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New Treats Week-25-2022

Written by on 30/06/2022


Oliver & Tom – Bruges EP (Be Adult Music)

After promoting it for months at festivals and events around the world, BAM finally releases the long-awaited Bruges EP.
BAM welcome Oliver & Tom and hope you enjoy their first release on the label made up of two high-quality original tracks.

Not to miss.



ITAI – A Trip To Idyllwild (The Remixes) (Camel Riders)

Release Date: Friday 6 July 2022
Format: Digital

Laroz’s Camel Riders present the second part of the album from electronic music producer and saxophonist ITAI. The original release is a jazzy blend of electronic beats, saxophone and other live instruments.

Providing new reworked versions of the album’s tracks by a selection of artists including PheuZen, Just Emma and Urem, Zuma Dionys, Max Tenrom, Dandara, Alvaro Suarez and Noraj Cue.

Each of the remixes breathe fresh life into the downtempo originals that blend vibrant percussion with enchanting melodies and psychedelic atmosphere. The new versions range from downtempo electronica to upbeat melodic house/techno.

PheuZen is the alias of Treavor Moontribe who’s a US artist from Denver, well-known for being one half of the Desert Dwellers duo. He has also released tracks on labels ranging from Hernan Cattaneo’s Sudbeat Music to his own imprint Dreaming Awake. PheuZen opens the release with a dramatic rework of the intro track that builds suspense with the addition of an arpeggio synth line, sweeping pads and additional atmospherics.

Just Emma and Urem are both solo artists who have joined forces to remix “Flame Of The Pinecone.” Just Emma is label owner of Underyourskin Records and she has also worked with other imprints such as Katermukke. Urem is a regular on Underyourskin and their collaborative remix pushes back the original’s chugging bassline to make space for tense chords and a tantalising new melody line.

Matija & Richard Elcox are regular collaborators who once again join forces to remix “Curiosity Bear”. They have previously worked with imprints including Copycow, Cafe De Anatolia and Bunte Kuh. Their melodic deep house version raises the tempo and adds news synth parts, but breaks into the original’s groove for a jazz infused breakdown section.

Zuma Dionys is a regular on imprints such as Sol Selectas and Cosmic Awakenings. He reworks the jazzy groove of “Curiosity Bear” into an upbeat version with flowing percussion and an acid synth line.

Max TenRoM is a Camel Riders regular who has also featured on 3000 Grad, Kosa and Lump Records. He delivers a refined version of “Latin Idea” that focuses on the original’s soothing saxophone part, but adds additional synths and extra percussion.

Dandara is an artist well-known for his tracks and remixes on the likes of Sounds Of Khemit and The Magic Movement. His remix of “Jacob’s Ladder” stays true to the original but with a raised tempo and more focus on the vocal part plus it utilises the addition of a tantalising synth pad.

Alvaro Suarez is an artist who’s released tracks and remixes on the likes of Kindisch, Pipe & Pochet and Magician On Duty. His upbeat melodic house remix of “Wancy” adds epic chords and building suspense.

Noraj Cue closes out the release with an up-tempo, melodic house/techno remix that blends the original’s hypnotic saxophone part with techy percussion and a pulsating bassline. He is well-known for being one of the people behind Happy Camper Records, plus he has also featured on other labels ranging from Akbal Music to Tale & Tone.



VA – Flavouritism Vol. 8 (Oh So Coy Recordings)

The 8th instalment of Flavouritism showcases a variety of fresh underground sounds from Poznan to Pretoria.

Music not made for the masses.



VA – Atum’s Myth (Sounds Of Khemit)

Atum’s Myth is the latest high concept various artists EP to come from the cultured Sounds of Khemit label.

Say the label of this new collection, “In ancient Khemit, Atum was one of the first Masters of Khemitian mythology, associated with creation and the Ennead (nine divine Masters) of Heliopolis, the city of the Sun. His name means completion, ultimacy and continuity. Atum was the chief Master in the Ennead of Heliopolis. This place of primacy in early times is mentioned in the Pyramid Texts, where he receives more attention than many other Masters combined. Sounds of Khemit is being guided and educated by Atum, his energy and teachings will not only shed light onto Sounds of Khemit project but it will spread to everywhere around us. His energy will lead us to bring order from disorder and to bring light from darkness.”

First up, LA-based deep house dreamer, Sarkis Mikael returns after landing on the label’s second release back in 2021. He works with Arash Avin on ‘Deede O Del’, a house cut with bouncing drums and spiritual vocal chants. The percussive groove is brilliantly organic and atmospheric. Berlin underground mainstay Deckert links with Japan’s STUDIO APARTMENT – a duo turned solo project that first started 20 years ago and had big tunes on quality labels like King Street Sounds, Defected and New World Records – for the brilliant ‘Ebisu’. It’s spine-tinging house music with widescreen and pensive synth work. Shakers and strings add great detail to the drums, which have a hypnotic and mystic quality beneath the cosmic keys. Last of all is Socko, an artist who combines Armenian ethnic compositions with his own vision. His ‘Dandelion’ is the edgiest of the EP, with steely drums and creeping bass notes under a catchy groove. Exotic melodic motifs cast a further spell as this worldly house track unfolds.

‘Atum’s Myth’ is another immersive and escapist collection of worldly grooves.



Somelee – Aries EP (Kindisch Records)

Ukrainian artist Somelee steps up to Kindisch with a fantastically cultured pair of new tracks.

Somelee hails from Kharkiv in Ukraine, a city now destroyed by war which has left him searching for a new home. Despite this, he remains a core part of the new school of melodic house and techno producers. He has released on that scene’s most pivotal labels such as All Day I Dream, Sol Selectas and now Kindisch. Whether making melancholic moods or more groove-based cuts, he does so with a real sense of atmosphere.

His opener ‘Aries’ is a sublime six-minute journey into supple deep house rhythms They are gently peppered with tumbling toms and melodies that speak of yearning and loss. They are carefully draped over the drums and make a lasting impact, while more nimble keys have an Eastern feel and bring a sense of hope next to the delicate and whispered female vocals.

‘Solar Symphony’ is a collaboration with Talemates that is a little heavier and more driving, but still deliciously deep and with a gorgeous female vocal. Here the taught drums bump beneath languid chords and loose shakers. Playful melodies dance up top next to string sounds and a rasping bassline adds further weight to this stylish and subtle party starter.

This is a musical and moving pair of life-enriching house tunes.



Sinan Kaya – Feeling Blue EP (Sound Vessel Records)

Sinan Kaya is one of the Heavyweights from the Turkish House Scene. His production is always spot on.

We have here two gorgeous House Tracks, Feeling Blue is an Uplifting Vocal House track, while Old Town is a Classic House Jam. In order to keep up with Sinan’s Heavyweight level, we brought in other Heavyweights from different countries. Kornum from Denmark, Tidy Daps from Poland and Col Lawton from England. All great producers from their House Scene they reside.

Their Remixes are also spot on but with different flavors added to the mix. Only way to know their recipe is to listen!



DIP – Neverhood EP (Lucidflow Records)

The fantastic duo “Dip” continue their series with their next two-tracker single “Neverhood”. The two producers have been Lucidflow family members since their phenomenal album “Kaleidoscope” and “Solaris” 2020 and never cease to amaze their listeners with superb and mesmerising deep and funky dance floor sounds.

Release dates: July 29th Beatport, August 8th all shops

Summer sounds deluxe!



F3LIX A. – Yourself EP (HOUPH Label)

Born and raised in a small town in northern Italy (Novara), F3lix decided from an early age that music will be the greatest passion of his life. F3lix begins to move into the deep world of art and music, growing with a passion for House music in all its shades, but thanks to his uncle the passion for djing starts.

He starts playing music as a DJ in local clubs at the age of 19, starting to enter music production later. F3lix has had few breaks from music and clubbing, especially the dark situations of the afterhours, because as they say “the morning has gold in its mouth”.

Mastered by R-Masterlab



L&T Project – Reload (FourFourSoul Recordings)

Release (digital): 2022-07-22

L & T Project present ‘Reload’, a deep soulful groove featuring Martha AB on vocals. Two mixes here with the main ‘Synth Mix’ weaving synths and rhodes over a Juno bass line and afro house groove.

The ‘Soul Common Mix’ sees the pair using some of londons top session musicians with live bass and acoustic guitar, taking this mix on a more organic house journey.



Christian Falco – Reaktion EP (Crossworld Records)

With a balanced combination of Deep-Tech and Techno, the latest EP signed by Christian Falco brings a new breath of fresh air to our music catalog.

It contains 3 tracks, perfect for the club and also for your private collection.




Vasco (Everaldo) – Cardiac Damage EP (Beachside Limited)

New debut in the house, BSLTD are pleased to present brother Vasco (Everaldo) who comes to present his latest work entitled Cardiac Damage EP.

Three beautiful tracks full of analog sounds, deep bass lines and ethereal sounds, as an ideal complement there is an explosive remix by Mytiko that rounds off this release that will be to the liking of each one of you.














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