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New Treats Week-16-2024

Written by on 28/04/2024


Serkan Eles – Joy & Euphoria EP (Baikal Nomads)

Release Date: Sunday 5 May 2024
Format: Digital

Serkan Eles drops a mesmerising organic house EP via Baikal Nomads that features four spellbinding tracks.

Baikal Nomads is a prestigious record label known for its forward-thinking approach to organic house, and Serkan Eles is making his debut on the imprint following music on other respected outlets such as Pipe & Pochet, Sol Selectas, Bar 25 and Cafe De Anatolia.

Hailing from Istanbul in Turkey, Serkan Eles is a talented musician who’s transitioned from playing guitar in bands to producing electronic music. His style blends live instrumentation with sequenced percussion and atmospheric synths. Serkan Eles is also a skilled DJ whose enrapturing sets have captivated dance floors at many of Turkey’s most prestigious underground events.

“Not a Body” is first of the four tracks, and it’s a downtempo cut with dreamy melodies layered over tense pads and shuffling percussion.

“Tatha” is a trippy track with triplet rhythms underpinned by a chugging baseline and deep synth stabs, which combine to create a soaring groove.

“Joy” is a moody track with psychedelic guitar chords layered over haunting pads, while the thumping kick drum and shuffling hi-hats hold the groove steady.

“Euphoria” brings the release to an epic close with majestic pads and uplifting piano melodies layered with sparkling synths and flowing percussion.



Surrender Discipline – Conversion EP (Expmental Records)

Surrender Discipline, the dynamic duo emerging from the rich cultural tapestries of Austria and Bosnia, make their striking debut on the Mental label. This groundbreaking 3-track release exemplifies their exceptional proficiency in crafting deep, resonant underground soundscapes that harmonize effortlessly with the essence of Expmental Records.

“Surrender Discipline” is a testament to the meticulous Austrian precision fused with fervent Bosnian passion, a compelling merge that culminates in a transcendent auditory experience. Their offerings navigate beyond the conventional, layering minimalistic rhythmic pulses with profound bass-laden threads, weaving a musical tapestry that captivates and moves the soul.

As they step into the fold of our esteemed label, their sound—a vessel of boundary-defying beats and melodies—promises to engulf listeners in a deeply hypnotic state. Brace yourself for a journey as Surrender Discipline anchors you into the heart of the underground. Prepare to surrender to the discipline of their rhythm and immerse yourself in the profound trip they so skillfully orchestrate. Welcome to the deep end, where Surrender Discipline awaits to redefine your musical perceptions. Available now where music finds its home.



Inspiro – Hurricane (IFeel Recordings)

Inspiro is a dynamic Multi-Platinum Artist, Music Producer (Billboard #2) and DJ, based in the vibrant city of Athens, Greece. With a passion for creating captivating beats and unforgettable melodies for more than 30 years, Inspiro brings a unique blend of creativity and expertise to the music industry.
Whether you’re looking for a worthy track to get the dance floor complete attention, or a mesmerising vibe for your next project, Inspiro’s innovative compositions and top-notch production skills, are guaranteed to leave a lasting impression. His worldly rhythms have captivated audiences on every major spot, worldwide. He brings a unique sound and approach to every production, delivering an immersive experience for listeners everywhere in the globe. He’s known for his energetic, magnetic and uplifting sets, creating a unique experience, a journey through space and time like never before.

Don’t miss.



Aytiwan, Kaudron & Nes Mburu – Es Vedra (Deep In Your Soul)

Deep In Your Soul unveil a captivating new collaboration between Aytiwan, Kaudron and enchanting Kenyan vocalist Nes Mburu.

“Es Vedra,” is named after the mystical rock formation on Ibiza that has long inspired the producers.

The production blends Nes Mburu’s soulful vocals with delicate chords, creating an immersive, atmospheric gem perfect for introspective moments at sunset.

Adding extra firepower is a dynamic remix from Dutch talent Chaleee, who transforms the track into a hands-in-the-air dancefloor weapon with a deeper, more resonant bassline.

This collaborative effort reflects the deep friendship and mutual respect shared by the artists. Their shared vision has culminated in a special release that celebrates their talents while paying homage to the enchanting spirit of Es Vedra!



BelmireDub – Keanu EP (Deep Clicks Music)

Genre: Deep House
Release Date: 03 May 2024

Deep Clicks presents BelmireDub and his EP titled “Keanu,” a release not suitable for the faint-hearted. With its atypical rhythms, sounds, and voices, it creates a unique atmosphere that captivates listeners.

Dive into the depths of experimental electronic music and experience the journey crafted by BelmireDub. This EP pushes boundaries and explores uncharted territories, offering a sonic experience that is both exhilarating and enigmatic. Get ready to immerse yourself in a world where the unexpected reigns supreme.



Memo Rex – Vulcan EP (Sol Selectas)

Release Date: Friday 3 May 2024
Format: Digital

Sabo’s record label, Sol Selectas welcomes a dynamic release from Memo Rex which ranges from dramatic Afro house to sensual organic house.

Memo Rex is an American artist from San Diego in California, and he is a Sol Selectas regular who has featured on four of the record label’s compilation releases. This is his first solo Sol Selectas EP, and it features four original tracks, one of which is a collaboration with PALOMA. who’s known for her music on Lee Burridge’s TRYBESof.

Alongside his music on Sol Selectas, Memo Rex has featured on other imprints such as Music Is 4 Lovers, Desert Hearts, Superfreq and SNOE. This release combines powerful drum rhythms with organic atmospherics and enchanting melodies, to create tracks that transport the listener to exotic locations.

“Vulcan” has tense atmospherics layered over jackin’ drum rhythms that give the track a stomping groove with tribal influences. Latin vocals and trippy melodies create a hallucinatory vibe underpinned by a swelling bass synth.

“Muladhara” is a track made in collaboration with PALOMA. and it combines jungle sounds with heavy percussion. The chirping birds combine with vocal chants to give this track the feeling of a joyous aboriginal ceremony.

“Vesta” is the third track on this release, and it moves away from the upbeat Afro house energy of its predecessors, to instead present a light and breezy organic house sound. Its soothing piano melodies, uplifting pads and inspirational vocals are layered over invigorating drum patterns.

“Resonance” is a majestic track which closes out the release with its floating melodies and soaring pads. It’s a light and breezy track with an angelic vibe that is truly spine-tingling, and the flamenco guitar strum that reintroduces the percussion is a magical moment.

The artwork by Helia Jamali takes us to the deepest transcendental volcanic landscape upon which the mind travels.


Looking for some sunkissed beats? NatureVibes presents ‘Neon Lights’, his first solo EP with Personal Belongings consisting of 2 Lounge / Chill House tracks perfect for the Ibiza season kick-off.

‘Neon Lights’ is the first track, an atmospheric journey driven by its ethereal pads and slow grooves.

On the B-Side, ‘Coconut Water’ sticks to the basics of a smooth, chilled jam. Nice Rhodes progressions, warm organic percussion and smooth plucked bass. What else is needed on the beach?



Denoom & DJ Cocodil – Give Me The Love (Agua Salada)

Release Date: 03 May 2024

Denoom and DJ Cocodil unite their talents to present a chill, soothing track, ideal for unwinding during your laid-back moments. FLYJNT takes the helm for the remix, infusing it with a cozy warmth characterized by delicate percussion and melodies that evoke the essence of a blissful summer day.



Khaaron – Tiki Taka (Ready Mix Records)

Release Date:
May 3rd 2024 (Beatport Exclusive)
May 17th 2024 (Worldwide)

Ready Mix Records proudly presents its 276th release, a captivating journey into the realm of Ethno Organic House with the fascinating single ‘Tiki Taka’ by the enigmatic producer Khaaron.

At the heart of ‘Tiki Taka’ lies an enchanting Afro-esque vocal, weaving its way through lush layers of indigenous strings and melodies.

Diving deeper into the musical landscape, ‘Tiki Taka’ offers an assorted range of remixes by Turu Anasi, Soire and Haris Kate, each bringing their own unique flavor to the table.

First up, Turu Anasi makes a bold debut on Ready Mix Records with an eclectic fusion of sounds and influences, showcasing his signature production style that pushes the limits of sonic innovation.

Next, Soire steps into the mix, delivering a groove-laden interpretation that is bound to get bodies moving and pulses racing. With its infectious rhythm and irresistible energy, Soire’s remix is sure to become a favourite among dancers.

Finally, Haris Kate who takes a more introspective approach, slowing things down and infusing the track with additional Ethno elements that transport the listener to distant lands and ancient rituals.



Jamie Jaq – The Summer Wind EP (Fluid Funk)

A new addition to the Fluid Funk fold and one to keep a close eye on, up-and-coming South African producer Jamie Jaq belts it out of the park with his hypnotizing debut three-tracker, “The Summer Wind EP”. Tapping in the classic Chicago house storyline and making the most of the heavily jazz-infused, foxy boogie tropes the Chi-town’s come to advocate so brilliantly from the late 70s onward, Jaq runs the gamut from proper laid-back, loungey material onto filtered, chords-heavy hedonism with unquestionable poise. The result is a trio of joints oozing nothing but pure understated ecstasy and silky-smooth audio erotica to boot, from start to finish.

The remix of the Glaswegian expert vibist Ross Couch, boss of Body Rhythm, trades the more diffuse, atmospheric appeal of the original mix of “The Summer Wind” for a full battery of focused floor energy. Relying on a strain of French Touch-esque funkiness, Couch’s revamp takes us on a wild, bouncy ride.
High on catchy, 90s style piano stabs and soulful vox hooks Larry Heard wouldn’t disown, the original mix of “The Summer Wind” propels us into a sun-streaked continuum of sound, languidly moving the cursor between straight out coastal house jack and keyboard-fueled escapology.

Topping things off on a smokey after vibe, “The Jazz Room” is a most lavish mesmeric chugger that’ll submerge you in a captivating pool of slo-dripping vocal echoes, shuffling drum clank and velveteen piano melodies. Elegance and lusciousness rolled into one.







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