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New Treats Week-46-2023

Written by on 02/12/2023


VA – Ibiza winter Moods, Vol. 5 (Déepalma Records)

Déepalma label boss Yves Murasca and longtime cohort Rosario Galati continue to spearhead the brand’s solid reputation in electronic music. Via the curation of carefully selected exterior artist signings right through to their own exemplary releases and unparalleled compilation selections and mixes, the pair continue their formative impact on the Déepalma brand. With the colder months upon us, Yves and Rosario are ready to unleash yet another stellar ‘Déepalma Ibiza Winter Moods’ volume, bringing the series to its fifth edition.

As always, each compilation brings some exclusive new music, and Déepalma Ibiza Winter Moods, Vol. 5, welcomes offerings from Cedric Salander, Flip (BR), Rosario Galati, Hollistic & Reenday.

On ‘Masevela’, Cedric Salander delivers a vast array of uplifting musicality to the backdrop of Afro-inspired drums and stunning female vocals. Flip (BR) follows suit with ‘U Wanna’ and its breathtaking piano chords, sirenic vocals and loosened sultry grooves. Rosario Galati’s remix of ‘Whispers’ comes next with mysterious spoken vocals, driving rhythms, tonal percussive prowess, and rippling harmonies. Hollistic’s uniquely LoFi-tinged ‘Lost & Uncertain’ stuns with its bottomless pool of pensive, vibrational beauty. Reenday’s ‘Faith’ flips the contrast, rounding off the exclusive tracks on the release with upbeat, rolling, underground house vibes flooded with vivid pads, silky strings and resonant arps.



German Brigante – Será el Flamenco EP (Sol Selectas)

Release Date: Friday 22 December 2023
Format: Digital

Sabo’s record label, Sol Selectas presents an organic house EP with Beleric influence by German Brigante.

German Brigante is back on Sol Selectas with his third EP for the label, and it’s a four-track release that blends flamenco influences with majestic synths and flowing percussion.

Based in Spain, German Brigante has been releasing electronic music for over a decade, and his sound has evolved throughout the course of his career. His classic releases have been on labels such as Get Physical, but in recent times he has featured melodic tracks on imprints such as Monaberry and Bar 25. German Brigante also heads up his own respected record label called Manitox.

Following years of DJ experience where German Brigante has travelled the world to play gigs everywhere from Australia to America, he is able to translate his innate knowledge of what works on a dancefloor into the invigorating sound of his music productions.

“Acido Azul” opens the release with an old-school acid house bassline, which is overlayered with bubbling synths and uplifting Spanish vocals that create an enchanting vibe. The upbeat percussion rhythms and subtle bursts of flamenco guitar add to its feel-good vibe.

“Açai” has a thickset bassline that lays a foundation for a finger-picked flamenco guitar and a fluttering flute that adds to the track’s sun-drenched sound.

“Será el Flamenco” has a deep bassline and emotive Spanish vocals that give the track an epic sound that’s augmented by its powerful melodies and samba-style percussion.

“Inquietud” closes out the release with its downtempo groove and acid bassline. Sweeping strings and sensual vocals combine with a mesmerising flute and alluring guitar that adds to the track’s seductive sound.

The artwork by Helia Jamali shows the passion of a Flamenco dancer lost in the rhythms of the Andalusian skies.



BiG AL & Kiano – Over The Sunset (Ready Mix Records)

Release Date:
December 15th 2023 (Beatport Exclusive)
December 29th 2023 (Worldwide)

Ready Mix Records proudly presents its 270th release ‘Over The Sunset,’ an enchanting collaboration between BiG AL & Kiano, featuring remixes by the acclaimed Tojami Sessions from Germany and the talented NYC-based DJ, remixer and superproducer NOAM.

‘Over The Sunset’ is a mesmerizing journey into the realms of deep and organic house, featuring sultry female vocals that add an extra layer of allure. This release is poised to captivate audiences in diverse settings, from pulsating clubs and intimate lounges to picturesque sunsets, sunrises, terraces, and poolside soirées.

The Original Mix, a deep and groovy composition with tech signatures, sets the stage for an immersive musical experience. Its versatility makes it a perfect fit for a variety of occasions, providing the ideal soundtrack for club nights and beyond.

Adding an international flavor to the release, Tojami Sessions, known for his work on Plastic City, delivers a remix that is an instant classic deep house gem. Infused with a dope bassline and meticulously tuned frequencies, Tojami Sessions elevates ‘Over The Sunset’ to its timeless status.

On the flip side, NOAM, representing the unmistakable NYC vibe, takes a distinctive approach. His remix is more percussive, featuring an afro-esque groove and dramatic synths that showcase his unique musical identity. NOAM’s remix adds a new dimension to the track, making it a must-listen for aficionados of innovative electronic music.

In addition to the remixes, BiG AL & Kiano also include the Sunset Mix, offering a more hypnotic and organic interpretation of ‘Over The Sunset.’ This alternative mix provides a serene and contemplative version of the original, perfect for sunset and sunrise moments.

‘Over The Sunset’ is a testament to the collaborative genius of BiG AL & Kiano, and the remixes by Tojami Sessions and NOAM further amplify the track’s impact.

Ready Mix Records invites you to immerse yourself into the sonic beauty of ‘Over The Sunset’.



Luis Machuca & Casomado – Call My Name (Friskybeat Records)

Friskybeat Records is excited to release “Call My Name,” the debut collaboration between Luis Machuca and Casomado, two long-time friends in the world of dance music. The track is embellished with a sharp, warm bass line that bounces between crisp chord stabs and an infectious hook. The beats interplay with deliberate movement, creating a rhythmic call and response that will get feet moving.

“Call My Name” also features a playful vocal sample that pays homage to the artists’ deep-rooted love for early disco. The sample adds a layer of nostalgia and lightheartedness, making this track a true gem for both fans of classic dance music and those looking for a fresh, modern twist on the genre.

Luis Machuca and Casomado’s musical camaraderie is evident in “Call My Name,” and it’s sure to leave the dancefloor wanting more.

Label and Artist Links:



Processing Vessel – Get My Groove On

SVR are ending 2023 with Label Boss, Processing Vessel, his time with UK Garage House Flavors. This release is a great way to party out from 2023 into 2024.

With Lush remixes by Ian Carrera and Eugene Glasgow. Ian Carrera delivers pure energy, that will keep you moving! Eugene Glasgow does the closing stage of the release with his vintage Acid touch, which makes this a stand out Release for 2023.



Zing Dlomo – Life After Messive EP (Rogue Decibels)

Zing Dlomo returns to the scene with a new project titled ‘Life After Messive EP’

A former Member of Messive Muzik he has earned a reputation as one of the most reliable Deep House producers on the scene. After Life Experience with Messive Muzik in the industry he has returned with new project of 3 Songs, inspired by Messive Muzik.



VA – Winter Tales (Be Adult Music)

With winter approaching and the holiday season just around the corner, BAM are delighted to present this exquisite musical selection from various artists. Among them are familiar figures from Be Adult, as well as exciting new additions whom we warmly welcome.

This compilation is filled with musical tales, as the title itself suggests

Not to miss.



VA – Day Compilation (Les Disques du Bord de l’Eau)

“Les Disques du Bord de l’Eau” is the recording label of the Festival Week-end au Bord de l’Eau, an event that has taken place since 2007 next to Lake Geronde in Sierre, Switzerland.

The record label has currently released EPs with established artists such as El Búho, Rodrigo Gallardo, TM Juke, Felix Laband, Atjazz, Manu Ela, Elina or Dan Bay.

We are celebrating five years of musical journey on the 15th of December, spanning two compilations from 2019 to 2023.

The Day compilation commemorates the journey through all these releases, capturing the vibe experienced each year at the Festival Week-end au Bord de l’Eau, with the emerald color of Lake Geronde and the mermaid speaking to your heart.

The Night Compilation explores the deepest feelings conveyed in all the releases, encapsulating the emotions felt when the lighthouse calls out to all the sailors.

Enjoy today the Day Compilation of 5 years of musical journey.



DJ Psycho – Sleepless Nights (Deep Clicks Music)

Release Date: December 15th, 2023

Deep Clicks is thrilled to introduce DJ Psycho as he returns with his second project, ‘Sleepless Nights.’ Filled with captivating Plugs and Pads that will undoubtedly make your head sway to the rhythm. The release also features a mesmerising remix by Mark Mac, taking the original track to even deeper realms, creating an immersive and unforgettable deep ambiance.

Dive into the mesmerising world of ‘Sleepless Nights’ and let DJ Psycho’s musical journey sweep you away.

Deep Clicks Social Media:



Jackie Komutatsu – Mambila (The Remixes) (Beachside Records)

After the massive success of the release Mambila flies again with ‘Mambila The Remixes’, we are sure that this release will set the electronic music scene on fire.

‘Mambila The Remixes’ includes 3 remixes by our brothers Cemilog, Paul Gavronsky and dua Aradya & Alex Mode, the remixes combine elements of percussion and beats to create a euphoric experience that masterfully captures the energetic and positive mood of the original version while bringing their own unique style and vision to ‘Mambila The Remixes’.

‘Mambila The Remixes’ distinguishes these artists as an innovative force in the electronic music industry, each with their instrumental prowess and unmatched ability to convey mood and emotion through their music.

Available From Stores
Traxsource – 12th Jan 2024
Everywhere – 26th Jan 2024






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