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New Treats Week-19-2022

Written by on 18/05/2022


Head Of Clouds – Alba & Selene (Head of Clouds Records)

Release Date: July 2022
Format: Digital

Head of Clouds is an artist and label project that shares the same name, and he returns with another cinematic release that blends heart-warming melodies with crisp percussion and uplifting pads.

This promo features two melodic house tracks from the secretive Spanish artist who continues to build a reputation as a talented producer.

Each of the tracks featured on the promo are planned to be released individually, but have been compiled together for your listening pleasure.

His growing international fanbase includes numerous headline DJs and electronic music influencers that have been regularly supporting the previous Head of Clouds releases.

Possibly two of his best tracks to date, these productions are a little bit more percussive and dance floor focused, expect to hear music in the style of others such as Kiasmos.

“Alba” has atmospheric vocal textures layered with the punch of a kick drum, before the introduction of a throbbing bassline and poignant piano chords. Unfolding with a steady momentum, the arpeggio lead synth lifts the track to soaring heights in the epic breakdown before the percussion hits back in.

“Selene” has a techy undertone with dramatic bass chords and shuffling high-end percussion layered with poignant piano melodies and trippy vocal samples. Captivating and full of emotion, it’s a thought-provoking track that while sparking the imagination, also delivers a danceable groove.



Leeu & Ras Tweed – Hugs & Cuddles Pt.2 (Les Disques Du Bord De L’Eau)

Hugs & Cuddles Pt. 2 is a song composed by Leeu, a South African music producer hailing from Johannesburg whos Suidtronica imprint made its place in the country of kwaito and deep house.

The song was written over a few years and finished off during lockdown. It is a balance of melancholic melody’s accompanied by intelligent grooves that reminds us of the softness and delicate approach he brings into each of his productions.

Three remixes complete this summer release with a sweet and sour approach by swiss producer Titoffee, a very deep house techno remix from Garance and a smokey trip-hop reading of Bazooka from Bucarest in Romania.

This forthcoming EP accompanied by the beautiful poesy of Ras Tweed (St Kitts & Nevis) and the spiritual cover of Manu Ela (Chile) tell the relations between humans, the elements and nature.

Digital release 1 June 2021
Digital link

12” Double Vinyl Gatefold 1st March 2023



Jacob Gurevitsch & Buika – Melancolía (Music For Dreams)

The danish Jacob Gurevitsch unleashed his impressive Spanish guitar skills and laced together ‘Melancolía’ in Majorca. And it is Majorca where the Grammy-nominated Buika, the flamenco singer with attitude who takes the vocal reins in ‘Melancolía’, originally comes from.

The song drips with emotion, an exploration of love and beauty and recourse for painful times.

Danes are known for their tendency towards melancholy and therefore Copenhagen newcomers DJ DIVO & OliO have made a dub inspired, almost Gotan Project like remix of ‘Melancolía’. Together with the added drums and dubby effects DJ DIVO & OliO lets the grey Nordic despondency make way for a kind of poetic wallowing that compliments the Spanish guitar and Buika’s singing.

The song also represents a massive turning point in Jacob’s life after a great friend passed, a movement in which appreciation of people and things became the key to life.



WLSN – Now I See This World (With New Eyes) (Sound Vessel Records)

Brilliant release from WLSN and remix duties from V77NNY.

Original track is on the energetic and techy side of the release, while V77NNY takes it to a downtempo state of mind.



Jon Gl3z – Timeless (Harmonious Discord)

Jon Gl3z has returned to Harmonious Discord, following his Discordian Dreaming submission with a strong, deep minded release featuring remixes from Ivan Dbri and Josiah Fontenot. Timeless is a color wheel of shades — from deep house to minimal to breaks. A diverse collection representing the numerous hues of the season.

“Soul Healing” starts things off with staple house percussions layered in a blanket of lush pad thickness. The ride slips into neutral during a dizzying breakdown where pads and keys collide in a symphony of melody and orca songs. On remix duties for this lovely dive is Mexico’s don of the deep, Ivan Dbri. Following a boundary-defying album for HD, Ivan returns to lay in support for his friend and frequent decks-mate. Ivan applies his signature lush landscape, interplayed with precise percussive moments. His layers of atmosphere only cease during a collision of elements that repeat and then lift off.

“Timeless” swerves a different direction with a glowing minimal construction that elevates into some nice ambient soundscapes. Driven by a swirling arpeggio, the selection adds complimenting keys and percussive layers. The result is a thick tapestry of sounds all dancing in perfect synchronization. Josiah Fontenot ups the tempo and applies his signature techno/electro edge. Reminiscent of early Casey Hogan recordings, Josiah skates the boundaries of techno and house, utilizing the growing melodics of the original but with an edge that makes his mix a heavy force on the dance floor.

“Valeria” ties up the EP with a fun and bouncy breaks construction that could permeate house music sets, largely due to its deep and jazzy accents. Leveraging tried and true elements like mellotron ‘oooohhs’ and classic Rhodes keys, “Valeria” brings an element of nostalgia to this well-rounded release.

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VA – 15 Years Of (Piston Recordings)

Portuguese Deep House imprint, Piston Recordings, celebrates its 15th anniversary in 2022. From humble beginnings and with a view to fill a void in Portugal’s electronic music scene, Piston continues its relentless pursuit of quality music, for those that know. The label specializes in the deeper echelons of House Music, exploring every crevasse in the musical spectrum to bring out only the very best tunes. They also boast a roster chock-full of talented artists with a desire to push the purest deep grooves and upfront party tunes.

To mark this milestone, Piston Recordings presents a very special curation of tracks, from artists such as Ritz, PIEK, Col Lawton and others. The artists featured on this compilation, along with a raft of others, have helped to put Piston at the top, with regular spotlights on download portals and an army of DJ’s who champion its tracks and, all this is down to a dedicated team, led by head honcho, Rogerio Martins. For now, we say thank you, enjoy the music and here’s to another 15 years.










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