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New Treats Week-08-2024

Written by on 03/03/2024


VA – Focus:015 (Harlem Knights) (Ready Mix Records)

Release Dates:
March 8th 2024 (Beatport Exclusive)
March 22nd 2024 (Worldwide)

Welcome to the next chapter of our ‘Focus’ compilation series, where we shed the light on the remarkable sonic journey of an Artist through their history of releases on our expansive label network.

Focus:015 is a spotlight on the incredibly talented ‘Harlem Knights,’ also known as the multi-faceted BiG AL and his studio partner, Levi aka (Human8)

Harlem Knights hardly need an introduction, as you’re probably already acquainted with their body of work with releases on such great labels as Nite Grooves, Vizual Recods, i! Records, Lucidflow, Dutchie Music, Be Adult Music, Oh! Records Stockholm, Haute Musique and our very own Ready Mix Records to name but a few.

‘Focus:015′ presents a carefully curated selection from Harlem Knights’ discography, featuring a total of 11 original tracks and 6 fantastic remixes of songs by artists like John Creamer & Stephane K. Feat. Nkemdi, Addex, Igor Gonya, Roby Deep, Marco Grandi and Krummstoff.



VA – G2B3 Pt 3 (It’s Good To Be A Tree)

Release Date: Thursday 7 March 2024
Format: Digital

It’s Good To Be A Tree is a deep and organic record label that focuses on tracks with downtempo grooves with trippy atmospherics, and the imprint is back with the third instalment of its annual various artist compilation.

‘G2B3:comp-03’ features nine tracks by artists including Fawno Feat. Dilob, Xente, Last Gentleman On Playa, Betelgeize, Daniel Hokum, Yassen, Valique, Kapchiz, DIBIDABO, Waxwood and Begiroquai.

Many of the artists on this release have featured on previous It’s Good To Be A Tree releases, but others such as Fawno and Begiroquai are making their debut on the imprint.

Collectively the artists on this release have individually featured on other respected record labels such as Leveldva, Underyourskin Records, LNDKHN, kosa, Cafe De Anatolia, Baikal Nomads, Bar 25, Cosmic Awakenings, Pipe & Pochet, and Shango Records.

First on the release is Fawno’s track “Cumbinsqui” that also features Dilob and Xente. Cumbinsqui is a dreamy track with live percussion and trippy vocal tones sequenced into a downtempo groove.

Track two is Last Gentleman On Playa’s track “Moloca Sunrise” which has chugging guitar chords and ambient bird sounds layered with shamanistic vocals.

Betelgeize’s “Svoboda” is third on the release, and it’s got a hallucinogenic vocal sample layered over the shuffling rhythms of heavy percussion.

Daniel Hokum’s “Holy or Sinner” is the fourth track, and it has soulful vocals layered with an acid bassline as the foundation of its stripped-back groove.

Fifth on the release is Yassen’s “Pantheon” which unfolds with building suspense as the sweeping pads flow between the dynamic percussion.

Valique’s Karivarg is the seventh track, and it’s got an upbeat vibe with a pulsating bassline and a fluttering flute that combine to create an experimental groove.

Track eight is Kapchiz’s “Largo,” which has an uplifting vibe with a chugging groove, trippy vocal textures, and cosmic synths.

DIBIDABO’s “Trismegist” is the penultimate track on the release, and it lifts the tempo with psychedelic guitar chords and haunting vocal textures that create a mesmerising groove.

Waxwood and Begiroquai collaborate on the release’s final track “A Calendar of Wisdom” which is a soothing cut with feel-good piano melodies, and uplifting vocals that bring the release to a close.

Picking up the pace as it builds from start to finish, this is a masterfully curated compilation that is packed with DJ-friendly gems, but played as a single stream of music, it’s also a perfect home listening experience.



Menshen – Secret Forest EP (Oh! Records Stockholm)

Menshen, the emerging talent in the realm of electronic music, has announced the release of his latest EP, titled “Secret Forest.” This captivating compilation showcases Menshen’s versatility and artistry, offering listeners an immersive journey into the depths of deep house music.

The EP features three distinct tracks, each meticulously crafted to evoke a unique atmosphere and mood. The lead track, “Crossing,” is a collaborative effort with fellow artist Forceman, blending elements of UK influence with pulsating rhythms and infectious grooves. With its dynamic basslines and hypnotic melodies, “Crossing” sets the tone for an electrifying musical experience.

Following “Crossing,” listeners are treated to “Kullen,” a soul-stirring composition characterized by its rich textures and ethereal melodies. This track demonstrates Menshen’s mastery of the classic deep house sound, drawing inspiration from the genre’s roots while infusing it with his own signature style.

Rounding out the EP is the titular track, “Secret Forest,” a cinematic exploration of soundscapes and emotions. With its lush instrumentation and evocative arrangements, “Secret Forest” invites listeners to lose themselves in a sonic oasis, where every note and beat tells a story of its own.

Speaking about the EP, Menshen expressed his excitement, stating, ” ‘Secret Forest’ is a labor of love, a culmination of months of creative exploration and collaboration. I wanted to create an EP that not only showcases my musical evolution but also takes listeners on a transformative journey through sound.”

“Secret Forest” is set to captivate audiences worldwide with its spellbinding melodies, infectious rhythms, and undeniable charm.



Jesse Rivera – Done EP (Agua Salada Records)

Release Date: March 8th, 2024

Jesse Rivera delivers a dynamic release featuring two original tracks brimming with fluidity and elegant rhythm.

The original track not only showcases Riveras energetic style but also includes a remix by the renowned Josedelacruz, adding an extra layer of creativity to the vibrant musical landscape. With a seamless blend of energy and sophisticated beats, this release captures the essence of Rivera’s distinctive sound, complemented by Josedelacruz’s unique interpretation in the remix.

The combination of these two artists results in a compelling musical journey, where each track exudes a contagious vitality and showcases the artists’ mastery in crafting an engaging sonic experience.

Agua Salada Social Media:



Deephope – My House EP (Deep Clicks Music)

Release Date: March 15th, 2024

Deephope showcases his unique blend of Deep House in these two tracks, offering a glimpse into his distinct style, characterized by its warmth and passion for the genre.

With intricate rhythms, lush melodies, and rich atmospheres, each composition invites listeners on a journey through the depths of electronic soundscapes. Through his expert production and emotive storytelling, Deephope creates an immersive experience that captivates the senses and resonates with lovers of deep, soulful house music.

Deep Clicks Social Media:



Gimenoleix – Halo EP (Lowertones Records)

Aleix Gimeno proudly presents his inaugural “Gimenoleix” full-length release, “Halo EP,” a mesmerizing collection of three tracks that transcend genre boundaries and delve deep into the realms of electronica, dub techno and deep house. With “Halo EP,” Gimenoleix invites listeners on a captivating sonic journey through his diverse musical influences and inner explorations.

From the pulsating energy of the dance floor to the introspective depths of the mind, “Halo EP” captivates listeners with its dynamic range and emotive resonance. With echoing melodic motifs and intricate sonic layers, each track unfolds like a sonic narrative, inviting listeners to lose themselves in its hypnotic embrace.

Release date: 1st March 2024
Format: Digital










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