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New Treats Week-19-2023

Written by on 23/05/2023


RUSKAR – Amazônia EP (Sol Selectas)

Release Date: Friday 2 June 2023
Format: Digital

Sabo’s record label, Sol Selectas drops an upbeat Afro house EP by RUSKAR which features organic sounds and vibrant percussion.

RUSKAR is a young talent from São Paulo in Brazil and his music blends the traditional music of South America with contemporary electronic sounds to create music that transcends generations.

A passionate young producer and DJ, RUSKAR is a raw and exciting talent who is still early in his career, but already, he has caught the attention of Sabo who has welcomed him as the newest member of the Sol Selectas family.

Prior to this release, RUSKAR has featured on other labels such as Nature Recordings, iM Electronica and Brazuka Music. This is only his fourth official release, but he has already been making waves within the Afro house community, and is well known within São Paulo’s thriving underground music scene.

“Amazônia” is the first of the two tracks on the release, and it’s got a funk-fuelled bassline layered with upbeat percussion and spiralling synth pads. Its tropical bird sound and other ambient effects transport the listener to warmer climates and give the track a trippy vibe.

“Resistência” is a psychedelic track with springy sounds and the modulating tones of rippling synths fuse with a live conga loop. Pitched vocals and dramatic bass chords add to the free-flowing groove of the percussion that fills the track with radiant energy.



Nenad J. – Never Say Never Again (Piston Recordings)

Nenad J.’s ‘Never Say Never Again’ EP, released on Piston Recordings on June 2, 2023, is a testament to the artist’s versatility and love for classic house sounds. The record features two tracks that showcase Nenad J.’s modern interpretation of the genre.

The title track, ‘Never Say Never Again,’ is a groovy, upbeat mix that entices listeners with its infectious rhythm and vintage feel. The FreedomB remix injects the original with a new burst of energy, taking the track to new heights.

Throughout the EP, Nenad J.’s production skills shine, as he effortlessly blends classic house elements with contemporary twists.



Jon Lee – Walk On By (Pelvic Movements)

The launch of Pelvic Movements, a brand new house music imprint from veteran DJ and producer Scottie Soul, is heralded in a grand and funky fashion. The new label enlists Jon Lee (Titled Records) to lend his keen dancefloor sensibility with his top-notch track titled “Walk On By.”

The cut is propelled by a club-primed rhythm track and an infectious female vocal hook. Layers of tech-house-inspired synth work giveaway to a dramatic acid-tinged breakdown. Deep Fix Recordings’ Col Lawton delivers the first of three remixes, adding a tight deep house flavor with subtle tribal percussion suitable for late-night deployment. Denver’s Dan Laino provides a chunky rework, drawing lovingly upon the melodic Chicago deep house sounds of the ’90s.

The single closes with a mix by Scottie Soul under his Z-Sharp Minor moniker, collaborating with Simy Garay. This one lowers the pulse of the main track for a killer downtempo version complete with tough beats, scratch fills, and tripped-out effects galore. The downtempo B-side is a planned staple of the Pelvic Movements, something to look forward to in the label’s future releases.



Manuel Kane – Back EP (Agua Salada Records)

Agua Salada Records adds to its catalog one of the Greek artists who has been standing out in recent years, Manuel Kane, releasing on major record labels and reaching the top of Deep House charts. His music combines deep house with danceable rhythms and some subtly added vocals.


Jason Hersco – How You Move EP (Agua Salada Records)

Agua Salada Records are thrilled to announce the latest release from the label, featuring the talented artist Jason Hersco.

Known for his unique sound and style, Hersco has previously released on well-respected labels such as Apparel music, Hustler Trax, and more. For those who haven’t had the pleasure of listening to Herscos music, his sound can be described as a blend of Lo-fi samples, groovy rhythms, and exquisite deep house elements. The combination of these elements creates a deep and danceable sound that is both refreshing and cool.

Agua Salada Records is excited to be working with Jason Hersco and to release his latest project.



Hyunji-A – Stars & Satellites EP (When We Dip TOR)

Release Date: Friday 26 May 2023
Format: Digital

When We Dip’s record label TOR welcomes a deep and atmospheric melodic house EP from Hyunji-A.

Hyunji-A is a Korean-Canadian producer making her return to TOR to follow up on the success of her 2022 release titled ‘Ticking Clock’. She has also featured enticing and emotive grooves on other influential record labels such as OneDotSixTwo, Be Adult Music and 3rd Avenue.

All three of the tracks have an immersive atmosphere with soothing pads and crisp percussion sequenced into flowing rhythms. She also makes use of atmospheric vocals to create an ethereal vibe that’s augmented with uplifting melodies.

On the A-side, “Stars & Satellites” opens with crisp drum programming and floating hooks, before a sharp kick and rhythmic percussions open to a bountiful bassline. Built for the club, Hyunji-A’s vocals float in the background, allowing the melodics to lift energy throughout a big build. A bomb from start to finish.

The B-side “Badabing” is a playful joint, touching upon micro-minimal flavours and acidic tones. Aptly titled, the B-side toys with the mind and bounces across all corners of the brain. This is sure to find the hands of seasoned selectors.

Closing us out is the percussive house jam “Game of Chance”. Powerful and prolific, Hyunji-A’s sound is ready to rock on big systems. Easing into progressive territories, she effortlessly flexes her range as a producer and leaves us calling for more.



Booka Shade & Satin Jackets – Fusion Royale (Blaufield Music)

Booka Shade join with Satin Jackets for the breezy and resonant tones of new single, ‘Fusion Royale’.

Whether delivering stand-out solo material fusing classic signature tones with sonics looking to the future, or linking up with fellow producers, songwriters and vocalists from across the electronic spectrum and beyond, German pairing Booka Shade continue to be as busy as they’ve ever been within the studio as they ease into a monumental year for the duo. Following a fresh run of original material to open 2023, early May welcomes the first collaboration of the year, with the Blaufield Music bosses joining forces with fellow German talent Satin Jackets – who previously remixed their 2021 hit ‘Memories’ – as they unveil their new track ‘Fusion Royale’.

A delightfully melancholic production guided by light and airy yet glowing synths, effervescent vocals and sweeping pads, ‘Fusion Royale’ is a dreamy and ethereal production combining the best from both acts, finding a perfect home on Blaufield Music.



Joey Cox – Gioia (Shamkara Records)

Shamkara Records presents ‘GIOIA’, the new single of JOEY COX from Ibiza.

Joey Cox is an important disc jockey specialized in mixing electronic music from the House, Organic House, Deep House, Latin House, Afro House and Techno genres. Born in Seville in 1981, since the mid-90s he would start as a sound technician at a radio station in his hometown where he also combined his talent as a DJ with that of a musical editor. Shortly after, he would present his first electronic music program under the name ‘Beat Electronic’, in which all the imported music of the time could be heard.

The summer of 1994 marks a pillar in his artistic evolution, getting his first contract as a DJ. Thus, he would alternate the stage of the Club with the recording studio and his mixes began to sound progressively.
During these years he moved to Estepona (Costa del Sol), where he has been a resident DJ, also performing at the clubbers and Beach Club in the city of Marbella. Between 2019 and 2020 he will host ‘Beats’ on THE ONE MARBELLA-IBIZA radio station as well as ‘Deep Club’ for IBIZA GLOBAL RADIO.

Currently Joey Cox musically illustrates the latest trends in electronic music from the Balearic Islands and shows his work from the record label ‘SHAMKARA RECORDS’.
Recorded in Ibiza in June 2022 ‘Chase the sunset’ is a compilation with his best mixes, in April 2023 his long-awaited song ‘Gioia’ will be released and in June 2023 ‘Chase the sunset Vol. 2’ .

Joey Cox resides in Ibiza and works on new songs.



Rework – Good For Ya (Get Physical Music)

Rework is set to self-release a new studio album Cue It Back in July, but before that comes ‘Good For Ya’ with remixes from Pezzner and Carerra & Tavares.

Rework aka Michael Kuebler and Daniel Varga are prolific and accomplished producers with a new wave house sound. They have released on cult labels like Playhouse, often collaborate with vocalists, and only in 2022 did they put out their last album, Take Me Out on Exlove. They are stylistically hard to pin down as they prove again with this new single.

The fantastic ‘Good For Ya’ is a signature slinky groove with artful synths dancing up top. Catchy female vocals drift in and out as the warm, paddy kicks bubble and bounce. It’s sensuous deep house music that comes alive with molten neon synths weaving in and out as the bass grows ever more prominent.

Pezzner is a Get Physical mainstay who mixed up Body Language Vol. 22 and has contributed several of his famous deep house sounds to the label. His remix is seven sublime minutes of breezy house with sunny melodies and carefree chords. It’s bright, feel-good but always classy as you get swept up in the deft synth designs.

Since hooking up in 2017, Carerra & Tavares have honed in on deep melodic house and bouncy tech. They are a key part of the Toronto scene and here they bring a prickly percussive vibe, tribal stomp and late-night mood to their remix. It’s rippled with liquid chords that bring the soul.

All three tracks here offer very different and equally captivating sounds.



Matt Prehn – Biloxi Groove (Oh So Coy Recordings)

Label boss Matt Prehn drops his first digi release for ’23. Biloxi Groove brings slamming drums, quirky synths and cheeky sampled vox. Remixes from Filter (ZA) and Hypnotic Progressions compliment the original vibe.



Cereus & Revibe – Kula EP (Baikal Nomads)

Release Date: Friday 2 June 2023
Format: Digital

Baikal Nomads is a record label focused on organic house with deep atmosphere and melodic grooves. The label’s latest release features collaborative original music from Cereus and Revibe along with stunning remixes by Veytik, Alex Doering and Timboletti.

There are two original tracks on this release that include the collaboration, plus a solo production by Cereus. Both of the original artists are from Denver, USA and Revibe is an emerging talent making his debut with this stunning release.

Cereus is making his debut on Baikal Nomads following an exquisite debut on the Suprematic record label where he showcased his downtempo blend of ethereal atmosphere and enchanting melodies.

On remix duty, Veytik is an American artist from New York whose mystical tracks have been released on respected organic house record labels ranging from Harabe to Cafe De Anatolia.

Alex Doering is a Baikal Nomads regular who provides a spine-tingling remix in the style that he has featured on other imprints such as Kosa, The Purr and trndmsk.

The last of the remixes comes from Timboletti, a renowned German artist who has been pioneering organic house since the genre’s inception and has an impressive back catalogue including music on Sol Selectas, Kindisch, Do Not Sit, 3000 Grad Records and Stil Vor Talent.

“Kula” is the collaborative original and it opens the release with rattling organic percussion and majestic pads that create an uplifting atmosphere with a soothing vibe.

“Chandra” is the solo original by Cereus and it’s a spellbinding track with sweeping synths and pulsating rhythms that are cut by rushes of sparkling melody and it unfolds with building tension.

Veytik’s remix of “Kula” drops the tempo and adds vocal chants that give the track an indigenous vibe full of psychedelic and shamanistic vibes.

Timboletti’s remix of “Kula” adds trippy synths with techy undertones that lead into the soothing synths of the original as the track moves towards the spiralling textures of the breakdown.

Alex Doering’s remix of “Chandra” adds hallucinatory vocal textures and stabbing synth chords along with a prominent snare that helps him create a dramatic remix that lifts the energy of the original.










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