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New Treats Week-14-2022

Written by on 12/04/2022


Dubtommy – Immersion (Remixes) (Limitation Music)

Release number 47 is a remix EP of Dubtommy’s Immersion track, which was released as a 3 track EP on December 15, 2021. On remix duties, we have Addex, Alessandro Crimi, who also did a remix on Addex track Across The Endline last year and BDTom, who released recently the Mandarin Drive (Remixes). The original mix delivers spoken hypnotic words along the track with a breakbeat sound and atmospheric dreamy pad. Sound of chimes and the shakes are filling the track with tranquil feel.

The remixes turned the original track sounds, especially the spoken vocal and reshape it in different shades of dub style. Addex remix starts and ends in a build-up and closed slow rhythm, as we hear the entire remix using those chill vocals and placed very well. Alessandro Crimi is the only remix in this pack that has a bit of higher tempo than the rest, but the elements used and a bit of spoken vocals in the background makes the remix with a perfect driving sound and a techno-esque style. BDTom remix hits the dub and deep house combination very well, his trademark sound turns the remix in a slow and groove ambiance.

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Worldwide – 1st May 2022



Evren Furtuna – Desolation EP (Be Adult Music)

The magic of Evren Furtuna returns to Be Adult Music.
“Desolation” is the name of his new release and the name of the main track, accompanied by “Agra”.

Simply Evren in its purest form, absolutely not to miss.



Timujin – High Scheherezade Remixes (trueColors Records)

Release Date: Friday 29 April 2022
Format: Digital

trueColors is a deep and melodic record label, and its latest release features new remix versions of their recent EP by Timujin.

Stepping up on remix duty is Roi Okev and Wild Dark who each provide two alternative reworked versions, while Inámo provides a solo remix, and YokoO plus Francesco Mami team up for a stunning collaboration.

YokoO is a French artist who needs little introduction following his many releases on influential labels such as All Day I Dream, and Francesco Mami is an Italian DJ and producer who’s showcased his enchanting sound on the likes of Stil Vor Talent and Crosstown Rebels.

Inámo is one of the team members behind trueColors, and keeps consistent production appearances with multiple works underway soon to be announced.

Roi Okev is an Israeli producer who’s known for having a stripped back sound that’s rich with organic textures. His tracks and remixes have been a feature of Seven Villas, Little Helpers and Bar 25.

Wild Dark are a duo from America’s New York City, and they are well established purveyors of melodic house with tantalising melodies and crisp percussion. Both of their remixes on this release are true to the style they have released on Anjunadeep, Supernature, Nazca and Do Not Sit.

YokoO & Francesco Mami open the release with their remix of “Himalayan Way” which builds suspense with dubby sound design and the subversive tones of rippling pads.

Inámo’s remix of “Full of Courage” has the contrast of an ominous bassline and floating pads underpinned by chunky percussion and ethereal vocal textures.

Roi Okev provides two reworks of “High Scheherezade”, the first of which focuses round the hypnotic tones of a bewitching synth line. His ‘Piano Re-Edit’ is a more atmospheric version with a delicate piano and haunting vocals.

Wild Dark’s first remix is of “Breaking Through the Fog” and it’s a heady mix of whirling vocals, pitched tom drums, and dramatic piano chords, which combine to create a trippy track full of intrigue.

Wild Dark also reworks “Full of Courage” into a tribal version with mismanaging atmosphere and a tantalising sense of anticipation as the track unfolds with a vigorous energy.



Fabian Kash – Below The Surface (Oh! Records Stockholm)

Fabian Kash is not the most productive producer but his releases is always quality and he has over 7 millon streams on Spotify. Below the surface and I`m here, but my brain is deep house for hot summer days! Hypnagogia has more minimal vibes and will go down well in the early morning hours.



KulaKingz feat Sian-Lee – LMSY (KORT Remix) (Tropical Velvet)

Label boss KORT remixes his lockdown collaboration project, KulaKingz, featuring the vocal talents of Sian-Lee delivering a deeply soulful and epically expansive excursion featuring sweeping atmospheric strings, deep bass, emotive pianos and organs, all framing Sian’s evocatively gospel vocals to create an unmissable stand- out springtime essential.



El Mundo & Zazou – Speed Of Sound EP (Kindisch Records)

Accomplished collaborators El Mundo & Zazou work their magic once more on a pair of superb new tunes for Kindisch.

El Mundo has been in the scene for 20 years, firstly as a DJ in his hometown of Nijmegen before building an international reputation alongside Satori. Once he moved to Berlin, he hooked up with Zazou and found some real musical kinship which led to releases on various fine labels as well as the birth of his Quetame label. Meanwhile, Zazou is an instrumentalist at heart and every new track he makes is based solely on analog hardware: synths, drum machines, samplers guitars, and effect pedals. He has done it all from downtempo to tribal to deep house and impresses again on this new release.

Their first tune is ‘Speed Of Sound,’ a gorgeously deep house cut with a lullaby-like main melody that could be a long-lost brother to Booka Shade’s dance classic ‘Body Language.’ Here the chords are paired with a lush guitar line and rolling bassline that is sure to get plenty of parties under its spell. Add in whispered vocals and you have a subtly standout tune. ‘Sleeping In The Rain’ picks up the pace with a more angsty house groove, textured hits and raw guitar riffs. It’s a unique mix of sounds and styles with a subversive filtered vocal floating high above as the lush chords help elevate your mood.

These are two delicate but devastating house tracks.



Guti Legatto & R Frederick – La Mecánica EP (CUE Music)

Release date: 2022-05-16
Exclusive date: 2022-05-02

Cue welcomes the dynamic duo Guti Legatto and R Frederick. After releases across Europe we are looking forward having them both on CUE. La Mecánica and Get My Roll bear the typical “Groove Monster” handwriting of them. Expect the best and have fun with it.



Nick Kappa – Irida (Remixes) (Organnic Music)

Release date: 18 April

A pack of remixes from Elias Kazais, Cosmos Shape and the head honcho himself, Professor are enhancing the already known track ‘Irida’ by Nick Kappa. Enjoy our organic journey through the sounds of spiritual awakening.







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