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New Treats Week-44-2023

Written by on 21/11/2023


Super Days – Upside Down EP (Deep Clicks Music)

Genre: Deep House
Release Date: December 1st, 2023

Deep Clicks proudly introduces Super Days, back in the spotlight with a fantastic solo release in the realm of deep house. Get ready to immerse yourself in the mesmerizing sounds of this highly-anticipated musical journey. Super Days is here to redefine the essence of deep house, and you won’t want to miss this captivating release.

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Augusto Gagliardi – Don’t You Know & Rainy Day (Déepalma Records)

Release Date(s): 15th November 2023

Milanese talent Augusto Gagliardi returns to Déepalma Records with a sophisticated duo of deepened House cuts, ‘Don’t You Know’ & ‘Rainy Day.’

Italian DJ/Producer Augusto Gagliardi revisits the Balearic-inspired shores of Déepalma for his latest release. On ‘Don’t You Know’, Gagliardi showcases a driving late-night sound, flooded with pulsating bass tones, weighty drum grooves, dissolving sonics and sultry vocals before ‘Rainy Day’ graces us with its exquisite jazzy nuances, gorgeous vocals and swinging Deep House grooves – perfect for a lazy afternoon by the pool or watching the winter-time world go by through a coffee shop window.

Not to miss.



Nehli – Figures EP (Earthly Delights)

Release Date: Friday 24 November 2023
Format: Digital

Earthly Delights is an organic house record label that releases music with melodic grooves, and its new release is an EP by Nehli.

Nehli is an American artist from Miami, and he joins the Earthly Delights roster, which has a back catalogue that includes artists such as Be Svendsen, Armen Miran and Hraach.

This is Nehli’s debut release on Earthly Delights, but he has previously featured his tracks and remixes on labels including Bar 25, Hoomidaas and 3rd Avenue.

All three of the tracks on this release are in the melody-driven style he is best known for, which fuses uplifting synths with stripped-back percussion to create immersive tracks with deep atmosphere.

“Reverse Triangle” opens the release with the building tension of sweeping pads, which are soon joined by trippy melody chords, while the shuffling hi-hats create a dance floor energy. “As Above, So Below” is second on the release, and it’s a tension-building track with swelling synths and flowing percussion. “Dingaê” closes the release with tribal percussion and eerie pads that create a mysterious atmosphere that’s truly captivating.



Johnny Deep – Studio 54 EP (Lucidflow Records)

Following a much-anticipated break, the maestro of sonic depths, Johnny Deep, returns to captivate our senses with a thrilling 3-track EP. Those familiar with his mesmerizing, progressive rhythms from his previous stint with Lucidflow will find “Studio 54” a seamless, yet elevated continuation of his musical journey.

Channeling the essence of the legendary New York nightclub, Studio 54, Johnny Deep weaves the same vibrancy, novelty, and magnetism that set the club apart in the disco zenith of the 1970s. Embodying the opulence of Studio 54, where glamour met grassroots and artists danced alongside icons, Johnny Deep’s compositions beat with an enduring musical tale, laced with innovative undertones.

Right from the outset, Johnny Deep’s hallmark sound emerges – a distinct fusion of robust bass rhythms peppered with crisp glitches and experimental echoes. Each song not only pays homage to the dynamic evolution of dance music but also resonates with the indulgent essence of Studio 54, blending the charm of yesteryears with the edginess of modern tech-house.



Alpha Citizens – Rainbow Tree EP (Sound Vessel Records)

Alpha Citizens is a unique duo of Domestic Science & Koala from Brazil. There outlet is more Deep Dub sounds that is mystical and drifting. Rainbow Treeis a great example of what is Deep Atmospheric House and with the remix duties by Deep House Gurus of Forteba, Alvaro Hylander, and Processing Vessel.

You are getting the full Atmosphere of Deepness.









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