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New Treats Week-34-2022

Written by on 03/09/2022


X-Vision – Behind The Signal (Sound Vessel Records)

X-Vision, another Alter Ego of Murat Vural, AkA Processing Vessel and L.G.V. This one is more the experimental side of Murat’s musical production, that harbors more on old-school sounds. It is strictly underground music here and also a great flashback of vintage sounds.



Kiberu – Estina EP (Leisure Music Productions)

We are very excited to welcome back on our fantastic producer from Zürich/ Switzerland called Kiberu on our label. Already with his outstanding remix for My Mind EP he convinced with his outstanding prroduction and his smooth groove.

For our label he crafted 2 beautiful Afro tracks and called the EP Estina.

Both tracks have his very smooth groove and lovely African vocals in it. Amazing synth work in both, driving bass lines, outstanding progression and beautiful melodies.

Estina is a more deeper track and can be played in your main time Afro set featuring epic high powered synths and a steady progression.

Cine Hofes delivers a mesmerizing landscape and stomping groove.

Both tracks get your feet moving this is for sure.

Love Music Life

Artwork by: Gerald Henderson



Dylan Debut – Seventy Seven EP (HOUPH Label)

Dylan Debut emerged as an artist alongside the birth of Bristol’s urban underground movement. As a key player from an area widely celebrated across the UK as an epicentre for innovation in DJ and dance music culture, Dylan hosted a number of scene-starting residencies throughout the city, including regular slots at the notorious “1 Love” parties. Since 2015, he has been a permanent fixture to the Ibiza landscape. His sound is potent with both knowledge and passion and he is driven by an unrelenting thirst for collaboration.



Dubman F. – D EP (Beachside Limited)

Once again brother Angel Piña aka Dubman F. arrives at his home Beachside Limited with his latest work entitled D EP.

Dubman F. shows us with this track that he is a master and lord of the dance floor providing a track full of dense sounds, deep bass lines, syncopated kicks and hypnotic vocals.

As an ideal complement find 2 beautiful remixes by brothers MYTIKO and Everaldo (Vasco) where each one showcases his personal version when making the remix.

A track full of energy and a lot of good rhythm.



Joe Silva – Solstice (Purespace Recordings)

Winnipeg-based producer Joe Silva is no stranger to alert electronic music aficionados, releasing through his Purespace imprint since 1995 and contributing to the likes of Viva!, Nordic Trax, and Stickman. Silva specializes in an organic approach to synthetic sounds resulting in music that’s consistently warm, forward-looking, and groovy. New sounds from Joe Silva are always a cause for celebration, both on and off the dance floor.

“Solstice” is a punchy late-night treat, touching down within the Venn Diagram connecting techno, deep house, and tech-house. A tight bass-and-rhythm track gives nightclub speakers a workout as spacious chords, percussive hits, and lush atmospherics enter and exit the fray. An electronic piano appears, offering jazzy riffs before an effects-filled breakdown lifts the track skyward. A snazzy Dub version is also provided, giving DJs a sparse but flowing mix that’s a tad techier and more than suitable for dark rooms needing moody vibes.








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