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New Treats Week-35-2023

Written by on 14/09/2023


Mishandinho – Socotra (Blur Music)

Release Date: 10/13/2023

Socotra is a good story about a small island in the Indian Ocean, a place where it is quiet, calm and cozy. One of the most outstanding works of musician and producer Mishandinho. Possessing a bright and rich atmosphere, the composition creates bright associations and positive emotions.

The release includes a remix from sound producer UNWA, which is created to be more dynamic and perfect for dance floors.



Veytik & Stephane Salerno – Slither EP (Baikal Nomads)

Release Date: Friday 29 September 2023
Format: Digital

Baikal Nomads presents a majestic organic house release made in collaboration by Veytik and Stephane Salerno, and it also features spellbinding individual remixes from AmuAmu and MI.LA.

Veytik and Stephane Salerno have previously teamed up to drop stunning tracks on labels like House Music With Love, Cafe De Anatolia and Art Vibes Music. They are also solo artists who each have a prolific back catalogue of exquisite music. The EP’s title tracks is a collaboration, and the other a solo production by Veytik.

Hailing from America, Veytik lives in New York where he is well known within the city’s vibrant underground club scene. His revitalising style infuses ethereal sound design with uplifting melodies and shuffling percussion rhythms. Veytik has previously featured on Baikal Nomads along with other imprints such as Shango Records, Harabe and Click Records.

Stephane Salerno is a French artist from the city of Marseille who has a cinematic style influenced by Arabic chords to create nomadic vibes inspired by desert dwellers. Infused with organic percussion, he has released music on labels ranging from Pipe & Pochet to KataHaifisch.

On remix duty, AmuAmu has a mesmerising sound with downtempo grooves that have trippy atmosphere, and he has dropped reworks on prestigious imprints such as Cosmic Awakenings, Copycow and Underyourskin Records.

Providing the other remix, MI.LA delivers a rework in the heart-warming style she has previously released via Baikal Nomads and other respected record labels including the likes of Exotic Refreshment, Lump Records and Camel Riders.

The original mix of “Slither” opens the release with hallucinogenic synths that fill the track with psychedelic vibes, while the breezy pads create uplifting atmosphere. Its chugging groove and downtempo rhythms give the track an expansive sound that’s truly mesmerising.

“Soul” is the solo track by Veytik, and it has shimmering pads and profound vocals that harmonise with other lyrical tones. Electric guitar chords and sweeping strings add to the unfolding majesty that is created by the immersive atmosphere of this epic cut.

MI.LA’s remix of Slither focuses on the original’s angelic vocals and emotive piano chords to create a streamlined version with a raised tempo and melodic groove.

AmuAmu’s remix of Slither adds moody atmosphere and new melody synths that add to the mind-bending vibe of this psychoactive rework.



PA NGU feat Lhue Ntuza – Kalanga EP (Deep In Your Soul)

Release Date: 13th October 2023

Deep In Your Soul, Belgium’s premiere Afro House label, is proud to present the highly anticipated release: “Kalanga EP” by PA NGU featuring the exceptional vocal talent of Lhue Ntuza. This stunning EP includes remixes by Aytiwan, an artist from Belgium, who has received substantial support from the legendary Black Coffee this summer, and Da Lee LS, a remarkable artist from Lesotho who has already graced Deep In Your Soul with his unique sound.

The “Kalanga EP” takes its name from PA NGU’s totem, the Capybara, a friendly and sociable animal known for its ability to befriend even the deadliest of predators. In the same spirit of unity and connection, this EP offers a rich fusion of Afro House sounds, bringing together artists from diverse backgrounds to create a truly captivating musical journey.

PA NGU and Lhue Ntuza’s collaboration is a testament to the unifying power of music, bridging cultures and genres to create a harmonious sonic experience. The EP invites listeners to embark on a musical journey that transcends borders and unites dance music enthusiasts worldwide.

“Kalanga EP” is a sonic exploration that showcases the diversity of the Afro House genre, offering a dynamic range of tracks that will keep the dancefloor moving. From the percussion-driven rhythms and mesmerizing vocals of “Ndiyahamba” to the deep and soulful remix by Da Lee LS, each track on this EP delivers a unique and compelling listening experience. “Luthando” adds a touch of love and joy to the mix, with enchanting vocals and a captivating piano lead, while Aytiwan’s remix of “Luthando” takes a hypnotic approach with rolling drums and an engaging drop.

This EP promises to leave a lasting imprint on the Afro House scene, celebrating the power of music to connect hearts and minds.



De_-Wolf – Payne Box (Deep Clicks Music)

De_-Wolf returns with an exciting new EP titled ‘Payne Box,’ featuring a collaboration with Andy D on one of the tracks. Dive into 3 mesmerizing Deep House tunes that are bound to captivate your senses.




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