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New Treats Last Call 2023

Written by on 31/12/2023


Aleb – The One Who Knocks (Agua Salada Records)

Genre: Deep House
Release Date: January 12, 2024

Agua Salada Records presents Aleb and his track “The One Who Knocks”, a Deep House masterpiece characterised by fluidity and an elegant groove.

The track showcases Alebs adept craftsmanship in navigating the genres depths, delivering a sonic experience that captivates listeners. Additionally, the release features a remix by Khubos, whose unique perspective breathes new life into the original track. Khubos interpretation adds another layer of brilliance to this already outstanding release, making it a must-listen for enthusiasts of sophisticated and innovative Deep House music.

“The One Who Knocks” is a testament to the creative synergy between Aleb and Khubos.



Tidy Daps – Space Music EP (Ready Mix Records)

Release Date:
January 12th 2024 (Beatport Exclusive)
January 26th 2024 (Worldwide)

With a global footprint spanning 40 labels, the Polish duo Tidy Daps present a seamless Deep House EP featuring two originals and remixes by renowned artists Ilias Katelanos, Ivan Garci and Soire, each adding their unique flavor to the mix.

Tidy Daps flaunts their talent with both tracks ‘Space Music’ and ‘Nothing Hurts’, crafting formidable grooves that captivate you from start to finish. The deep bass and catchy rhythms create a robust foundation, with every element perfectly balanced to keep the listener engaged throughout.

Ilias Katelanos’ remix of ‘Space Music’ brings an organic flair, featuring percussive drums and a catchy lead synth-distinctive elements of his sound.

Ivan Garci’s interpretation of ‘Space Music’ takes a slower, smoother approach, providing a relaxing and deep experience. His signature laid-back vibes add an extra layer of sophistication to the EP.

Soire, also known as Moe Turk, delivers deep, groovy house sounds that transport the mind to the warmth of summer, capturing the essence of the season with his remix of ‘Nothing Hurts’.

This EP is a must-listen, offering a blend of deep house and beach vibes – a testament to the artistry of the talented producers on Ready Mix Records.



VA – Brighter Days (House Music With Love)

Release Date: 19th January 2024

Swedish tastemaker label House Music With Love kicks off 2024 with their annually recurring “Brighter Days” compilation. The Winter Sampler celebrates one month passing since Winter Solstice, the darkest night of the year, meaning we are now heading for brighter days with spring and summer not too far away.

The compilation gathers six stunning house tracks to get you warmed up and ready for the musical year of 2024

Volar might probably be the big hit of 2024, where three super-producers, Seba Campos & Stefan Obermaier & Gonz Cabrera, join forces on an afro-latin house bomb featuring amazing vocals of Sofiya Nzau (Global Spotify Viral NUMBER ONE)

Birch (UK) returned to HMWL with the chill melodic surf house track Venice.

Montana is Jasch Patrik’s debut on House Music With Love. “Montana”, an Organic House track, narrates Patrick’s arduous ascent in the Alps, an emotional journey he shared with his daughter.

Next up are two Swedes, Adrian Andrea and Slow Ted, with two minimalistic funky house cuts, Funky Bottle and A Place Like Home.

Finally, Kharkiv’s organic house veteran Somelee wraps up the compilation with the melodic Latin-inspired Mariposa.



Aytiwan & Lizwi – Isimanga (Sunset Gathering)

Release Date: 26th January 2024

The innovative Sunset Gathering label from Mexico, under the aegis of Aaron Sevilla, is delighted to announce a new musical offering, “Isimanga,” a synergistic Afro-House collaboration between the Belgian music architect Aytiwan and the South African vocal virtuoso Lizwi. “Isimanga,” translating to “Surprise” or “God’s surprising grace,” is not only a track but an experience that fuses the rhythmic soul of Afro House with melodic progressions and the spirit of grace.

Belgium’s own Aytiwan, a stalwart in the Afro House and Afro Tech scene, is known for his eclectic beats and mesmerizing soundscapes that have captured the global dance floors. Following the success of his acclaimed track “Iphathi,” Aytiwan brings his innovative spirit to “Isimanga,” incorporating progressive and melodic elements that promise to elevate the genre to new heights.

Lizwi, a name that translates to “Voice” in her native tongue, adds her profound vocal narratives to “Isimanga,” infusing the track with her rich African heritage and acoustic elegance. Her previous success with the track “Traveller” and the award-winning “Makukhanye” has already proven her ability to enchant listeners, and “Isimanga” is set to continue this legacy.

“Isimanga” is a bold statement in the evolution of Afro House, a genre that continually embraces diverse influences. Aytiwan and Lizwi have crafted a track that is not only rooted in the traditional sounds of Afro-House but also ventures into the realms of melodic and progressive electronic music. This blend ensures that “Isimanga” stands out as a beacon of innovation and cultural fusion.

Sunset Gathering is proud to present “Isimanga” to the world – a track that encapsulates the essence of musical surprise and the transformative power of grace.



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