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New Treats Week-02-2024

Written by on 18/01/2024


Yves Murasca – Right On (Déepalma Soul)

Release Date: 16th February 2024

Yves Murasca’s ‘Right On’ gets a stunning revamp with remixes by Augusto Gagliardi and Monoteq & Grisha Gerrus.

Déepalma Soul is set to breathe new life into one of Yves Murasca’s most iconic singles, ‘Right On,’ with a stellar remix package featuring the talents of Augusto Gagliardi, Monoteq and Grisha Gerrus (RIP). Initially released in 2016, ‘Right On’ is one of Murasca’s most successful tracks, amassing over 2 million YouTube hits and surpassing 1 million combined Spotify plays.

Augusto Gagliardi’s take on the classic is a deep, captivating journey characterised by a rolling bass that propels the track forward. Gagliardi’s remix adds a fresh perspective to ‘Right On,’ infusing it with a contemporary, deep house twist while maintaining the soulful essence that made the original a standout.

Conversely, the previously released remix by Monoteq & Grisha Gerrus injects disco and funk flavours into the timeless track. Their interpretation from 2017 combines vibrant melodies with a pulsating rhythm, creating an infectious groove bound to captivate audiences across the electronic music spectrum.

Tragically, Grisha Gerrus, one-half of the talented duo, passed away a few months after the completion of their remix. His untimely departure leaves a void in his family, friends and the music world, and his contribution to the project is a testament to his enduring talent and passion for the craft. Grisha’s spirit and creativity shine through in the remix he crafted alongside Monoteq. His talent left an indelible mark on ‘Right On;’ this release is dedicated to his memory. Rest In Peace, Grisha.

The ‘Right On’ remixes package is set for release on 16th February 2024, offering a nostalgic trip for longtime fans and an exciting introduction for those discovering Yves Murasca’s classic for the first time. Out on Déepalma Soul, the soulful division of Déepalma Records.



Arco – Lullaby EP (Déepalma Records)

Release Date: 9th February 2024

Déepalma Records marks their second release of 2024 with returning Czech talent Arco and his ‘Lullaby’ EP.

Following several releases on the label, Déepalma is delighted to welcome back Arco with three individually stunning tracks across his latest EP, beginning with the title track ‘Lullaby’ which fuses dreamy melodies, swaying grooves and serene vocal layers to cultivate an uplifting and refreshing organic house cut.

‘Floating Up’ comes next, taking things deeper with more pensive harmonies and cavernous atmospheres. Its bottomless pool of emotion is steered by subtly driving drum grooves and a crisp percussive shuffle, orbited by stunning vocal accents, delivering another exquisitely uplifting record.

‘Lights’ rounds off the EP with another display of melodic mastery. Huge sweeping bass notes usher the track forward alongside a core of afro-tinged drums, hats and shakers as the track opens up into a beautifully expansive display of modulating harmonies, rippling arps and utopian nuances – completing the third of three tracks to get lost entirely within.



BiG AL & Kiano – Take My Hand (Oh! Records Stockholm)

Brace yourself for a sonic journey as the formidable collaboration between two music maestros, Big Al and Kiano, brings forth their latest release, “Take Me Hand.” This sultry vocal deep house track is set to make waves in the music scene, promising an irresistible blend of seductive vocals and entrancing beats.

Remixes are coming later this year.




Kamzin Deep – Liteprenuer EP (Deep Clicks Music)

Genre: Deep House
Release Date: January 26, 2024

DCM introduces Kamzin Deep diving into Deep Clicks with three underground Deep House tracks straight from South Africa.

Immerse yourself in timeless and profound sounds, as Kamzin Deep takes you on a journey through the depths of electronic music. Experience the essence of South African underground beats, where each track resonates with a unique blend of depth and sophistication.

Kamzin Deep’s contribution to Deep Clicks promises an auditory exploration of the soul, delivering a musical experience that transcends boundaries and captivates with its entrancing vibes.

Get ready to be transported into the realm of Deep House, as Kamzin Deep leaves an indelible mark with a fusion of atemporal melodies and profound beats.

Deep Clicks Social Media:



Stones & Bones – Amathongo & Loca (Remixes) (Nite Grooves)

Stones & Bones Kick off 2024 with 2 brand new remixes of original tracks from their 2022 album ‘The 12 Year Saga’ via the New York City based Nite Grooves, the underground and deep arm of Armada Music.

The Nite Grooves remix pack offers up reimaginations of ‘Amathongo Amnyama’ now simply Named ‘Amathongo’ (feat. ToniCba & Reine Mash), and ‘Loca’ (feat. Intro to Music Theory).

With Stones & Bones’ taking on the rework of Amathongo with their own club mix and Tektonauts’ luscious take on Loca, these remixes breathe new life into the records, rendering them perfect for the dance floor.



The Disclosure Project – Windy City EP (Personal Belongings)

There’s no better news such as fresh music from The Disclosure Project.

Once again, we could dig on the vaults from the amazing UK duo bringing back to life a new EP consisting of three different tracks!

‘Windy City’ is the lead track, perfect for the House heads as it is spiced with a more raw, old-school vibe that makes it suitable for both day and night DJ Sets.

‘Cabriolet’ gets remixed by Ev Dark, and it’s exactly what you could expect from a release by The Disclosure Project. Cozy pads, dreamy atmospheres, deep basslines and tough grooves. Can it get any better?

Closing out the release, ‘Pow Wow’ slows down the tempo with a smooth, chilled jam.



Stan Zeff & Georgia Cee – Ilanga Nenyanga (Tambor Music)

Release Date: Friday, March 15 2024

UK born DJ and Producer Stan Zeff collaborates with the Italian song writer and vocalist Georgia Cee to produce this eclectic dance floor track. Tiger Wilson from New Jersey joined the group to bring his keyboard talents for the exceptional piano solo.

This track Ilanga Nenyanga means The Sun and Moon. It is a positive inspiring song that talks about the effects of the Sun and Moon on us all and how we use these elements to better our lives.

Stan and Georgia who now reside in the United States enjoyed making this song to be a part in creating love and positivity in the world today.

Produced by Stan Zeff
Lyrics and Vocals by Georgia Cee
Keys by Tiger Wilson
Arranged and Mixed By Stan Zeff
Mix and Mastered by Tambor Studios
Cover by Davron Bowman
Executive Producer: Stan Zeff

Artist Social Links:

Label Social Links:



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