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New Treats Week-06-2024

Written by on 15/02/2024


VA – Awaken Hearts Vol. 1 (Cosmic Awakenings)

Release Date: Thursday 22 February 2024
Format: Digital

Lemurian’s record label, Cosmic Awakenings, starts 2024 with the maiden voyage of its new Awaken Hearts compilation, which features 30 tracks ranging from organic downtempo to Afro house.

Volume 1 of Awaken Hearts covers a wide spread of genres, but focuses on music with traditional instruments linked to different cultures from around the world. The tracks range in tempo, but all of them have vibrant percussion, and heartwarming melodies that light up the dance floor.

The release features music from Cosmic Awakenings favourites like DJ Bey, Magupi, DIBIDABO, ORKIDZ, Seba Campos, Ben & Vincent, AIWAA, Bakean and Adrian Schneider. There are also Cosmic Awakenings debuts from established artists including the likes of KÖNI, and the compilation also welcomes music from up-and-coming talents such as MANUMAT, Cobe-Cobe and WATTUSI.

All of the artists on this release boast their own individual achievements, but collectively they have made contributions to other highly respected record labels such as kośa, Cafe De Anatolia, Sol Selectas, WAYU Records, Bar 25, Magician On Duty, Lump Records, Shango Records, and many more.

There will also be a mixed version of this compilation where Lemurian blends the tracks into a magical DJ set, which includes most of the tracks as a continuous flow of exquisite music.

This is an awe-inspiring compilation that has something for anyone who likes organic tracks whether they be melodic or percussive.



VA – Afro House Connection 2024 (House Music With Love)

Release Date: 23rd february 2024

Acclaimed Swedish electronic imprint House Music With Love returns with another instalment of its ‘Afro House Connection’ VA series in late February, showcasing four new afro-inspired tribal house cuts.

‘Nnangalimbe’ opens the release with an exciting venture into the world of Afro Melodic music, marking a dynamic collaboration between the mesmerising vocals of Soul Star, Black Coffee’s esteemed live vocalist, and the emerging talent of UK producer Tomi H.

Dutch prodigies West & Hill follow with a stunning remix of ‘Ouria Deka’ by Touzani and Spotify viral artist Sofiya Nzau, showcasing the duo’s prowess in transforming tracks, having previously earned recognition via their “Know Places” edit, embraced by Diplo, Blondish, Keinemusik, Black Coffee and many more.

The musical journey continues with ‘Volar,’ a collaborative masterpiece where Seba Campos, Stefan Obermaier and Gonz Cabrera unite their talents to create an afro-latin house cut elevated by the soul-stirring vocals of Sofiya Nzau, making it a compelling and irresistible sonic experience.

The release ends with a harmonious convergence of talents as Khalvin and Kenyan vocalist Nes Mburu embark on a captivating musical odyssey with ‘Nitakanga’, taking listeners on a beautiful trip with a harmonious blend of melody and rhythm, creating a memorable musical journey that transcends boundaries and showcases the richness of Afro Melodic collaborations.



Processing Vessel – Come Into My Dream (Personal Belongings)

Processing Vessel contribution to dreamy, slowed down Deep House it’s been huge! With releases on Deepwit, Oh Stockholm or Batavia records under his belt, it’s finally time to present his new single ‘Come Into My Dream’, debuting on Personal Belongings.

On the remix duties, we kept paying tribute to that nostalgic, groovy pure Deep House with Forteba (Plastic City / Limitation Music) and ZaVen (Batavia Records) rebuilding the original track with their unique vision.

Forteba twists the song into a darker, rhythmic dub-friendly trip perfect for the early-hours while ZaVen crafts a chilled version with ethereal pads, synths and atmospheres.



VA – Haute Collection Vol. 6 (Haute Musique)

As a beacon of sonic sophistication, Haute Musique is back with a new VA ‘Haute Collection Vol.6’ and invites you to embark on a musical journey, transcending boundaries and exploring the hypnotic realms of Deep House music.

Kicking off the compilation is the Forteba Remix of Mr Son’s ‘Do It.’ Forteba’s unique style transforms the track into a timeless masterpiece, setting the tone for the immersive sonic experience that follows.

The journey continues with Pion’s Remix of Bluebook’s captivating ‘OP UM’ in its purest form. The Remix weaves a tapestry of deep emotions, showcasing the label’s commitment to the genre’s timeless allure.

Karavan Knights are back with an atmospherically profound remix of Savvas’ ‘Way of Life’, where the vibes unfold like chapters in an enchanting story.

Deep Active Sound takes the reins with a mesmerizing remix of Moti Brother’s ‘Chordy’. The infusion of Deep Active Sound’s signature style elevates the track, creating a sonic experience that pushes the boundaries.

Marco Grandi is back with an slow-mo Original track named ‘Until I Came Home’. Grandi’s studio mastery is on full display here. Subtle power that takes listeners on trip through layers of deep house intricacies.

Last but certainly not least, D.M.P debuts on Haute Musique with an unreleased remix of Harlem Knights Feat. Re-Bound’s ‘Road Runner’.

Immerse yourself in the sounds of Haute Musique and discover a collection that resonates with the true spirit of modern deep house music.



VA – Already Mixed Vol.30 (Ready Mix Records)

Release Date:
February 23rd 2024 (Beatport Exclusive)
March 8th 2024 (Worldwide)

DJ/Producer duo Tidy Daps, composed of Tim Haze & Tommy Doctor, proudly introduce ‘Already Mixed Vol.30’, an electrifying and diverse compilation showcasing their versatile style and love for electronic music. Tim and Tommy, hailing from Poland, bring their collective passion for music to the forefront, curating a mix that explores the deeper side of House Music.

Having graced renowned clubs, parties, and international festivals, Tidy Daps have made a significant impact with performances at Creamfields, Ministry of Sound London, Pacha London and many more.

For ‘Already Mixed Vol.30’, Tidy Daps feature tracks from talented artists across the House music range. From The Timewriter’s Remix of Mika Olson’s ‘Deep Blue Chair’ to David Kassi’ ‘Arahova’ to Forteba’s Remix of Moti Brothers’ ‘The Beginning’ to Bescheerer’s Remix of BiG AL’s ‘Mucho Gusto’ to their own Originals such as ‘Some Noise’ and ‘Compartir’ to their brand new remix of D.M.P’s ‘Something New’,’ each track contributes to the vibrant tapestry of deep sounds that define Tidy Daps’ musical vision.

Their extensive discography includes releases on over 40 labels worldwide. Labels such as our own Ready Mix Records and Haute Musique, Nite Grooves, Milk & Sugar, Personal Belongings, UM Records and Deepalma to name but a few.

Embark on a sonic journey as we invite you to explore the realm of Ready Mix through the extraordinary auditory lens of Tidy Daps.



Ian Daniels – Like It EP (Deep Clicks Music)

Release Date: February 23, 2024

Deep Clicks is thrilled to introduce Ian Daniels with two exclusive tracks for Deep House enthusiasts: “Like It” and “Life Transponder”. These tracks epitomise pure Deep House, with synthesisers and pads delving deep into the essence of the genre.
Additionally, the release features a remix of the main track by Deephope, offering a unique perspective on the sound.

Get ready to immerse yourself in the hypnotic beats and captivating melodies curated by Ian Daniels.

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Yves Murasca – All About Housemusic (Dilby Remix) (Déepalma Records)

Release Date: 1st March 2024

Berlin-based Deep House stalwart Dibly returns to Déepalma Records, delivering a signature spin on label boss Yves Murasca’s ‘All About Housemusic.’

Originally from New Zealand, Dilby continues to take the world by storm with his unique take on underground music. Following ‘Barricade’ and his remix of Yves and Rosario’s ‘Lo Que Siento’ on the label in 2023, Dilby is back on Déepalma early in 2024 with another impressive re-do, following in the footsteps of Sebb Junior and Dario D’Attis with his remix of Yves Murasca’s ‘All About Housemusic.’

At its core, Dilby’s remix of ‘All About Housemusic’ is a driving Deep House cut built for packed, peak-time dancefloors. A track that revolves around that crescendoing feeling of euphoria, spurred on by deep, resonant house music, has all the elements to keep you on your feet and dive deeper into the journey: pumping drums, silky synths and potent bass tones, climactic builds and rolls, all brought together by an iconic vocal, encapsulating the very magic of House music and its deeply rooted presence in contemporary electronic music.



Roni Iron – Inside My Head (Déepalma Records)

Release Date: 15th March 2024

Renowned Greek musician Roni Iron debuts on Déepalma Records with ‘Inside My Head,’ featuring a remix from fellow countryman and returning artist T.Markakis.

Roni Iron has spent two decades crafting electronic dance music, blending techno, progressive, lounge, and house genres, gaining international acclaim, reflected in his chart-topping success. Roni’s debut on Déepalma also sees a remix from Santorini-based T.Markakis, who returns to the label following his ‘Cali / Da Groove’ & ‘Missing U / Like the Sun’ releases in 2022.

Roni Iron’s ‘Inside My Head’ opens the release with sophisticated drum grooves and shuffling percussive cadence, matched by a resonant, plucked bassline and an array of immersive synth stabs, pads and arps that dissolve the track’s hooking vocal chorus, carving out a captivating Deep House plunge pool of hypnotic harmonies and mesmeric rhythms.

T.Markakis rounds off the release in style, adding driving momentum to Roni’s original with undulating drums, dissolving pads, ethereal breakdowns and the addition of a dreamy xylophone throughout, culminating in an enchanting late-night number.



Tito Alvarez & Xtrill- Frequency EP (Overtones Records)

Tito Alvarez is a dynamic DJ based in Santo Domingo, DR, with roots tracing back to Washington Heights, NYC. His music draws inspiration from a rich tapestry of influences, including old-school hip-hop, Afro-Latin rhythms, and classical compositions. From his early exposure to Beethoven’s symphonies to the energetic beats of merengue and the hip-hop culture of New York, Alvarez’s sound is a fusion of diverse musical elements.

Tito Alvarez’s “Frequency,” a standout track from the electrifying “Frequency EP,” transcends the boundaries of conventional tech house, delivering an unparalleled sonic experience. Drenched in innovation and pulsating energy, this track beckons listeners into a realm where tight percussion, a magnetic vocal hook, and a meticulously crafted pad converge seamlessly.

At the heart of “Frequency” lies a rhythmic tapestry woven with precision. The tight percussion serves as the backbone, creating a hypnotic groove that propels the track forward with irresistible momentum. Each beat is a carefully calculated step, guiding the audience through a dance floor journey like no other.

The B-side ‘Sapphire’ is a collaboration with Xtrill, a house music producer hailing from Santo Domingo, Domincan Republic who made his debut in the music industry in 2016. Xtrill has honed a unique and thrilling style within the house genre, captivating fans worldwide.

With a shared passion for house music, these two artists have seamlessly merged their individual styles to create a track that is bound to leave an indelible mark on the world of electronic music. Not only does it define the boundaries of tech house but also serves as a heartfelt ode to the Latin public, with a special shoutout to the vibrant crowd of the Dominican Republic and other Latin territories. It’s a cultural embrace, a sonic testament to the profound connection between artist and audience.



4 Da People – Plastic People (Grey City Records)

“Plastic People” marks a vibrant addition to the Deep House genre, courtesy of music producer 4 Da People on Grey City Records. With its infectious grooves and nostalgic vibes, this E.P. promises to captivate audiences worldwide.

The tracks feature an enticing blend of old school keys and synths, reminiscent of classic Funky House tunes, layered over a deep, pulsating sub bass. Each element intertwines seamlessly to create a dynamic and engaging sonic landscape.

In the dub mix, the essence of the original tracks is amplified, offering a deeper and more immersive experience, tailor-made for peak moments on the dance floor.

Scheduled for release on March 10th, 2023, “Plastic People” is poised to make waves across all digital music platforms, inviting listeners to indulge in its irresistible rhythms and infectious energy.

Released February 10, 2024



Petails In Sound – Caipirinha EP (Paille Records)

Format: Digital
Release Date: 23.02.2023

Petals in Sound makes her debut on Paille Records with a driving four-tracker. ‘Always Be’ provides a solid rhythmic foundation alongside soulful synths chords that widens the soundscape. This beautiful track gets a facelift courtesy of Tree Threes. Straight off the bat, the drums are driven harder, picking up the energy level while maintaining the distinctive soulful elements of the tracks. A great balance straight and deep house ready for any dance floor.

‘Caipirinha’ keeps the momentum going with a solid groove that is beautifully complemented by a spacey top-end and smokey vocals. Beautiful through and through. ‘Our Place’ makes use of atmospheric pads and synths chords alongside beautifully masked vocals that provide a floating track.

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