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New Treats Week-9-2022

Written by on 08/03/2022


Nau Squaglia – Midnight Blues LP (Earthly Delights)

Release Date: Friday 1 April 2022
Format: Digital

Nau Squaglia’s heart-warming grooves have soothing synth textures and crisp percussion that he combines with uplifting melodies to create dance floor orientated tracks.

Earthly Delights works with artists from across the globe to create culturally diverse soundscapes, which embraces ethnically rich musical inspirations with tribal rhythms, hypnotic percussion, enchanting melodies and often spellbinding vocals. The record label aims to entrance the listeners and enrapture dance floors with its dazzling multiplicity of sounds.

All of the tracks on this album have their own place as a solo piece of music, but they have been sequenced together in a storytelling flow of emotions.

“Stick To My Guns” has gentle percussion and a shimmering guitar that radiates warmth like the sun melting frost on a cold winter’s morning. Building momentum, the following tracks start to sway like blades of grass in the breeze.

Things are in full stride by the time the third track “How Far Is Too Far” introduces its uplifting energy with spine-tingling synth lines. The dubby sounds and trippy vocals of “Relentless” provide a sideways step, before the album continues its upwards trajectory.

“One More Night” marks the halfway point with its haunting vocals, and the next three tracks are majestic cuts of tantalising deep house.

“Shape of Things to Come” is the penultimate track, and it’s an epic electronica cut that blends an acid arpeggio line with a heavy snare to create a dramatic ending.

Closing out the album is the ambient outro track “Midnight Blues” which is a thought-provoking piece with a tranquil mood that brings the listener back down after such an uplifting journey.



The Stoned – In A Galaxy Far Away EP (Sound Vessel Records)

SVR welcome The Stoned, a unique father and son duo that comes to you with an interesting approach to Deep House Music.

It’s like Vintage sounds with Modern Beats. This release really shows off their musical talent by bringing in different and unique sounds in a perfect harmony. The first Remix by X-Vision spices things up with an old-school Progressive Sound, then the next remixes by Processing Vessel takes things into a deep and calm state of musical journey.

It is truly a Galaxy far away experience, so enjoy!



Salvador – Room 1904 EP (Rogue Decibels)

Few people bring a truly original sound to house music. At a relatively young age, Salvador did just that, demonstrating a sophisticated yet accessible sound that’s beyond his years. With releases on Atjazz & Stay True we’re glad to welcome him to Rogue Decibels.

Not to miss.



Wade Watts – Layers Of Dawn EP (Limitation Music)

Wade Watts is making his debut for our label with four original tracks under the Layers of Dawn EP and marking the release number 46. Wade Watts is a South African born Deep House producer from Evaton South of Johannesburg and his music influence is inspired by the late 80’s and early 90’s House Music and he is not afraid to pay homage to Hip Hop/Soul and Kwaito Music that paved a way for him over the past few years. In the past few years, Wade has been release under labels like Dubwise Records, DeepStitched, Superordinate Dub Waves.

Layers of Dawn is an EP that comes with a bit of noir sound, slow, melancholic and dub waves. First track, Ruins, brings the intro sound to the release by an atmospheric feel of nostalgia with the 2 key pad theme, spoken vocals and background effects. The second track, Beyond the Aquila Rift, is a slow, dub deep house track, with a touch of chords and pad line mixed with atmospheric delays. Third track, Fiction 2049, has a more rhythm than second track, but the main deep and dub theme is present. With more dancing hihats, Fiction 2049 feels like a continuation of Beyond the Aquila Rift but the notes and elements are in a different state. Last track, Echoes From the Edge of Eternity, ends the release with pure dub sound, few effects now and there during the track, chords and fx sounds are also involved. The deep subs and spoken vocals remind a bit of some of the Driftwood label sound.

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Worldwide – 25th Mar 2022









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