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New Treats Week-14-2023

Written by on 13/04/2023


DJ Buhle – Be Still EP (Lovezone Records)

Hailing from South Africa, the cradle of underground deep house, Dj Buhle is spreading deep sounds in the country’s most sought after venues. Lovezone is pleased to present his new EP entitled ‘Be Still’, a subtle blend of atmospheric sounds, solid and hypnotic grooves, creating a floating and sometimes dark atmosphere.

This penetrating groove will affect both your mind and body.



Gorge – Sleepless (Déepalma Records)

Release Date: 5th May 2023

Mannheim’s Peter Felix Waldmann, known to the electronic music world simply as ‘Gorge’ has been undoubtedly one of the most consistent names on the deeper side of the house music spectrum for almost two decades. Returning to Déepalma with yet another masterful creation, his latest work highlights Gorge’s innate ability to remain at the forefront of cutting-edge electronic music with compelling studio productions that stand the test of time.

‘Sleepless’ is an instantly dissolving deepened house cut with pulsating frequencies and sweeping textures from the outset. Floating delicately around a sensuous vocal hook, its hotbed of reverberating synth layers, deep bass stabs and gliding pads bring enveloping warmth to its loosened grooves and crisp percussive drive.

2023 marks an impressive milestone for Déepalma Records as they prepare to celebrate their tenth anniversary. The label has gone from strength to strength over the last decade, welcoming releases from some of the best-known artists on the planet and helping springboard some of the industry’s most promising talents. To celebrate ten years of Déepalma, the imprint is releasing a set of special anniversary singles throughout the year, along with two extra-special editions of its renowned seasonal compilation series, packed with a wealth of amazing tracks.



Uone – Phantom Whistler Chapter 3 (Beat & Path Recordings)

Creative. Absorbing. Totally neoteric.

Phantom Whistler is one part medicine man and two parts adventurer, an odd stick, a high noon drifter folding music into wistful states of consciousness; lawmakers paint him as outright dangerous, a counter-culture iconoclast with a dicey reputation/taste for treasure.

Just You & Me is dipping in sex and funk, the dulcet tones of Barry White rides the dirtiest rhythm this side of Texas. Fat, hedonistic and incredibly dangerous, this is tantalising tech house.

The synchronicity of life is explored in ‘Faith, Hope & Charity’, a delightful dancefloor number musing over the magic of the number three.

On ‘A Distant Oasis’, a babbling stream and contemplative whistle set the scene for the lonely cello of Australian cellist Wilma – all adding to an atmosphere filled with Northern Exposure energy.

We’re almost nearing the end, and if this is a Hero’s Journey,’ Light Reading 2020′ might be its apogee. Featuring the spoken word of fellow Australian guru Heath Myers, it’s a doctrine filled with provocative theories, spiritual tenets and generational teachings that glide along a mesmerising 4/4 rhythm — all enhanced by a totally entrancing melody shimmering like the stars it refers to.



Sen-Sei & HUGEhands – You Got Something (Viva Recordings)

When two house music veterans join forces on Viva Recordings for some music action, you know you’ve got something special. And that’s certainly the case with “You Got Something,” the first of a two-part single from San Francisco keyboard and studio legend Sen-Sei (Delve Deeper, Nervous) and renowned DJ-turned-producer HUGEhands (AKA James Druett — i Records, Sound Vessel).

The pair have come together for a slinky, late-night deep house charmer full of left-coast vibes, dubby flavors, and solid musicianship. A punchy rhythm-and-bass track leads the dancefloor on a journey through affecting vocal hooks, echoed sax riffs, and intricately layered keyboard sections. Col Lawton (Deep Fix Recordings) slips into the collab with a spacious remix of “You Got Something,” blending dreamy effects and flourishes with the original’s melodic craft.

The result is a tad jazzier while gliding further into the deep side, eventually sprinkled with a floor-lifting acid bass line. Both sides of this single are sure to become DJ staples, soon to be accompanied by the release of Part 2.

Label and Artist Links:



Artful & Ridney feat Terri Walker – Missing You 2023 (Paharas Musica)

A huge collaboration between Artful (Mark Hill, ex-Artful Dodger & famously the co-writer & producer of Craig David’s “Born To Do It”), Terri Walker, Donae’o & Ridney, this has been a firm favourite globally, more so in Ibiza, where it had its first ever spin by Ridney at Café Mambo in Ibiza and historically featured on the final video of Space Ibiza, shared across social media.

Alongside the 10th anniversary digital release, the EP will be available for Record Store Day 2023 with a 10 year anniversary mix from Full Intention’s Michael Gray, alongside exceptional remixes from Opolopo, Eric Kupper (the Directors Cut tribute to Frankie Knuckles), Artful’s Ibiza sunset mix and Ridney’s original re-work.

With the Eric Kupper remix, Frankie & Eric originally had agreed to do the remix together as Directors Cut, but sadly Frankie’s passing happened as the duo were just laying down the remix ideas. Eric said at the time…

“I have been regularly playing the original version of this amazingly beautiful record since I first received it last year and I was originally scheduled to do the mix with my musical partner-in-crime, Frankie Knuckles. I still really wanted to remix this record – in the Director’s Cut style we carefully honed over the years. With his guidance from above. I am very driven to keep our musical vision alive and evolving. “And I’m still missing him” … forever. I love you Frankie.” – Eric Kupper

The label is pleased to be releasing the full package again for 2023, this time including much requested radio mixes of both the Michael Gray remix and Ridney’s original re-work.



Aston Alba – Summer 2023 (Les Disques Du Bord De L’Eau)

The next release, scheduled for 1 June March 2023, is the new single Maheo of Aston Alba, swiss producer born in the heart of the Alps of Valais. Self-taught, Aston Alba uses a variety of Middle Eastern instruments and rhythms to create a rich and detailed sound atmosphere.

Four remixes complete this summer release cruising from Spain to Mexico & Ecuador with a stopover in the east in Georgia. A first remix will be out on 1st of May 2023.

Digital release 1st June 2023



Namito feat Tannaz – Legend (Sol Selectas)

Release Date: Friday 21 April 2023
Format: Digital

Sabo’s record label, Sol Selectas welcomes a new organic house EP from imprint favourite Namito, which also includes a collaborative remix by Shan Nash and Rebeat.

Namito is an Iranian artist currently living in Berlin and he is internationally respected for his uplifting style that blends enchanting melodies and deep atmospherics with flowing percussion. Along with numerous releases on Sol Selectas he has also featured tracks and remixes on other scene-leading record labels such as Bedrock, Bar 25, Katermukke, Global Underground and Embassy One.

Sol Selectas fans need little introduction to Namito’s iconic 2019 track “Stone Flower” as it was a chart-topping success that remains one of the record label’s most popular tracks to date.

Shan Nash and Rebeat are Iranian artists collaborating together for the first time, and both are respected solo artists that have been making waves as talented producers. Shan Nash is known for dropping organic house tracks via Cafe De Anatolia, Lump Records, Pipe & Pochet as well as Shango Records. Rebeat produces in styles ranging from deep house to melodic techno, featuring on labels ranging from Kosa to Dubfire’s SCI+TEC.

“Legend” opens the release with an earthy conga loop, shuffling high-end percussion and a deep bassline that’s rich in sub-bass. The shimmering pads and haunting vocals build towards an epic breakdown with spellbinding Iranian lyrics, then there is a lift in energy when the percussion hits back in.

Shan Nash and Rebeat’s remix of “Legend” adds a new pulsating bassline and a techy percussion loop that gives their version a hypnotic groove. Stripping back the synths so the drums and vocals become the main focus, it’s an up-tempo rework that is tailored to the dance floor.

The cover by Helia Jamali portrays an old legend carrying blossoming branches, traversing across the mountains of destiny, into the unknown.



Deephope – Next Live EP (Agua Salada Records)

Deephope, an artist with over 250 releases on deep house labels, presents a new EP featuring two tracks that showcase his signature style.

The first track, titled “Crazy”, captures the sentiment of wanting to change ones life and begin anew, with a smooth and groovy beat that creates a sense of optimism and anticipation. The second track, “Now”, is a more introspective piece that blends deep pads, intricate percussion, and soulful vocal samples to create a meditative atmosphere. Both tracks feature Deephope’s expert production skills and his ability to craft emotive and immersive deep house soundscapes.

Whether you’re a fan of the genre or simply enjoy quality electronic music, this EP is a must-listen for anyone who appreciates the power of music to accompany us on our journeys of self-discovery and transformation.



Mathew Brabham – Weird (City of Drums Black Label)

Mathew Brabham’s first EP on CODBL is a masterpiece of acid house, with a powerful message that resonates with anyone who has ever felt lost or out of place.

In “Weird”, Mathew takes us on a journey through the mind of a person who is struggling to find their place in the world. The hypnotic beats and pulsating rhythms guide us through the ups and downs of this emotional rollercoaster, as the protagonist searches for meaning and purpose.

As the track builds to a crescendo, we are transported to a beautiful flower meadow, where the protagonist finally finds peace and clarity. The lush soundscape and hypnotic melodies create a sense of lightness, reminding us that even in our darkest moments, there is always hope and beauty to be found.

Mathew Brabham’s “Weird” is a stunning release that pushes the boundaries of acid and house music. With its raw emotion and captivating sounds, this EP is a testament to the power of music to heal and inspire. Don’t miss out on this incredible new release from one of the most promising talents in the industry.

Format: Digital

Pre-Order Beatport date: April 14th 2023

Release date: April 21th 2023









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