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New Treats Week-26-2024

Written by on 04/07/2024


Swarup Varma – Beyond Boundaries EP (Future Sounds Of India)

Release Date: – Friday, July 19 2024

Swarup Varma is a trailblazer in the new wave of cosmopolitan electronic music, seamlessly blending ancestral sounds from across the globe into mindblowing electronic compositions. His work is deeply rooted in tropical vibes, making him a standout in the indian music space.

“Sankofa” is an Adinkra symbol from Ghana, West Africa. It symbolizes the importance of learning from the past in order to move forward and build a better future.

“Udaya” named after the Sanskrit term meaning “dawn” or “rising,” aims to evoke optimism, energy, & creativity.Made this track by witnessing sunsets at Table Mountain and sunrises in Ghana, this track holds a special significance to me & the Afro culture.

Omaha: Omaha is known for intense showdowns and action-packed gameplay. Mirrored this in my track by incorporating dynamic build-ups and breakdowns. Build tension gradually with rising vocal chops & Baseline, leading to a climactic “showdown” moment where all elements come together powerfully.

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Spinnage – Episode20 EP (Agua Salada Music)

Release Date: 12 Jul 2024

Please welcome Spinnage presenting two original tracks on ”Episode20 EP”.

The tracks showcase a perfect combination of piano and bassline, resulting in a powerful Deep House experience. The EP also includes a remix by Deephope, who delivers a Lounge and relaxing version of the main track.

This blend of energetic and soothing elements makes “Episode20” a versatile addition to any music collection, appealing to both Deep House enthusiasts and those seeking a more laid-back listening experience.



DuBeats, Col Lawton & Glass Slipper – The Tunnel (Viva Recordings)

For the next Viva Recordings release, a convergence of artists equally weighted for their own projects have combined forces to form a new Supergroup.

DuBeats, Col Lawton and Glass Slipper are full steam ahead with their single “The Tunnel”. The Main Mix and it’s Instrumental Mix counterpart conjure up classic West Coast vibes with lush chords, snappy beats and soaring vocals from Lisa Cork-Twiss while keeping the sound current. The Express Mix picks up the pace a bit with forward driving rhythms while dubbing it out with a sparse vocal treatment.

A well rounded house project for deep and soulful house fans. This train is leaving the station. All aboard!

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Lucky Sun – Deep Tropic EP (Personal Belongings)

Summer 2024 gets warmer, as Lucky Sun releases his first Personal Belongings release! The UK artists has had a busy year, gifting us with a remix package of his ‘Falling Fool’ single with gorgeous vocalist Jaidene Veda, or unveiling some collabs such as T’s Groove with Kanedo via Be Adult Music. Finally, we are happy to present his latest work ‘Deep Tropic’.

The EP consists on 4 Deep House tracks, instrumental, raw and groovy. Lucky Sun is always defined by his unique approach to synths and rhythm, and definitely this EP shows why.

The journey starts with ‘Deep Tropic’, a beach friendly mellow track where warm stabs collide with crispy synth melodies on a perfect, electronic match.

‘Azure Space’ is the second track, showcasing Lucky Sun’s love for dub and darker Deep House grooves. This slow-evolving gem finds the balance between charming harmonies and fresh grooves, delivering a more than interesting piece of music to get lost into.

‘Float’ acts as the interlude of the EP, acting as a perfect bridge between the dub vibes and the melodic, balearic beats that close the EP with ‘That 6am Track’.

The closing track just blew our mind when we heard it. Original, authentic music produced from the soul. Real instruments and synths perfectly executed. A fresh latin, mediterranean groove creating the perfect background.

A masterpiece you should not miss.



Kohib – Find You (Beatservice Records)

A key figure in Tromsø’s club scene since the late nighties, Øivind Andersen Sjøvoll, returns to Beatservice Records under his Kohib moniker for a deep, hypnotizing house cut, “Find You.”

Having released on Beatservice Records for nearly 20 years and putting out productions on labels such as Paper and Sprechen, Kohib’s stature as a world-class producer, DJ, and club promoter speaks for itself.

Get ready to be entranced by “Find You,” Kohib’s latest single. It’s a musical journey that commences with a powerful, industrial bassline, punctuated by crunchy drum machine hits and echoing claps. Karoline Stensland’s captivating vocal refrains further draw in the listener, creating a mantra that locks one into a spiraling groove as offbeat synth stabs and subtle strings bounce around the mind. It’s a one-of-a-kind musical experience.

Mesmeric and driving, every element is perfectly placed to resonate through the body and soul. This is machine music fused with feeling.

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Franksen – Connected Dubs EP (Track Alliance)

Track Alliance 07 delivers organic deephouse beats and dubby textures to spread some international love feel. Nothing can translate peaceful vibes like the language of a fine and low slung groove, right.

THRU MUSIC opts for an ever rollin’ deep and percussive outfit full of bassy notes, dubchords and poetic vocal cuts. INTERNATIONAL LOVE DUB leads deeper into psychedelically enchanting riddims, enfolding a subtle power from within.



Tom Fills – Is It Loud Enough (Feedasoul Records)

Format: Digital
Release Date: 28.06.2024

Brooklyn-based Tom Fills is coming in hot to Feedasoul Records with his single “Is It Loud Enough.”

Fills is a dynamic producer and DJ, originally from Philadelphia, whose music embodies the vibrant spirit of disco, soul, and house. Infectious grooves, soulful vocals, and catchy melodies are all on the menu!

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Benx – What You Want EP (Bouman Records)

Following various single releases and remix projects, Benx is back with a strong new EP on their homebase Bouman Records.

Slowly building their name, the duo are already receiving help from some of the biggest names on the underground circuit, with vocals by Colonel Redz and some high profile remixes. Techno legend Orlando Voorn provides a banging rework of ‘ Lets get wild’, while DJ Crisps delivers a masterclass in dark & dubby 2step garage with his remix of the title track ‘What you want’.



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