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New Treats Week-48-2023

Written by on 15/12/2023


VA – House Music for Peace and Love (House Music With Love)

Release Date(s): 15th December 2023
Cat No: HMWL062

All these f***ing wars are not about “we are with Palestine or Israel or Iran or the US or Ukraine or Russia or Azerbaijan or Armenia”.

We are with the children, the wives, the husbands, and the loved ones dying because of the decisions made by those in charge. Human blood does not know any nations, borders or flags. We are all the same on the inside.

House Music With Love and Friends are to release an electronic album against all wars, against every civilian life lost, terrorism and political hypocrisy. All the proceeds from the album, now and forever, will go to the War Child charity foundation.

As part of the ‘House Music for Peace and Love’ LP, we invited 15 artists to share some of their exclusive, unreleased work to be included in the album. As a result, we are delighted to welcome Kon Faber, Think City & Inessa feat Leonie Sky, Rïa Mehta & Unseen., Dan Bay, Urmet K, Raj El Rey, Lex Ludlow, St Ego & Jomoss & Melaniya, AELVA K, Mono & Kusten, Umannto, Afronova, Regndans, Menori and LØC.

Everyone working on this album has done so for free, including all of the artists above.

Artwork by Ilaria (@rialgram) in Italy.

Mastering by @wdlmusic in Sweden



Mc4len – A Way Out LP (Deep Clicks Music)

Genre: Deep House
Release Date: January 05, 2024

DCM introduce the talented artist Mc4len and his latest masterpiece, an album that truly leaves no room for disappointment.

“A Way Out” is an 11-track LP that delves into the various realms of Deep House. Mc4len’s artistry shines as he deftly navigates the genre, offering a captivating journey through the various facets of it. Each track is a testament to his creativity and mastery, weaving together fluid rhythms and intricate melodies. With “A Way Out,” Mc4len invites listeners to immerse themselves in the rich tapestry of Deep House, showcasing his unique perspective and musical prowess.

This album is a must-have for anyone looking for an unforgettable experience in the realm of electronic music.

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Eddy Romero – Dudas EP (Expmental Records)

Expmental Records proudly presents its culminating release for the year, a sophisticated EP by label head Eddy Romero.

In the wake of a dynamic year marked by the label’s 15th anniversary and celebrated with standout showcases from London to Ibiza, the Spanish-born, France-based artist encapsulates a dual passion in his latest offering, blending the contemplative vibes of Downtempo/Organic House with the pulsating rhythms of Minimal/Deep House.

This expertly curated EP features two original tracks accompanied by an evocative Dub version. Elevating the release are two exceptional remixes: the first from the renowned Downtempo artisan Dad Of The Year, boasting credentials with labels like Magician On Duty and Leveldva, and the second remix by Eddy’s longtime ally Juan Zolbaran, marking a rekindled collaboration that heralds more ventures ahead.

Entitled “Dudas,” this release commands your undivided attention and stands as a testament to the label’s commitment to sonic excellence. As we express our gratitude for your continued support, we eagerly turn towards the promises of 2024.

Released December 15, 2023



ITAI – When It Gets Stormy (The Teddy Bear Lounge)

Release Date: Friday 29 December 2023
Format: Digital

ITAI is a saxophone player turned electronic music artist, and his new release is an exhilarating melodic house release with cinematic suspense.

Known for his releases on labels such as Laroz’s Camel Riders and The Soul Brothers’ Talavera Records, ITAI has also played live saxophone as part of collaborative performances with other artists such as BLOND:ISH.

Living in America, ITAI is a well-travelled performer who has played shows all over the world. His shows are a blend of organic instruments, synthesisers and drum machines. He uses a looper to generate spontaneous tunes that utilise piano and saxophone performances.

This release is the 7th chapter of “The Unfinished Project” that ITAI has been releasing via his record label The Teddy Bear Lounge. It’s a storytelling series where each release is a chapter in the story, and it will culminate as a collection that will captivate mind, body and soul.

“When It Gets Stormy” is the solo track on this release, and it pays homage to one of ITAI’s friends called Stormy. The track also incorporates the unpredictable nature of stormy weather, as it’s structured with dramatic builds of energy that create tension on the dance floor.

There is also an operatic element to the song which gives it a cinematic vibe due to how the instruments are used to create moments both tranquil and climactic. Many of the parts were created using the Nord keyboard that is often at the core of ITAI’s live sets.

The track opens with ominous pads and filtered pitter-pattering that represents rain, and the arpeggio melody synths swell with modulating tones as the percussion holds a steady groove. Electric guitar chords and an electric violin play contrasting parts that represent the intertwined emotions of the opera’s lead characters, and the organic textures of the percussion create an uplifting flow of energy.



Cielo (US) – Gravity EP (Be Adult Music)

In this latest release, BAM are thrilled to present once again the exceptional work of Cielo (US).

‘Gravity,’ the title track of his third EP on Be Adult Music, takes center stage, accompanied by a fantastic remix by Domingo +. The release is rounded off with a fresh reinterpretation of one of his most recognized tracks, ‘Nectarine,’ and a specially crafted radio edit for streaming platforms.

This collection constitutes a solid body of work, adorned with the melodious intricacies that Cielo (US) consistently delivers.



Namito & ARMEI – Run! (Übersee Music)

Format: Digital

Namito is back on his record label Übersee Music with a new melodic house single called “Run!” that has been made in collaboration with ARMEI.

A highly respected producer, Namito is an Iranian artist living in Germany, and he is well known for his music on influential record labels such as Sol Selectas, Bar 25 Music, Katermukke and Selador.

ARMEI is a regular collaborator with Namito, and this release follows up on their summer hit, “Fly.” ARMEI is a contemporary artist exploring sound and music as her most current medium of expression.

“Run!” marks a bold step into a new chapter of musical exploration from Namito and ARMEI’s collaborative project, as it pushes boundaries to deliver a fresh and exhilarating sound. The track has dramatic chords and trippy atmospherics that are underpinned by the upbeat energy of flowing percussion.



Mike Zoran – Bird of Heaven (Deep Clicks Music)

Genre: Deep House
Release Date: December 22th, 2023

Deep Clicks is thrilled to introduce Mike Zoran and his latest release “Bird of Heaven” This captivating composition delves into the realm of Deep House, offering a sonic journey that transcends boundaries.

The EP features a mesmerising remix by Kevin Es, where he skilfully reinterprets the original track, infusing it with his unique vision. ‘Bird of Heaven’ is not just a musical experience; it’s an exploration of the deep, evoking emotions that resonate with the soul.

Join us on this sonic adventure as we immerse ourselves in the rich tapestry of sound crafted by Mike Zoran and reimagined by Kevin Es.

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Chanknous – Iconic EP (Agua Salada Records)

Genre: Deep House
Release Date: December 29th, 2023

Agua Salada Records proudly introduces Chanknous and their latest release, “Iconic.”

This release is a refreshing and elegant take on Deep House music, delivering a cool and sophisticated vibe that captivates listeners. With its smooth melodies and groovy rhythms, “Iconic” is a testament to Chanknous artistry and their ability to craft a sound that is both timeless and contemporary.

Dive into the world of Chanknous and experience the allure of “Iconic” as it transports you to a realm of pure musical bliss.

Agua Salada Social Media:

Mastering by In/Out Mastering

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