote: “This record is the third one under the Cyclades moniker. It contains five tracks this time. Songs are quite different from each other. “Gramvousa” gathers piano and guitar lines, whereas “Breeze” is a dub-techno song. On the flipside, B1 could be seen as a delicate House-ish & Techno-ish track at the same. Despite the name “Dolce”, B2 is the breakbeat track of the EP. Lastly, “Ammoudi” concludes this record with a kind of a vibraphonic interlude. By the way, photos were kindly provided by Jonathan A. Cook, from Washington DC.”




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