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New Treats Week-06-2023

Written by on 18/02/2023


Leo Guardo feat Lizwi – Imikhuleko (Villahangar Records)

Leo Guardo, sound engineer, returns to Villahangar with Imikhuleko, his new track with which the label welcomes 2023. Afrohouse with a new totally experimental point of view: a solid groove that marries a melodic and emotional synth, designed for accompany the touching voice of Lizwi, able to reach the depths of the soul.

“Imikhuleko”, title of the track, means ‘Prayers’ in ZuluIl: the text is a combination of two South African prayers, made poetic by Lizwi’s intense and magnetic voice. Atmosphere and deep, emotional and spiritual vibrations thanks also to the Rooney synthesizer used for the hook, marry a text full of meaning designed to excite and reach very high introspective peaks.

Support by: Black Coffe, Themba, Brina Knauss, Hector Romero, Sasson, Djeff, Rob Stereo and more.



Cahelo – Elsewhere EP (Art Vibes)

Art Vibes returns with a winter release brimming with euphoria and profound progressions, aiming to transport you to other dimensions through organic rhythms and ethereal melodies. We’re delighted to release the Elsewhere EP by Cahelo.

French producer Cahelo has contributed two original tracks to the release, “Elsewhere” and “Bananaquit,” which have been beautifully reimagined by DSF and Mass Digital.

Cahelo’s EP begins with “Elsewhere,” an otherworldly anthem featuring Caribbean percussion and soulful vocals that lead into a warm, frothy, and sweet drop. With its shamanic melodies and radiant bells, this track becomes an inescapable source of joy.

On the other hand, “Bananaquit” is a track that never lets you go. Its playful, sweet, and fun bass line is blended with dreamlike samples, ghostly vocals, extraterrestrial strings, and spiritual pianos, culminating in an epic climax with a powerful lead synthesizer.

DSF’s remix of “Elsewhere” exudes astral qualities, making it the perfect track for escaping the outside world, whether you’re dancing in a crowded club or relaxing in the comfort of your own bedroom. This remix is bursting with energy and precision, creating a progressive atmosphere of party and frenzy.

Mass Digital has put his signature sound to work on “Bananaquit,” crafting a lunar piece that takes us through universes of color, utopian civilizations, and pleasant memories of the future. His remix is a tapestry of sonic details and hidden melodies, filling us with both calm and energy at the same time.

This release, like those that have come before it on the label, will go down in history as a treasure chest of sounds filled with magic, optimism, and a desire to embrace 2023 with open arms.



Jean Vayat & Evelynka – My Soul (Art Vibes)

December has gained golden colors thanks to ‘My Soul’, released on Art Vibes. A magnificent EP of three impressive tracks making us travel and dance introspectively in a very special way.

Courtesy of Ukrainian producer Jean Vayat and American singer / producer Evelynka, ‘My Soul’ takes us into a sphere of dance and reflection through powerful synthesizers and progressive beats. The beats go hand in hand with Evelynka’s spatial vocals, guiding us to a place where calm turns into euphoria.

Spanish producer Yamil joins Art Vibes with his own take on ‘My Soul’ where the minimalist kick and percussions give the track another personality. Keeping the narrative characteristics of the original piece, this remix ends up landing on a foamy drop, with glass bubbles and uplifting chime landscapes spinning around our ears. Try it for yourself!

Closing off the EP, Artaria’s remix of ‘My Soul’ is an explosion of intricate sound synthesis, restless percussion, reverberation and electric shocks that are impossible not to dance to. All this precedes an unexpected drop, uniting the rhythmic aesthetics of eighties techno with the energy of trance and its distinctive synthesizers.

This release is one more example of the diversity Art Vibes is aiming for when producing music. The three tracks stem from the same place but feature completely different aesthetics.



Hector J Rodriguez – You & Me EP (Underscore Recordings)

The latest release from Hector J Rodriguez on Underscore Recordings follows his previous offering on the Tremulant label. Where that one was a dubby and eccentric project heavily influenced by ambient and dub techno sounds, the vibe-focused You & Me lands squarely in the lo-fi house sub-genre.

“Deep Late Nights” is an ode to those post-party back-to-mine moments with friends. Lush pads and pitched vocal samples set the tone and atmosphere, with groovy bass lines and airy vocal parts further enhancing the track as it develops over time. “You & Me” follows with a deep heavy kick and detuned strings dancing in the stereo field. These elements push the track towards a mini-drop which includes an accented bass line and call-and-response male/female vocal phrases. The end of the track punctuates an implied sentiment with one last vocal chop: “We’re done here…” A fitting metaphor to be taken both literally and figuratively as the mark of completion.

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Naju – El Muelle EP (Beachside Limited)

Beachside Limited welcome Juan Esteban Campuzano, better known in the Colombian electronic scene as Naju who debuts with a beautiful release entitled El Muelle EP.
The release includes two explosive tracks of the finest minimal deep tech full of fine sounds, sharp kicks, twisted bass lines, hypnotic vocals and ethereal atmospheres.

Not to miss.









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