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New Treats Week-34-2021

Written by on 27/08/2021

riccicomoto feat Elimar – White Almonds (Ready Mix Records)

Release Date:
August 27th 2021 (Beatport Exclusive)
September 10th 2021 (Worldwide)

For Ready Mix Records label release number 238 we present ‘White Almonds’, the first single taken from riccicomoto’s new long player, Huge Distances, featuring remixes by Klartraum, BDTom, Greenfish & SOL7, DJ Element & Mr. Sideburns, Highland Brothers UTD and Kiano.

Featuring haunting vocals by ELIMAR, the original mix of ‘White Almonds’ by riccicomoto is a subtle and atmospheric dubby gem.

Berlin duo Nadja Lind and Helmut Ebritsch, aka Klartraum, turn in a typically deep and hypnotic version, perfect for afterhours sessions.

Hungary’s BDTom gradually builds a warm, scratchy, vintage vibe for his rework of ‘White Almonds’, setting up a compact, rolling groove.

Joining forces with SOL7, UK Producer Greenfish delivers a deep and trippy Dub version, while Croatian artist DJ Element links up with Mr. Sideburns for an equally esoteric journey.

Comprising of Kiano, Below Bangkok and Ray Saul, Highland Brothers UTD conjure up a robust and dancefloor-ready remix of ‘White Almonds’, while Kiano also goes solo to complete the package with a delectably percussive revision.



Ayala (IT) – Sacred EP (Sol Selectas)

Release Date: 2021
Format: Digital

Sabo and his label Sol Selectas welcome Ayala (IT) for an EP with three original tracks along with solo remixes by Sifa, Chambord and Animal Trainer.

Ayala (IT) previously featured on the Sol Selectas Summer Sol compilation with his track “Levante” that showcased his afro house style that blends upbeat tribal percussion with melodic synths and traditional instruments from around the world.

Each of the three originals take influence from aboriginal culture and fuses it with modern electronic sounds to create a sonic tapestry that tells ancient stories with a contemporary twist. Based in Italy, Ayala (IT) has also featured tracks on other imprints such as MoBlack Records, Sirin Music and Sony Music.

Joining the originals are three stunning remixes, the first of which comes from Belgium’s Sifa whose previously featured tracks on labels ranging from Kompakt to Global Underground. French duo Chambord have also featured on Summer Sol compilations, and make their return with a mystic remix in the style they have featured on the likes of Akbal Music and Kindisch. Last of the remixes comes from Swiss duo Animal Trainer who make their debut on Sol Selectas following many high-profile outings on the likes of Katermukke, Stil Vor Talent and Einmusika Recordings.

“Sacred Steels” opens the release with gamelan melodies and ethereal vocals that fuse with the building tension of a swelling synth. Augmented with dramatic vocal textures, it’s a tropical sapphire filled with adventure that teleports the dance floor too far away exotic locations.

Second of the originals, “Sacred Piano” has heavy percussion and distant trumpets that surround bass heavy piano chords. Loose and free-flowing, this ever-evolving slice of tribal house is tailor made for club sound systems, while also telling the story of jungle life.

“Panther” is last of the originals with a low-slung groove full of psychedelic textures and a mystic atmosphere that create a ceremonial vibe. Rich with percussive textures and enchanting melodies, the track feels like a lucid dream come to life.

Sifa’s remix of Sacred Steels lifts the tempo, and chunks up the track to raise the intensity while also adding a hypnotic acid bassline.

Chambord refines Sacred Piano with a version that strips back some of the original’s elements and brings the trumpets into focus to create a Balearic vibe perfect for bringing in the sunset.

Animal Trainer closes out the release with a melodic remix of Panther, which steadily builds momentum and draws focus to the melody until the drums take control in the latter stages of the rework.

The artwork by Helia Jamali is a sacred hypnotic sunset that awakens your deepest senses.



Scott Diaz – Stay Young & Dream Big (Be Adult Music)

New Deep House release, this time from one of the best Deep House artists and specialist in giving a fantastic and elegant groove and vibe to his productions.

This is Scott Diaz who delivers this two-track EP called “Stay Young. Dream Big”




Pedro Capelossi – Lost In Translation EP (TOR Music)

Release Date: Friday 27 August 2021
Format: Digital

When We Dip’s label TOR continues to dazzle with a new release from Pedro Capelossi. A Barcelona-based Brazilian, he is known for his music on labels ranging from Seven Villas to Dream Culture.

Pedro Capelossi was influential on the thriving underground scene of São Paulo before relocating to become a prominent part of the enriching electronic music culture in one of Spain’s iconic cities.

His style has influences rooted in jazz, which he masterfully fuses with sequenced percussion to create stripped-back melodic house with deep atmosphere.

Each of the three tracks on the EP blend organic textures with shuffling percussion and dusty synths to create sensual tracks with poignant emotion. Chic and stylish, this intricate release has a warmth that is perfect for enrapturing the dance floor.



Perlair – Ein Brief an Deine Zukunft (Les Disques Au Bord D L’Eau)

Ein Brief an deine Zukunft was composed by Perlair, artist from Lausanne in Switzerland, close to the Label and the Festival whose productions have as common point to navigate around the house music.

Inspired by the Zurich scene and its iconic Zukunft club, this track travels between downtempo & deep house. With an acid and introspective melody that leaves the image of the current climate, the title Ein Brief an deine Zukunft (a letter to your future) arrived on time.

Two remixes complete this 100% Swiss EP. The first with the charismatic producer Kalabrese, founder member of Zukunft, who responds in his own way to this letter homage with the memories of his visit to Geronde Lake in 2015. The second with Balint Dobozi, keyboard of the Rumpelorchester of Kalabrese, half of the duo Pacifica, virtuoso pianist and producer, which comes to deposit lightness and sweetness on acid notes.

This EP offering a wealth of well-kept secrets of Switzerland is to be listened to without moderation…

Digital release date 15 September 2021
12” Double Vinyl Gatefold delivery March 2022




Kalophain – Kenna O EP (Rogue Decibels Records)

Kalophain returns to Rogue Decibels with more mind melting hypnotics and raw flavours.
4 tracks on offer exploring the realms of deep house, dub and techno.



Micronoise – Fancy Freak EP (Oh So Coy Recordings)

Since Micronoise’s last OSC release in 2019 he has gone on to forge a solid discography with some of the leading underground dance labels in House.

It’s great to have him back with these 2 garage inspired cuts, cleanly produced full of summer vibe – reminding us of balmy nights and good times on the dancefloor.



ITAI – Flame of the Pine Cone (Camel Riders Records)

Release Date: Friday 25 August 2021
Format: Digital

Laroz’s label Camel Riders presents a new release from ITAI who is a talented Saxophonist and organic house producer. Along with the solo original, ‘Flame of the Pine Cone’ also features remixes by Spaniol, Makossa (IT) and Deer Jade.

Flame of the Pine Cone is the first single from ITAI’s upcoming album on Camel Riders, and its downtempo groove plus mystic saxophone gives a small snapshot into what people can expect from the forthcoming LP.

ITAI’s splendid original exhibits a hypnotic atmosphere with dramatic guitar chords and a chugging bassline that fuses with trippy vocal fragments. The American artist’s music can also be heard on other imprints such as LNDKHN, Exotic Refreshment and Talavera Records.

First on remix duty is Spaniol who delivers a jazz infused micro house rework that adds a poignant piano to the original’s saxophone, while also lifting the energy with a raised tempo. Spaniol is an artist with Brazilian roots who’s featured his music on labels including Cosmic Awakenings, Stil Vor Talent, Sol Selectas and The Magic Movement.

Italy’s Makossa (IT) has worked with labels including Hupupa and Talavera Records. He adds his stamp to Flame of the Pine Cone with an intense soundscape that lifts the tempo while also creating a new atmosphere, making you feel like you’re in the middle of a lucid dream.

Deer Jade closes out the release with a psychedelic rework that’s both mesmerising and melancholic with swirling sounds that spiral in and out of focus behind the saxophone. A resident DJ at Gardens of Babylon, she has also released music on the likes of Rebellion der Traumer and Stil Vor Talent.



John Cosani – Centauro EP (OneDotSixTwo Records)

As onedotsixtwo reaches the milestone of their 50th release they have enlisted the talents of John Cosani who has created three hugely powerful original tracks, all featuring his signature deep, groove-laden production style. With recent releases on Sudbeat, Warung and Plaisirs Sonores Records, plus many more, and over one hundred and fifty release credits, John is one of the progressive scenes biggest stalwarts.

To further mark this landmark release, the legendary Nick Muir has taken the title track, Centauro, and put his unique stamp on it, and Montreal’s Hicky & Kalo have supplied a stunning peak time version of Bootes.

The EP opens with Centauro, a tough slice of razor sharp prog with all the hallmarks of a late night groover, full of twists and turns, it takes you deep into the rabbit hole.
Bootes follows with a lighter, more playful, mood. A shimmering arpeggiated top line synth skips over a bubbling bass and rounded kicks pierced by sharp claps and shakers . Next up, the third and final original, Saints, is a beautiful rolling piece, full of positive energy and euphoric melodies. Driven by a deep growling bass, it bounces effortlessly back and forth while mesmerising keys float over a tight percussive rhythm.

First up on remix duties is a man who needs little introduction. One half of the legendary Bedrock, alongside John Digweed, and a hugely accomplished solo producer, Nick Muir has taken the title track, Centauro, and injected it with a solid dose of peak time energy. Just wait for THAT break. Hicky & Kalo, the pair behind the excellent Plaisirs Sonares imprint, have taken Bootes and morphed it into a building and cascading pool of energy and euphoria. With hugely popular recent releases on Replug, Sudbeat, their own Plaisirs Sonares and many others it is easy to see why they have been tipped for stardom.

onedotsixtwo would like to take this opportunity to thank all the artists that have helped to build the label over the past five years and fifty releases and to everyone who has supported by buying, streaming and playing our music.



Henna Onna – Kagune EP (Kindisch Records)

Kindisch are happy to welcome Armenian artist Henna Onna for her second release on the label. After her Martikopi EP from 2020 the new EP Kagune showcases two different musical vibes. The opening track Roshnee brings on beautifully layered organic drumming alongside meditativ downtempo sounds and is sprinkled with mystic vocal samples. Ren Honjo shows a different side of the artists musical world with classic deep house chords and a modern Lo-Fi sound.



DJ Jack T & Adomni feat Leticia Lopez – Whistle (House Royalty Records)

Three bonafide househeads, with an ear for tradition and the soulful side of dance music, have collaborated on “Whistle,” the latest single for House Royalty Records.

New Jersey’s DJ Jack T and Florida’s Admoni (Soulful House Syndicate) lay down the foundation, providing a tapestry for the lovely voice of NY’s Leticia Lopez. A strong, tribal percussion intro leads into ambient pads, an African-influenced melodic pattern, and the rhythmic whistle hook.

Leticia’s echoed words portray the thought process of good, soulful music: light as air and sharp as a whistle. It’s an uplifting and deep club track that’ll send shivers through an after-hours dancefloor. DJs take notice!

Label and Artist Links:



The New Age Orchestra & Kenneth Bager (Music For Dreams)

Music For Dreams are proud to release the seminal record ‘Lets Dream Together’ by The New Age Orchestra.

Danish DJ legend and Club Entrepreneur Kenneth Bager has been digging in the lost archives for the sought after “Let’s Dream Together” by The New Age Orchestra from 1989. Originally a single sided promo – 50 copies made.

Re-Discovered in 2013 by Young Marco and Red Light Records Crew, the demand started and Music For Dreams/ Kenneth Bager has never received so many requests for a file or a copy of the original vinyl. More than 20 labels have shown an interest in doing a re-issue.

2021 Finally Kenneth decided to unleash his full vision for the project a “ Suite” in 5 parts spread over 2 vinyl sides including the original track (Part 4).

“The original recording of’ Let’s Dream Together was born in a backyard studio in the heart of Copenhagen in 1989 by the original members of the Danish act Dr. Baker.

We had just finished recording our debut single “KAOS” and wanted to make something in this new genre called “paradise, which was inspired by Manuel Göttschings classic “E2 E4”

So the New Age Orchestra was created as a side adventure to the ravey nature of Dr. Baker. I found the original 2-inch master tape and baked it in December 2019 – The stems were reborn and some arose that had never been used before.

My vision was to create a musical story in 5 steps. I added new recordings of Tenor Violin & Saxophone. I hope you will enjoy it as much as I did making it, finishes Kenneth Bager.



Al Bradley – Libra EP (Rejekt Music)

Release Date: – Friday, October 29 2021

A stalwart, and in the true sense of the word (as well as being one of the nicest people you could hope to meet on a night out), Al Bradley has been obsessed with House Music from the moment he stepped through the doors of the seminal Hacienda night club in Manchester in the summer of 1989.

It’s an obsession that’s lead him down a long and winding road, including 18 years and counting as a label boss, allowed him to feature on nearly 100 releases as well as celebrated residencies for powerhouses like Fabric London, Bugged Out Manchester and Pioneer DJ Radio. Being the kind of guy Al Bradley is though, he’s still also made time to kick it with the younger cats at spots like Stereosleaze (London) and Lip Service and Deadbeat Disco in his adopted hometown of Leeds.

We’re genuinely over the moon to bring you this EP, and as such, we’ve complimented the originals with what we feel are some pretty dandy remixes, spread across both the Vinyl and Digital releases, coming from the likes of self-proclaimed “product of a mis-spent mancunion youth” Danny “Moodymanc” Ward, the vinyl enthusiast’s favourite Tommy “Vicari Jnr” and the ever evolving genius of Colour Series Label Boss “Jem Haynes”

From here on in we always feel the most appropriate thing, is to let the music do the rest of the talking.



Andy Peimbert – Stuart’s Bass EP (Techords Ltd)

Techords’ next release comes from Andy Peimbert. Known for his dedication towards dynamically driven basslines, it seems only right that ‘Stuart’s Bass’ kickstarts this release in style. ‘Dry Mornings’ takes over with a relentless groove fully loaded with minimal house chords, while to top off this 3 track original package the Mexico based artist delivers ‘Grateful’, a deeper cut perfect for the later hours.

Spotify: September 10th
Beatport: September 24th
Traxsource: October 8th








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